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External Links via Navigation Collections

Revised: 12 Aug 2004 by Darrell Smith

Web Authors may manage secondary site navigation via the current MSU departmental templates using Ektron CMS 300  Collection technology.  Currently, this technology is limited to displaying content blocks from a parent to child folder view only.  Due to system security settings, a workaround is required to allow Web Authors to link to any desired content block not available from the department Collection screen inside the Work Area .

  1. Add a new content block
  2. Update the content block Title: field with the text desired to appear as part of the collection navigation.
Example: MSU Home
  1. In the body of the content block enter a message that will appear while the content block is preparing to refresh 
Example: Please wait ... loading the Morehead State University Home Page
  1. Choose “click here to edit the metadata for this content block”
  2. Update the refresh meta tag with the following syntax
Example: 0;URL=http://www2.moreheadstate.edu
  1. Choose “Click here to save and immediately publish this content”
  2. Access your collection inside the Work Area
  3. Choose “Click here to add items to this collection”
  4. Place a checkbox next to the new content block title
  5. Choose “Click here to add the selected items”
  6. Close the Work Area and refresh your browser