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Purchasing Policy Manual


Section Title
 Section 1 - Contract Formation 

Authority, Delegation and Governing Regulations
Standard Specifications
Solicitation Instructions and General Conditions
General Conditions
Types of Contracts
Competitive Sealed Bids
Competitive Negotiations
Contract Awards
Resident Bidder Preference
Protest Procedure and Process
Method of Breaking Tie Bids
Contract Administrations
Bidders List Maintained
Removal or Suspension from Bid List
Noncompetitive Negotiations/Sole Source

 Section 2 - Authorities/Requirements 

Emergency Purchases
Special Authority
Small Purchases
Small Construction
Small, Minority and Woman-Owned Business
Industries for the Blind
Correctional Industries
Miscellaneous Copying and Duplicating
Energy Conservation
Recycled Material Content
Hazardous Material Handling
Copy Machines
US and Kentucky Flags

 Section 3  - Legal Issues 

Violation of Purchasing Policy
Ethics in Purchasing
Gifts and Gratuities
Conflict of Interest
Employee Interest in Contracts
Code of Ethics
Bonding Requirements
Insurance Certificate Requirements
Fiscal Year Ending
Payment of Invoice
Complaint to Vendor
Advice of Change
Cooperative Purchases
Purchase Records Maintained
Application of Taxes
Approvals, Certifications and Filings

 Section 4 - Related Policies 

Personal Service Contracts
Personal Service Contract - Under $10,000
Personal Service Contract - $10,000 and Greater
Personal Service Contract - Amendment Policy
Memorandum of Agreement
Speaker/Entertainer Contracts
Used Equipment
Equipment Trade-In
Purchase of Prize and Award Items
Works of Art
Purchases by Employees
Loan of Equipment
Decorations and Cards
Petty Cash Funds
Force Accounts
Starch-Based Can Liners
Independent Contractor versus Employee
University Moving Crew Services

 Section 5 - General Policies 

Disposition of Surplus Personal Property
Visits and Acquisitions - Surplus Property Branch
Real Property Agreements
Concession and Vending Contracts
Deliveries for Contract Purchases
Returns to Vendor
Freight Claims
Fixed Asset Inventory - Equipment
Establishment of Vendor Record

 Section 6 - KRS and KAR Glossary