MSU at West Liberty
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Advisory Board

MSU at West Libety has an Advisory Board comprised of citizens from the service area who volunteer their time.  They are appointed by MSU President Wayne D. Andrews to help MSU at West Liberty establish and maintain positive relationships with the public and to assist in resource development.  The board meets quarterly.

Allen Gillum is the current Chairperson and Deatrah Barnett is the Vice-Chair.  Patricia Cox is the student representative.  The membership includes:

Clay County
Senator Robert Stivers

Elliott County
Rep. Rocky Adkins
Gayle Clevenger
John Williams

Magoffin County
Kerry Howard
Joe Hunley

Menifee County
Charles Mitchell

Morgan County
Hank Allen
Deatrah Barnett
Gary Beckstrom
Senator Walter Blevins
Rebecca Bowersock
Judge Executive Tim Conley
Patricia Cox
Porter Dailey
Steve Gavalchick
Allen Gilliam
Tim Henderlight
Barbara Ison
Coleen Frederick Kegley
William May
Helen Pennington
Pam Rose
Mayor Jim Rupe
Jodi Stacy
Rep. John Will Stacy

Wolfe County
Kenny Bell
Steve Johnson
John May