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Morehead State University

NovusHR Workshop

NovusHR is Morehead State University’s new online job application tracking and acceptance tool and will replace the AIMS/Web means of submitting Job Search Requests and Personnel Action Requests (PARs) for those hired through the search method. Through this tool, the public can easily navigate to the online MSU Employment Application using only a web browser.

NovusHR allows hiring managers to create and submit Job Requisitions to Human Resources for the purpose of having a job vacancy advertised and posted online. In addition, NovusHR is designed with a robust "back end" processing function that allows HR staff the ability to review an application, comment on it, and electronically route it to a hiring manager or search committee member for review and comment. Reporting of the status of a search can be completed by hiring supervisors or search committees members.

Finally, hiring managers can create and submit Hiring Requests to obtain approval to make job offers.

In the workshop, you’ll learn how to create and submit Job Descriptions, submit and approve Job Requisitions, create pre-screening questions relating to a vacancy that will be posted, review applications received from job candidates online, submit and approve Hiring Requests, and document search results in the system.

Notice:  All NovusHR Workshops are offered via the Office of Human Resources.