Information Technology
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RESNET Violations

Students violating the Technology Security Policy [PG-55] can have their network access privileges revoked and in some instances may be required to pay a fee to be reconnected.  Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with PG-55.  Possible violations of PG-55 include:

Downloading or sharing of copyrighted material.
Operating a peer to peer network.
Operating an unauthorized wireless network.
Operating an unauthorized server.

Several external entertainment industry watchdog organizations such as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Entertainment Software Association (ESA) actively monitor Morehead State University's network for signs of copyright violations.  Morehead State University receives notification from these organizations when students violate copyright laws.  When the University receives a notification, we are legally bound to disable the network port associated with the violation until the infringement of copyright ceases. 

1st offense - The identified data port is disconnected for 2 weeks.
2nd offense - The identified data port is disconnected until a $100 fine is paid.
3rd and any additional offenses - meeting with the Dean of Students to determine an appropriate sanction.