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Price Contracts

Morehead State University must purchase from, or establish, price contracts for goods and services when total spending within a fiscal year will exceed small purchase delegation.   

There are five types of price contracts:

Morehead State University contracts - contracts we have established by issuing our own sealed bid or request for proposal

Other state universities contracts - contracts established by other state universities that contain piggyback language

Commonwealth of Kentucky contracts - contracts established by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  The state has two types of contracts some contain the piggyback language and some require special permission.  Contact Paige McDaniel for more details.

GSA Contracts - KRS 45A.045 gives us permission to purchase so long as the vendor gives us the same or better pricing as they have on their GSA schedule

Purchasing cooperative contracts- numerous purchasing cooperatives at the state and national level have contracts that appear may be open for our use. 

Please contact our office if you have specific questions on any price contract or purchasing cooperative.  We will be happy to research them to determine if meet the statutory requirements.

   Click Here   for an Excel file of our commonly used contracts. 

Contact Paige McDaniel for more information