Staff Congress
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APRIL 3, 2006


Ed Beam *Shannon Harr Donna King Pam Moore *Doug Snedegar *Terry White
*Lisa Caskey *R. Hinton *M. LaFontaine April Nutter *S. Stewart E. Williams
Rhonda Crisp Phillip James *Jeffrey Liles *Darlene Ramey Todd Thacker Kristie Williams
*Ray Crum David Jessie Rhonda Mackin *William Salazar C. Thompson
*L. Hammond Linda Kegley Amy Moore Dallas Sammons Jonell Tobin

*Denotes member was absent

Guests: Gene Caudill-Staff Regent & Director of Physical Plant, Roger Barker-Director of Human Resources, Candidates for Representative or Regent in the upcoming election:  Peggy Hall, Tina McWain, Rebecca McGinnis, Laraissa Davis, Kevin Shelton, Lora Pace & Marquita Bear

Chair Jessie called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m.  A quorum was present.  Guests were welcomed.

Motion: To approve the March 6, 2006 minutes as submitted
  Proposed:  Rep. Kegley Seconded:  Rep. P. Moore
Called for Vote: Passed

VP Patrick will not be at today's meeting after all.  She had a scheduling conflict.  She will attend the May 1 meeting or we will have a special called meeting if needed.

Former Staff Congress representative Belva Sammons' mother, Barbara Sammons, passed away.  Her funeral is today at 1 p.m.  Please give your condolences to Belva when you see her.

Chair's Report Chair Jessie reported that the President's Council did not meet again.

Chair Jessie spoke with VP Walters about the retirees tuition waivers and educational bonuses again.  Both are still on his desk.  He is waiting for the final budget.

Vice-Chair's Report No Report
Secretary's Report Secretary Crisp reported that $62.06 was spent during March for refreshments, $244.80 was spent to print nomination packets for the election and $19.36 was spent to print nomination reminder postcards for the election.  The total spent was $326.22, leaving a balance of $1875.45 in the supply account.


Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections Rep. LaFontaine, chair of the committee and Rep. Snedegar, vice-chair of the committee were both absent.  Committee member Kristie Jenkins Williams gave the report.  

The Credentials and Elections Committee met this morning.

A total of 21 nominations were received for the Staff Congress Representative and Regent elections.  The breakdown of nominations are as follows:

Regent - three candidates (one to be elected)
At-Large - seven candidates (three to be elected)
Executive/Managerial - No nominations received (one position available)
Professional/Non-Faculty - five candidates (three to be elected)
Secretarial/Clerical - two candidates (one to be elected)
Service/Maintenance - four candidates (two to be elected)
Skilled Crafts - No nominations received (two positions available)
Technical/Paraprofessional - No nominations received (one position available)

Sample Ballots have been sent to all staff.  Approximately 765 staff members are eligible to vote in the May 17 election.  Shortly after the sample ballots were printed, two issues were brought to our attention.  Mr. Caudill's narrative is 39 words over the 100 word limit.  Ms. Pace's narrative, as published in the sample ballot packet, contained a typographical error ("Staff Congress" not "Staff Regent").  This was noticed *after* approximately 400 of the March 28 sample ballot packets were mailed to all eligible staff.  Ms. LaFontaine would like to offer her sincere apology for these oversights.  To resolve these issues, the following solutions were offered to the Regent candidates:  1) The error on Ms. Pace's narrative be corrected on the packets that had not already been placed in the campus mail.  2) Allow Ms. Bear and Ms. Pace an opportunity to supplement their narratives to contain up to 139 words.  This seems to be the most logical and easiest solutions given the majority of the sample ballot packets were mailed before the typo and excess verbiage were discovered.  3) The updated narratives, along with a list of Staff Regent candidates will then be made available for viewing on the Staff Congress Web site, published in an upcoming issue of Update, and included in a future notice regarding the Regent Candidate Forum.

Doug Snedegar will work with Rhonda Crisp and April Nutter to place (Representative and Regent) election info on the Staff Congress Web page, as well as the Faculty/Staff Web portal.

All Staff Congress and Regent candidates have been invited to attend the Staff Congress meetings today and in May.

The three Regent candidates have been invited to meet with the Credentials & Elections committee on Monday, April 10 to discuss any questions and to go over details concerning the Open Forum, which is scheduled for the week of May 1.  All three candidates have responded that they will be available to meet with the committee on the suggested date.

We would like to ask all members of Staff Congress to assist us in identifying individuals who might be interested in filling the four vacancies in the Executive/Managerial, Skilled Crafts, and Technical/Paraprofessional EEO categories.  If possible, we would like to submit those individuals for appointment at/before the June (or July) meeting.

The paper/absentee ballot process opens today and continues through Friday, May 12.  During this first week (April 3-7), paper ballots may be obtained from Doug Snedegar, in the Eagle Card Office, ADUC.  The rest of the time, ballots may be obtained from Rep. LaFontaine.

University Standing Appointments No Report
Fiscal Affairs No Report
Personnel Policies and Benefits No Report

Regent's Report - No Report

Old Business 

Rep. James asked about a progress report from the Ad-Hoc Committee.  Rep. King said the committee is meeting on April 11 to write up the proposal to submit to Staff Congress.

New Business  - None


Rep. P. Moore asked Rep. K. Williams to go over the Regent election corrections one more time.  Rep. K. Williams read the information from the committee meeting again.  She said that the correction was made to Ms. Pace's statement.  All the packets that had not been sent out at that time had the corrected statement attached.  She also said that both Regent candidates were asked if they wanted to change their statement to add words to make their statement up to 139 words; they declined.  All candidates are working on a 500 word statement to be put up on the Staff Congress Web site.  Rep. P. Moore asked if there would be any reprimands due to the word count being too high.  Rep. K. Williams said that our by-laws do not suggest anything.  It was an oversight on the part of the committee; it wasn't the candidate's fault.


Rep. Tobin announced that Tom Rowland's wife passed away.  Tom is the director of the Educational Opportunity Center.  If you can, please extend your condolences to him.

Rep. P. Moore announced that there is a transfer SOAR on April 14 and SOAR's on April 21 and 22.

Rep. James announced that the Spring Gala is April 29.  Tickets are available at the Development office.  They will be raffling off a 2006 Harley-Davidson.  There are 500 tickets available; the cost is $100.00.  Tickets can be purchased at the front desk in ADUC, at the bookstore, or at the Development office.  The motorcycle is on display at the bookstore.

Chair Jessie announced that the end of the year Staff Congress luncheon will be June 6 at 11:30 a.m. in the Commonwealth Room.  Our meeting will follow the luncheon in the Riggle Room at 1 p.m.

Motion: To adjourn
  Proposed:  Rep. P. Moore Seconded:  Rep. Kegley
Called for Vote: Passed

Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Crisp, Secretary