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About this site

Welcome to MSU's newly redesigned site. To enhance your experience on MSU's Web site, here's a guide to features and functions of the site.

  • A to Z: This is an index of MSU services, offices, departments and resources and is located in the footer of every MSU site.
  • Accessibility: You can use Access Keys to navigate through the MSU site. In Internet Explorer, use ALT and the corresponding number, then Enter; for FireFox, use ALT and the number; for Macs, use CTRL and the number.
    • 1 = MSU Home
    • 2 = A to Z
    • 3 = Contact Us
    • 4 = Community
    • 5 = Alumni & Friends
    • 6 = Faculty & Staff
    • 7 = Current Students
    • 8 = Prospective Students
  • Alerts: You can sign up to receive MSU weather and safety alerts, as well as event notifications by e-mail or text message to your mobile phone.
  • Bread crumbs: These are navigational clues located at the top of the body of each page; breadcrumbs help you see where you are in the site and easily navigate back to an entry page.
  • Browser compatibility: University Marketing strives to make our Web site as user-friendly as possible, and that includes making your experience seemless regardless of which browser you use to view our site.
  • Campus Map: Located in the footer of every page, this is a guide to MSU buildings and other spaces, as well as printable version of our campus map.
  • Faculty/Staff Search: In the search box at the bottom of each page, you may select to search for Faculty and Staff directory information. Just enter the name, or part of the name, of the person you are looking for and click "Go." You may also browse the directory online by visiting MSU's Search portal.
  • Global Navigation: Located at the top of every page are audience tracks with roll-over menus so that you can more easily get from place to place without having to go back.
  • Print version: Most MSU Web pages have a printer-friendly style sheet, so that when you print a page (CTRL + P or File >> Print) you will get the text of the site in a printer-friendly format.
  • RSS: MSU offers news via RSS, as well as other popular feeds. To learn more, visit www2.moreheadstate.edu/rss/.
  • Search: Our search functionality has been improved by adding the Google search appliance. At the bottom of each page is a Search box for inquiries on MSU's Web site or Faculty and Staff. For advanced search options, visit www2.moreheadstate.edu/search.
  • Text size: MSU's Web site is flexible to adapt to your preferred font size. In Internet Explorer, select "View" >> "Text Size" to increase/decrease the font size. In FireFox, use CTRL and "+" to increase and CTRL and "-" to decrease font size.
  • Text-only browser or screenreader: MSU's site is designed to be compatible with text-only technology.