Upward Bound
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Are you Interested in Joining UB?

Upward Bound is all about making learning fun.  We do this through an academic year component and an intensive residential summer component.  To learn more about the academic year component look at our Academic Year Student Handbook or check out our archived newsletters the UB Spotlight.  To learn more about our summer component look at our brochure for new students or check out our photo gallery to see pictures from last summer. 

Once you've decided that Upward Bound is your path to higher education fill out a student application.  Be sure to fill out each section completely including signing and dating in all the appropriate places.  Also be sure to include a copy of your parent's most recent tax return (2007), and be sure to have two teachers and a guidance counselor fill out recommendations for you.  Then give the entire packet to your high school guidance counselor and he or she will pass it along to the Upward Bound counselor that serves your school.

We hope that after completing your high school career with Upward Bound that you will have the desire and knowledge to pursue a degree at an accredited 4 year college or university.  After completing all your educational goals we want to see you live an exciting and rewarding life. 

Upward Bound is a life changing program.  This is what some previous UB Students have said about the program:

Big Dan  

"It [the Upward Bound Program] helped prepare me for college.  Many students I went to high school with had trouble their first few semesters, but mine were easy because of the preparation UB gave me.  You get the roommate challenges out of the way and it exposed me to a diverse group of people.  It really helped me grow."   

- Kyle McGlothen
   Graduate of Morehead State University



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