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Welcome to Morehead State University's Testing Center!

Testing Center Inclement Weather Policy:  If the university is closed or is operating on a delay, the TC will operate under the same schedule as the rest of the university.  All tests for that day or prior to 10 am in the case of a delay will be rescheduled (if possible).  On Saturdays, if the university is closed, there will be no testing.  If there is no announcement of a closing, please check this website OR call 606-783-2526.  Saturday testing cannot go on under a delay.  You should make your own judgement regarding the safety of the roads if you are scheduled to test.  You can call 511 to check Kentucky road closings and conditions or click this link  http://511.ky.gov/

The Testing Center is now offering Praxis online.  Please check with ETS to see which dates are available and to make an appointment to test. 

Please be aware that you are not permitted by ETS to bring a cell phone into the building in which you are testing.  The TC staff cannot store your cell phones or other electronic devices.  This is an ETS rule!  If you present yourself for testing with a cell phone, you will be sent back to your vehicle or your dorm room to stow the phone and you might miss your testing time.  NO CELL PHONES ARE PERMITTED!!


  • Students will no longer be permitted to wear hats, caps, beanies, tobogans or other NON religious headwear into any testing session.  We reserve the right to search any religious headwear.
  • Hoodies will not be permitted.  Jackets without hoods are allowed.  You may be asked to remove the jacket and turn out the pockets for inspection.
  • NO WATCHES of any kind!!!!!
  • All belongings with the exception of things needed specifically for a test must be stored in a locker. 
  • The TC staff thanks you for your coooperation.

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The Testing Center provides testing services to the University community and the service region. Numerous tests are offered by appointment and on nationally scheduled Saturdays.

                              Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:30p.m.  
                                                            Monday - Friday

                               Contact Information:  Phone - (606) 783-2526
                                                                              Fax - (606) 783-5071
                                                                             Email - testingcenter@moreheadstate