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Link to Other MSU Web Sites

The easiest way to link one content block to another in a different area is to use the library icon (Files, Images, Hyperlinks) within the eWebEditPro editor.

Note: To link to another area content block, the content must exist in the CMS.

Office A Content Block

Office A

  • Office B 
  • Office C 
  • Office D 

Office B Content Block

Office B

  • Services
  • Staff
  • Home

The steps to build the link are:

  1. Open the "Office A" content block in eWebEditPro
  2. Highlight the word "Office B"
  3. Select the icon for "Files, Images, Hyperlinks" (looks like several books that are red, yellow and blue)
  4. The Ektron CMS300 Library will open showing 3 panes in the window, the right pane shows folders labeled as files, forms, hyperlinks, images and quicklinks for "Office A's library", the upper left pane shows a folder structure that can be used to navigate to other places within MSU. (Academic areas are in the colleges section and Administrative areas are in the units section.
  5. Use upper left pane of the Ektron CMS300 Library to navigate to "Office B's" library.
    Note: The top part of the right pane identifies the area of the library which you are in. (Library Folder: "Name of Area")
  6. Select  "quicklinks" folder of "Office B" to display a list of all the content blocks for "Office B"
  7. Locate the content block labeled as "Office B Home" and double click the link
  8. The CMS300 Library will close and the highlighted text will now appear as a link on the "Office A" page
  9. Once the "Office A" page is published, any visitor may use the link to access "Office B" content block details from the "Office A" page