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  • ETHICS HOTLINE:  Effective April 1, 2014, we will be implementing an ethcis hotline called "Red Flag Reporting."  All faculty and staff received a mass email about this service and it was posted on the Portal announcement page.  Training sessions will be held on April 1, 2014 in the Crager Room related to general fraud awareness and to discuss this new service.  Please choose the 9:00, 2:00 or 4:00 session, whichever works best with your calendar.
  • U-HAUL RENTALS:  Effective immediately, U-Haul will direct bill for rentals with a valid VPO number.  Contact Accounting & Financial Services to obtain a VPO number prior to rental.  Payments to U-Haul will not be processed via online requisition.
  • PSC CHANGES, ONLINE SURPLUS, ARAMARK about them all in our  Newsletter .
  • OFFICEMAX 2013 CATALOGS:  You may order a 2013 office supply catalog with your next order.  The item number is J9CATALOG13.
  • OFFICEMAX SMALL ORDERS:  Help keep our office supply prices low by keeping your orders to $50 or greater, when possible.  You can "Save" an order and add items as your list grows without submitting.  Contact our office or OfficeMax Customer Service for assistance.
  • PSC AMENDMENTS AND EXTENSIONS:  Effective immediately, Amendments and Extensions to Personal Service Contracts are to be processed separately.  Revised Forms are available on the  Forms  page.
  • OFFICEMAX REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  The  Internet User Guide, the  Roll Out Package  and the  Registration Presentation  contain important information and instructions for registering to use their website.  You can request a free catalog with your online order.
  • OFFICEMAX WEBSITE:  REMINDER!!! Please be sure you are using the correct website for ordering supplies from OfficeMax.  It is  
  • SURPLUS PROPERTY RELOCATION POLICY CHANGE:  Effective August 9, 2010, all surplus property being relocated back to campus must be moved by the Facilities Management moving crew, as their schedule permits.  The only exception to this policy will be for items that require no lifting such as office supplies (toners, staplers, etc.)
  • SPEAKER AND ENTERTAINER CONTRACT:  There is a new Speaker/Entertainer Contract.  Personal Service Contracts for speaker and entertainers will no longer be accepted.  Visit our  Forms  page for the new Speaker/Entertainer Contract.
  • PURCHASING OF SOFTWARE:  Effective immediately, the purchase of any software is prohibited on the purchasing card and must be processed on an online requisition, using the Technology "5320100" object code.  Software will be tagged for inventory reporting and must be approved by appropriate Information Technology staff.   Click Here  to review the Fixed Asset Inventory Equipment policy.   Click Here  to review the categories of fixed assets.
  • SOLE SOURCE POLICY & FORM CHANGE:  Effective immediately, the MSU policy for sole source purchases and the sole source justification form have changed.   Click Here  to review the new policy.   Click Here  for the Justification for Sole Source Purchase form which is also available on our  Forms  page.
  • Personal Service Contracts:  Effective immediately, any PSC that must be filed for GCRC approval is required to be accompanied by the Proof of Necessity form, regardless of dollar amount.
  • Personal Service Contracts:  Effective immediately, the order in which PSCs are routed for signature has changed.  Following the departmental and dean/vice president signature, the PSC should be routed to Support Services rather than to the CFO/VP for Administration.  Visit our Forms page to obtain the updated version of the PSC form.  Contact LaDonna Purcell with additional questions.
  • Charter bus service is available through our price contract with The Free Enterprise System, Inc.  Please contact Laurie Orkies at 800-448-5728 or via email Laurie Orkies to make travel arrangements.
  • Purchase Requisition and Budget Viewing training for Datatel is now available online!  Visit the MSU Datatel website for details.
  • Check out our flyer to assist in determining if goods/services should be submitted on Check Requests, Purchase Requisitions or if you can use your Purchasing Card.  Click Here for the flyer.
  • The Documentation for all processes on the Datatel and WebAdvisor system are available on-line.  Please visit our Documentation page.
  • PERSONAL SERVICE CONTRACTS:  It is mandated by the Government Contract Review Committee that all Personal Service Contracts (PSC's) must be typed.  Any hand written contracts can not be submitted for review and/or approval.
  • WAL-MART TAX EXEMPTION FORMS:  Wal-Mart requires all purchasing card holders to complete an exemption form prior to allowing any purchases on the card.  If you wish to continue to make purchases at Wal-Mart with your purchasing card, you MUST complete this form.  Be sure to mark "Educational" as the status on the application.  It will be each individual card holders' responsibility to complete the form correctly and present the tax exempt customer card along with the purchasing card for purchases at Wal-Mart, effective immediately.
  • PURCHASING CARD LIMITS FOR GRANTS:  If you have a purchasing card on a restricted (grant) account and you transfer money into that account, be sure to contact Paige McDaniel to increase the credit limit on your purchasing card.
  • BID LIMITS:  Effective July 15, 2002 the small dollar purchase threshold has been raised to $40,000.  However, we recommend that three (3) quotes are obtained for any purchases between $15,000 and $39,999.