Upward Bound
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UB Tutoring 

Basic Concept

Every student no matter how academically prepared can benifit from some form of tutoring.  Upward Bound encourages all our students to seek out tutoring assistance when they feel input from a more experienced learner will help with their learning process.  Despite knowing that all students, no matter the level, need tutoring we've found that forcing students to get help has a negative effect.  All students have access to our online tutoring through Study Island.  We will also have live face-to-face tutoring available at Return Trips.  To recieve tutoring services contact us via upwardbound@moreheadstate.edu.  If you have any questions about online tutoring call your UB School Counselor at 1.800.5.UPWARD.

Stipend Policy

Students are expected to keep their grades high and continually improve.  All students earn $20 stipend each month.  If you have a GPA lower than 2.0 for your current grading period then you will not receive any stipend for that grading period.  You will be placed on academic probation and will not receive stipend until your GPA is above 2.0. 

If you see yourself slipping below a 2.5 or lower GPA range you need to seek out academic tutoring immediately.  Send your online tutoring requests to upwardbound@moreheadstate.edu, contact your Upward Bound Counselor or your high school guidance counselor to find out ways you can get tutoring. Again if you have any questions ask your UB counselor at your next school visit or call UB at 1.800.5.UPWARD.