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Vendor Registration Process

The Office of Support Services maintains the integrity of the Vendor Database by collecting information from vendors for one of two main reasons.  The first reason is to establish or maintain a record for a vendor where there is an immediate need to issue a purchase order or a check.  The second reason is to maintain a list of vendors that wish to be considered for future procurement needs.   

For those vendors where there is an immediate need to issue a purchase order or check but we have never done business or those that need to update their information prior to the issuance of either document, should complete the  Vendor Information and W9 Form.  We are required by law to perform several verifications on these requests and can only proceed with the record creation or maintenance when all have been verifications have satisfied. 

Vendors that wish to be considered for future procurement opportunities or those that wish to be placed on the University's bid list should register with our online Plan Room, free of charge.  The site can be accessed from this link:  Morehead State University Online Plan Room.

Contact Sara Leach at (606) 783-2118 for more information.

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