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Complete Your Master of Arts in Education: Teacher Leader

A foundational concept of the Teacher Leader (TL) program is the idea that proven research and educational theories must be tested, tried, and evaluated in today’s classrooms. Providing theoretical constructs without practical application minimizes learning. Throughout the TL program candidates will learn research-based instructional practices and implement and evaluate them in the schools and with the students they serve.

MSU’s TL program:

  • Provides opportunities for aspiring teacher leaders to complete field-based work in each of the program courses, having opportunity to examine “what is” and compare that with “what may be.”
  • Includes fieldwork allowing for professional development in authentic settings helping participants develop professionally into teacher leaders.
  • Trains candidates to ask questions about their own instructional practices and school policies, and conduct action research projects to evaluate the effectiveness of current practices.
  • Includes opportunities for candidates to expand their content knowledge through various areas of specialization and have the option pursuing National Board Teacher Certification.

Applying for Admission

Review the admission requirements for the TL programs

For both regular and alternative admission, the application process involves the following steps:

  1. Request official copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts be sent to the Enrollment Services Center , 100 Admissions Center, Morehead State University, Morehead, Kentucky 40351.
  2. An approved professional growth plan signed by school supervisor. (If the candidate is not currently teaching, the candidate’s advisor may approve the professional growth plan.) For candidates who have a pre-existing TK20 account, the professional growth plan should be submitted via TK20. Candidates who have yet to secure a TK20 account may submit a paper copy to Enrollment Services. Candidates who have questions about the TK20 account should contact the Foundational and Graduate Studies in Education Department at (606) 783-2261.

TL Core Courses

The first three core courses, EDTL 601, EDTL 602, and EDTL 603, must be taken during the first 12 hours of graduate study:

  • EDTL 601 Leadership and Decision Making
  • EDTL 602 Education in Context
    • EDTL 601 and EDTL 602 will be offered during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  • EDTL 603 Research and Teacher Leadership
    • The capstone project is planned as a part of EDTL 603.
    • This course will be offered fall, spring and on-demand during the summer.



The following courses are also required:

  • EDTL 604 Collaboration for Teachers
  • EDTL 605 Developmental Analysis of Learning
    • These courses may be taken in either order (i.e., EDTL 604 then EDTL 605 or vice versa). Courses will be offered fall, spring and on-demand during the summer.
  • EDTL 606 Curriculum and Instructional Design
    • This course will be offered fall, spring, and on-demand summer.

TL Program—Areas of Specialization