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 CLEP Tests

Students may receive credit for certain courses by taking CLEP examinations.  CLEP exams can be scheduled in the Testing Center by calling 783-2526 or by coming into the center at 501A Ginger Hall.  The cost is $110 per exam.  THE CLEP PROCESS HAS CHANGED!  Students must now go to  www.collegeboard.com/CLEP to purchase a voucher. The cost of the voucher is $80 payable by credit or debit card. On the day of the exam, students should bring the voucher purchased from CLEP with their voucher number and $30 in cash, check, or money order to pay the Testing Center fee.  Students should bring two (2) forms of ID.  The primary ID should be a government issued ID and have both a picture and a signature.  The secondary form of ID should have either a picture or signature.  (It can have both.)

Please click the link below to see our REVISED CLEP© Credit Listing.  

  CLEP Credit