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Understanding the CMS Library

The Content Management System (CMS) provides several tools for organizing information.  Content blocks are managed in a database and are accessible via the bundled editor, eWebEditPro, or the CMS Work Area in a section labeled as "Content."  Supporting files and images are housed on a physical disk structure and are accessible via the editor or the CMS Work Area in a section labeled as "Library."  Special templates are used to link content blocks and supporting files to generate Web pages for site visitors.

This document will explain how to access and use the CMS Library inside of eWebEditPro.

Inside eWebEditPro

  1. Either create a new content block or open an existing content block.
  2. Select the icon labeled as "Files, Images, Hyperlinks" Button - Library Access via eWebEditPro.
  3. The icon will open a new window (Figure 1 below).

Figure 1
Screen Shot of the Library via eWebEditPro 

Figure 1 Explained

Section 1 - (lower left pane)
This section of the CMS Library is designed to allow Web Content Contributors to upload files and images that will be included with content blocks.  The Browse button may be selected to perform a local file search.  The text box to the left of the Browse button will automatically include a local path to the file after a selection is made.  The Description text box is used to describe the file or image that is about to be included in the CMS Library.  It is very important to provide detailed information in the Description text box.  The description will be provided to Web site visitors with accessibility requirements.  Additionally, the description will be used to locate the file inside the CMS Library for future use.  An example of a poor description would be "picture."  An example of a good description would be "Photograph of the Cora Wilson Stewart Moonlight School."  The icons above the Description text box provide access to upload, overwrite and preview the current file.
Section 2 - (right pane)
All supporting files uploaded from Section 1 are organized into folders located in section Section 2.  Files are organized automatically based on their file extension. 
The images folder contains files that end with extensions such as .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .png. 
The files folder contains files that end with extensions such as .ppt, .pdf, .xls, .doc, .rtf, .zip, .wav, .mp3, .xml, .swf, .mov, .mpg, .mpeg. 
The system has been configured to allow the most common file types.
The forms folder contains forms configured by the Webmaster for use on a department Web site.  If a form is required (feedback, survey, quiz, etc.) Contact webmaster@moreheadstate.edu.  The Webmaster can discuss forms implementation with the CMS and help to decide if collected data will be emailed, stored in a database or both.
The hyperlinks folder will contain a shortcut link to any department specific CMS calendar(s).
The quicklinks folder contains an alphabetized listing of every content block generated by the department.  It was designed to allow Web Content Contributors to quickly and easily build links between content blocks.  For more information, read the support document - Link My Content Block A to My Content Block B
Section 3 - (upper left pane)
This section allows Web Content Contributors read-only access to CMS Library resources for any department on campus.  Select the plus or minus sign for any folder in this pane to expand and collapse subfolders.  When the desired department is located, select the folder name to open that department's CMS Library.  All four MSU colleges including IRAPP are located in the colleges hierarchy.  Academic departments are organized in folders below the college hierarchy.  The extended campus centers are located in the extcampus hierarchy.  Most non-academic departments are located in the units hierarchy.  MSU key portal areas such as the "Home Page," campus map, news, etc. are located in the portals hierarchy.  Take a few minutes to become familiar with the organization of the overall CMS Library.  The CMS Content area is organized identically!

If you have questions regarding CMS Library features, contact the Webmaster - webmaster@moreheadstate.edu.