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Undergraduate Curriculum Development

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  • Curriculum Proposal Forms and Instructions
    • Type I  : Minor Curriculum Change    is to be used when minor changes, which do not modify courses or program content, are needed (e.g., in title, prefix, course number, catalog course description or minor admission requirement). The addition or deletion of equation is also considered a minor change.
    • Type II  : New Course Proposal    guideline is to be used when a new course is proposed or when a revision is proposed in the subject matter and/or method of instruction of an existing course.
    • Type IIA: New General Education Course Proposal  guideline. Please refer to the General Education website for more information and to download the appropriate form(s). 
    • Type III   : Program Revision Proposal     guideline is to be used for academic program revisions. An amended  curriculum map  must be attached to each Type III proposal. Each revised or new course included in this program revision requires a Type II proposal.
    • Type IV: New Graduate/Undergraduate Program Proposal  guideline
      • Type IV  :  New Undergraduate Program  Guidelines 
      • Type IV  :  New Graduate Program   Guidelines 
      • Type IV  :  New Doctoral Program  Guidelines 
      • To prepare your new program proposal for posting on the KPPS website, please fill out the  Pre-Proposal Form  and submit it to your department chair and dean for approval before forwarding the form electronically to Ollie Floyd o.floyd@moreheadstate.edu. Forms will then be forwarded to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Provost's office for review and approval before posting on the CPE website.
    • Type V  : Experimental Course/Workshop Proposal    guidelines. An experimental course is a course that employs a new or innovative methodology, format, or content. An experimental course may be offered three times before a Type II new course proposal must be submitted and approved.
    • Type VI  : Program/Course Deletion/Suspension/Reinstatement Proposal   guideline is to be followed for deletions, suspensions, and reinstatements. A proposed reinstatement of a suspended course or program should be accompanied by a Type II or Type III proposal.
  • 128-120 Forms
  • Syllabus Guidelines for Teacher Ed. Courses 

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