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Create a Form

  1. Go to the Work Area (use Work Area button on login page, or select the toolbox icon inside the green/editable areas if you're on your page).
  2. Select the "Content" tab on the left.
  3. Navigate to your folder, for example: /colleges/education.
  4. Mouse over New - select HTML Form/Survey. This will give you a blank form.
  5. Navigate through steps 1-5.
    1. Select the type of form you want to use.
    2. Give your form a title and description.
    3. Assign a task - generally just skip this step.
    4. Create your postback message - what will appear once someone has submitted the form. Ex. Thank you for sending us your contact information.
    5. Your form has been created. Click Done.
  6. You can now add elements to your form. You will have a new set of tool buttons with all the form elements, just click on one to add that element, you'll be prompted for name & value. To change the properties of an element after you have created it - just right click on that element and select Field Properties.
  7. When you've added all the elements, publish or check-in your form. This will close the editor and take you back to the View form window.
  8. Select Edit Form Properties - icon looks like the form icon with a pen.
    • Select how you want the form data stored - Mail will give you the option to include email addresses for the form data to be emailed to you. You may select both mail and database. The┬ádatabase option allows you to generate reports, etc.
    • If you selected "mail" - fill in the email addresses, etc. We usually put "cms@moreheadstate.edu" as the from address - that way the form is easily visible in your inbox.
    • Click the yellow disk in the top nav to save form.
    • To link to this - in your library your form will appear in the "forms" folder.
    • To generate reports, go to the Work Area, navigate to your folder, specific form. View the form - use the report icon (looks like a bar graph). Enter a range of dates (leave blank to report all) - select report display - generally Table with Totals is the most effective. This will display all that data, at the bottom is an export option, which will export your data to a .xls file.