Staff Congress
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June 7, 2010


Jeff Adkins

Shannon Harr

Margaret LaFontaine

Tina McWain

Jessica Roe*

Becki Alfrey

Jami Hornbuckle*

Rhonda Mackin

Brooke Mills

William Salazar

Ed Beam

Joe Hunsucker

Jill McBride

Amy Moore

Mark Stidam*

Rhonda Crisp

Phillip James

Paige McDaniel*

Scott Niles

Todd Thacker

Craig Dennis

Kevin Koett*

Rebecca McGinnis

April Nutter

Barbara Willoughby



Scott McGlone*

Joel Pace


*Denotes member was absent.


Phil Gniot, Director of Human Resources

Terry White, Staff Regent



Chair Pace called the meeting to order and also welcomed today’s guests. He also welcomed the new members in attendance that will take office next month and asked them to introduce themselves and tell what department they are from.  New members include Matt Nutter, Marti King, and Kelly Griggs. 


To approve the minutes from the May 2010 meeting. P. Gniot commented that KERS percentage had not yet been confirmed.  He will bring to the July meeting. 


Proposed:  T. Thacker

Seconded:  A. Moore

Called for Vote:

Motion passed with tabled KERS percentages until next month.

Chair's Report

J. Pace commented on Professional Development Day, which occurred last week.  This was a partnering between SC, IT, and HR.  The schedule included topics that were identified by a survey done last fall.  Gary Holeman worked with J. Pace & P. Gniot to identify speakers.  The event was well attended, with 175 duplicated enrollment. Many people attended multiple sessions.  HR will have report on surveys conducted at each session.  Several sessions were lightly attended.  Some sessions were very highly attended with 50+ attendees.  There has been a request to do this program again sometime this summer.  SC has not planned to do a summer session, but HR may address this need.  J. Pace thanked the members, the Executive Committee, and April Nutter for their participation in both PD sessions, fall & spring.  This is a wonderful partnership opportunity and is recognized by the President.

Next month is elections for Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.  Today completes J. Pace’s and R. McGinnis’ second term as chair and vice chair respectively as they are not eligible to continue to run in their current positions.

The parliamentarian will run the elections next meeting and committee assignments will be done as well.  New members will also be sworn in. 

J. Pace recognized outgoing members P. James, A. Nutter, and J. Hornbuckle and thanked them for their service to Staff Congress. 

Vice-Chair’s Report

R. McGinnis has updated the website with current minutes and agendas and flyer for PD was added.  There is also a tips document on Excel available to download. 

Secretary's Report

J. McBride reported that the current supply budget was $790.97. There was a question on the money left at the end of the year and a recommendation will be brought forward in new business. 

Committee Reports

Personnel Policies and Benefits

A. Moore stated that there was no report from this committee.      


Election& Credentials

K. Koett is out today.  M. LaFontaine stated again that elections for the Executive Board will take place at next month’s meeting.  Bylaws have been approved and will be uploaded to the website. 


Staff Issues

S. Harr stated that there was no report from this committee.      



Green Committee Report:   T. Thacker stated that the balance of Green Committee funds (approx. $3400) will be rolled over.  There is a meeting scheduled for Thursday of this week to talk about the sustainability conference that several committee members attended a month ago at UK. 

J. Pace stated that the Green Committee is currently an ad hoc committee and will expire with today’s meeting.  He recommends that this committee be continued and appreciates the work of this important group. 

Regent's Report:   T. White reported that the BOR had a work session on May 20, 2010 but he was unable to attend.  He also stated that  a regular meeting is scheduled for  June 10, 2010 with a full agenda including approval of the Operating Budget, Personnel roster as well as several PARs.  There will also be  a discussion on the Presidential evaluation and personal service contracts.

Human Resources Report:  P. Gniot reported that the RFP for healthcare is up tomorrow, June 7, 2010.  He asked for the Employee Benefits Committee to participate in the evaluations.  More details will be available at next month’s meeting.

J. Pace wanted SC to be aware of an email will be coming out later this week and will involve some energy conservation strategies.  This will include increasing the building temperatures this summer to 76 degrees with a relaxed dress code of khakis and polo shirts.  There was some discussion about buildings that have easily monitored climate controls and the older building that are not easily monitored.  J. Pace suggested that SC members refer additional questions from their constituents to either the Staff Issues Committee or the Green Committee. 

Old Business:   J. Pace stated that the new representative model will be put in the bylaws moving forward.  Also, last month there was a resolution on partner benefits and that has been forwarded on to Mike Walters.  P. Gniot stated that they have talked with Humana to give a cost estimate and they said that if domestic partners (as defined by UK)  and dependants are included the impact would be about $120,000 per year. He also wants SC to consider that as the national health care bill continues, does that change at all what SC wants to do with respect to domestic partners?  A. Nutter stated that it would not change her opinion, as it is only fair that domestic partners have access to the excellent health care that MSU offers.  Adding domestic partners would increase premiums by 1%. 

P. Gniot stated that Humana said that only 17 companies in Kentucky have domestic partner benefits.  He felt it seemed that the Humana premium was on the high end.  He will summarize what the RFP shows on this topic. 

New Business:   S. Harr made a motion that any funds remaining in the SC account not be returned  and either roll over the funds to the next fiscal year or give it to the Green Committee.  P. James made a friendly recommendation that the request be more specific as to what the money will be used for. 

T. Thacker made a motion to allow the Executive Officers to decide where the remaining funds go or how they are used. There was some discussion about upgrading recording equipment, marketing to promote Staff Congress, or purchase of an additional computer for the SC office.   

S. Harr accepted the amendment that the Ex. Committee makes recommendations on how the remaining funds are spent.  J. Pace called for a vote.  All members were in favor. The motion passed..


Next meeting is July 12, 2010

Summer school begins today, June 7, 2010 

BOR meets this week

SOAR this week

University closed on July 5 for the July 4th holiday

Fall employee calendar not set, but a version has been submitted to the Cabinet.  The floating holidays will be put immediately preceding the Christmas Holiday.

Identify Theft workshop on June 9, 2010

Athletics Golf Scramble this Saturday

Summer camps started this week


To adjourn.


Proposed:  T. Thacker

Seconded:  W. Salazar

Called for Vote:

Passed.  Meeting adjourned at 2:04  p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  Jill McBride, Secretary