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In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (full-text link), only use images that you can document that you have the rights to use. For example, you may not used copyrighted images like the Nike logo, but you may use free/shared images like Microsoft ClipArt graphics. For audio clips, no more than 10 seconds of a work may be used without express written permission from the copyright holder. All works (written documents, images, sound, video, etc.) used on a page that is not original to the author must adhere to the DMCA. Copyright violations on the Web are more severe, as each visit to a page is considered a copy. Copyright questions should be directed to MSU's DMCA agent, Jami Hornbuckle, director of University Marketing at 606.783.2372 or by e-mail to j.hornbuckle@moreheadstate.edu.