Testing Center
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Examinees are required to report to Ginger Hall 501A at least 15 minutes before their scheduled test time.

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              All examinees are encouraged to contact the MSU Police Department for  
              exact parking instructions and to inquire about temporary & Guest Parking

         Parking Information  (606) 783-2220                   
         Morehead State University Police Department

Appropriate identification is required for all tests administered in the testing center. 

Examinees must present an unexpired picture ID. (Preferably a driver's license.)
Examinees testing residually will make payment on their test date.  National examinees
(Saturday test date),  will pay fees to ACT prior to the test date. 
To acquire test-specific information:  http://www.act.org/

Examinees are required to present two forms of unexpired identification.  The primary ID
must be government-issued with a photograph and signature.  The secondary ID must have a photograph or signature. 

Examinees will be registered with CLEP with their credit card.  The MSU Testing Center fee
is payable in the form of check, cash or money order.
To acquire test-specific information:  http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/clep/about.html

Examinees are required to present two forms of ID.  The primary ID must be
unexpired and include a  photograph and signature. Your student ID is no longer considered a primary ID. The secondary ID
must be unexpired and does not have to include a photograph or signature.  
Payment must be made on test day in the form of check, cash or money order. 

To acquire test-specific information:  http://harcourtassessment.com                     
Examinees are urged to follow the above links to the appropriate website to get test-specific information on testing regulations and test preparation. 


A current picture ID is required to take the exam.

Procedures for Registering for the Paper/Pencil GED exam:

Section 4.6 Pre-Registration Process

Kentucky Pre-Registration Policy

  • All candidates must be pre-registered and a roster provided the examiner.
  • Minimal information required for the roster is candidate name, date of birth, social security number, test date and tests to be taken.
  • Registration is NOT complete and a test slot reserved until the test fee or retest fee is paid and the required documents submitted to the test center.
  • The KYAE-6 form with the required documents attached and the Proof of Registration Page from GED123.org must be submitted to the test center for first time candidates.
  • Candidates who are retesting must present a completed and signed KYAE-6 form with improved Official Practice Test (OPT) scores on the subtests to be taken.
  • No candidate may be admitted to a test session without government issued photo identification.