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Important Academic Year Things to Remember!



  Return Trips

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There are many important things to remember about the academic year program. 


All Upward Bound Students are required to keep their grades up to continue participating in the program.  At a minimum each student must maintain a 2.0 GPA each 9 week grading period or he or she will be placed on academic probation.  Students do not earn stipend while on academic probation.  Because a student's stipend is linked with his or her GPA all students should be motivated to keep their GPA high.  It shouldn't be hard for any student to keep their GPA at a 3.5 or higher.  Because of this we encourage students to seek out tutoring at their own high school.  Most schools provide some sort of additional tutoring to every student. 


Students whose school does not provide tutoring or students who feel more comfortable with the UB tutors can also utilize the UB tutors as well.  You can email any tutoring related questions to 


.  If you have any questions about tutoring  call UB at 1.800.5.UPWARD and ask us about tutoring.


Make sure your email has an appropriate subject line; also please list your name and school in the email.  To ensure that our tutors can give a thorough and complete answer to your tutoring questions please allow 24 hours for a reply to your tutoring.

Return Trips

Each month all UB students come to MSU for an enrichment meeting we call return trips (RT). 

 Academic Year Handbook 

The Academic Year Handbook is given to each student at the beginning of each academic year.  If you are a new student your Academic Year Handbook should have been included in your acceptance package or given to you by your UB Counselor.  If you lose your handbook simply ask your UB Counselor for a new one or see the online version here.