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Purchasing Card Service

The purpose of the Morehead State University Purchasing Card Service is to establish a more efficient cost-effective method of purchasing and paying for small dollar-value transactions within established usage limits.  The Purchasing Card Service is designed to replace small dollar value purchases and prepayment orders currently created by on-line requisitions.

Use your purchasing card over the phone, around town, on the Internet, for subscriptions, supplies, etc.  You'll find the entire procurement process takes less time and fewer people are involved in the purchases, which saves the University time and therefore, money.

The purchasing card may be used with any vendor that accepts Visa with the exception of commodities as noted in the Purchasing Card Service User Manual.

Listed below are a few tips to keep in mind when using your card:

  • MSU is tax exempt - don't pay tax!
  • Don't let anyone else use your card!
  • Be sure to complete the monthly transaction form!
  • You must have an invoice/receipt for every transaction!
  • If you have a purchasing card on a restricted (grant) account, be sure to contact Paige McDaniel any time you transfer money into the account so your credit limit may also be increased!
  • Continue to use established price contracts, including our office supply contract with OfficeMax!
  • Don't split orders - if what you need exceeds your single purchase limit or fixed assets guideline limits, just enter an on-line requisition!

The following links are available in relation to the Purchasing Card Service Program:

   Purchasing Card Application   
Purchasing Card User Manual 


For more information, please contact Paige McDaniel at 3-2007.

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