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Upward Bound

An Academic Enrichment Program for High School Students

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 What is UB?

  Advantages of UB

  How to Apply

  Who Can Join?

  Things to Do in UB

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What is Upward Bound?

UB Student with an Idea

Upward Bound (UB) is an academic preparatory program for high school students.  The purpose of the program is to help students prepare for college by generating the academic skills and motivation necessary for success. 





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What Are the Advantages of Participating in UB?

You can:

  • Improve existing skills and/or develop additional skills in a variety of academic areas
  •  Prepare for the ACT  (UB juniors)
  •  Receive ACT fee waivers (UB juniors)
  •  Attend  seminars on college preparation, including admission, financial aid and college life skills (UB seniors)
  •  Attend tutoring sessions in writing, problem solving, sciences, and math (UB freshmen and sophomores)
  •  Develop self-confidence and meet new friends
  •  Enjoy educational, cultural and social activities and field trips
  •  Earn six hours of college credit during the “Bridge Component” (summer after graduation)
  •  Receive a stipend (money!) for fully participating in all UB activities and maintaining academic standards


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How Can I Apply to Be in Upward Bound?

  • Pick up an application from your high school guidance counselor or download a copy here
  • Complete the application (including the student autobiography and recommendations!)
  • Return the completed application to your high school counselor 

 UB Student Getting Mail





Selection is based on availability of spaces, teacher and counselor recommendations, and eligibility.

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Who Can Join Upward Bound?

 UB Student with a Question

 In order to join the UB program, you must:

  • Meet federal income guidelines and/or be a potential first generation college student (neither of your parents has received a four-year college degree).
  • Have the potential for success in education beyond high school
  • Have the need for academic support while in school
  • Be enrolled in grades 9-11 when you apply
  • Have an interest in furthering your education beyond high school







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What Will I Do in Upward Bound?

Lots of things!  During the academic year several activities take place on a regular basis.

  • UB Counselors visit each high school once a month to work with students on a variety of academic and personal topics
  • One Saturday per month students come to MSU’s campus for a Return Trip: a day full of academics, tutoring and/or cultural experiences
  • Participate in online tutoring via http://moreheadstate.askonline.net, our online tutoring system 
  • Upward Bound provides bus transportation to/from each county for Return Trips held at MSU

 UB Student Pondering the Meaning of Life






Since UB is an academic program, we pay careful attention to grades and progress in school.  All students are encouraged to get tutoring through our online tutoring program.  For more information about online tutoring look here.




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What Is the Summer Program Like?

You’ll love it!  It’s an academic six-week residential program on campus at MSU. 

UB Student Jumping







The UB core curriculum is an“academy” concept.  Students are enrolled in English, math, and science classes, which are team taught by three instructors during the mornings.  Afternoon classes are a variety of electives.  All first time students take Career Planning.  These classes supplement skills already learned in high school and then provide exposure to more advanced subjects.  You will be even more prepared for your classes the next school year!  Rising seniors have the opportunity to apply for the Career Work-Study program.  These students gain valuable paid work experience.









Living on Campus

 UB Student Moving in for the Summer

UB students live in university residence halls. Residence hall supervision is provided by a staff of tutor counselors and residence hall supervisors.  All meals are provided in cafeteria on campus.  All residence hall rooms include local phone service, basic cable television, and high speed internet.





Social & Cultural Activities

Evenings, weekends and travel days are filled with a variety of recreational, social, educational and cultural events.  Typical events include group discussions, college visits (to schools like UK, EKU, NKU, Berea, Marshall, Centre, Transylvania, and more) health-related workshops, UB “family” activities, field trips (i.e. to an outdoor theater or an amusement park), dances, games, sports, and activities with other Upward Bound programs.  The final event of the summer program is a four day educational and cultural trip to a major city.   In the past, we’ve gone to St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Memphis, and Cleveland.

 Happy UB Student







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Other Really Important Stuff about UB!

Bridge Component

 UB Graduate

The summer following high school graduation (the students’ final summer in UB), students are enrolled in two MSU classes and will receive six hours of college credit upon successful completion of these classes.  Study groups, workshops, job shadowing and cultural/educational field trips are also a part of the bridge program.





UB Student Council

The UB Student Council is the students’ voice in the activities, policies and events of Upward Bound.  Representatives are selected by the students.  The representative is responsible for bringing issues of concern, as well as possible solutions, to student council meetings. The Student Council meets as an elective class during the summer program.

 UB Students Thinking Together





UB Newsletter

 UB Student Reading

Each month you will receive a copy of the UB newsletter with a variety of important information regarding upcoming activities, reminders, and student news columns.  Each school will elect a school reporter who provides information regarding activities and news for students in that school.





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Typical Daily Summer Schedule

Morning Core Classes

 7:45-8:45 am  Breakfast
 9:00 - Noon  Academies (English, math, and science)
 12:15 am - 1:15 pm  Lunch




Afternoon Classes

 1:30 - 2:30 pm   Career Planning
 2:45 - 3:45 pm  History of Rock & Roll
 4:00 - 5:00 pm   Weightlifting




Evening Activities

 5:15 - 6:15 pm  Dinner
 6:30 - 9:00 pm  Evening Activity (movie, game show, sports)
 9:00 - 10:00 pm   Free time
 10:00 pm   Curfew
 11:00 pm   Lights Out!!






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Contact Us

For more information on joining Upward Bound, contact your high school guidance counselor or the Upward Bound Office :



 Upward Bound

Morehead State University

150 Unviversity Blvd., Box # 783

Morehead, KY  40351

Phone: (606) 783-2611


FAX:  (606) 783-9114









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