Staff Congress
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May 10, 2010


Jeff Adkins*

Shannon Harr

Margaret LaFontaine

Tina McWain

Jessica Roe*

Becki Alfrey

Jami Hornbuckle*

Rhonda Mackin

Brooke Mills

William Salazar

Ed Beam*

Joe Hunsucker

Jill McBride*

Amy Moore

Mark Stidam*

Rhonda Crisp

Phillip James

Paige McDaniel

Scott Niles*

Todd Thacker

Craig Dennis

Kevin Koett

Rebecca McGinnis

April Nutter

Barbara Willoughby



Scott McGlone*

Joel Pace


*Denotes member was absent.


Dr. Royal Berglee, Faculty Senate Chair
Phil Gniot, Director of Human Resources


To approve the minutes from the April 5, 2010 meeting.


Proposed:  T. Thacker

Seconded:  P. James

Called for Vote:

Motion passed. P. Gniot will verify the retirement percentages.

Chair's Report

J. Pace stated that we have a few things going on here.  J. McBride is traveling today at the College Day Program in West Liberty.  He appreciates everyone rescheduling due to the flood.  The SC office in Allie Young Hall was flooded.  It is currently in the process of drying out and getting cleaned.  The Day of Professional Development Day has been rescheduled for June 3.  The topics have been identified starting with an opening session with the day focusing on technology.  Those topics include a session on Series25, School Dude, Portal and Wellness.  There will be a hands-on training on Excel scheduled in a computer lab.   This event is in cooperation with Human Resources and Information Technology.  Your support, promotion and attendance are greatly appreciated. 

Vice-Chair’s Report

R. McGinnis has updated the website with current minutes and agendas. 

Secretary's Report

No report.

Committee Reports

Benefits and Compensation

A. Moore reported their committee has a recommendation to be discussed in new business.  Employee Benefits met a few weeks ago and discussed domestic partner benefits and the health care RFP.  There are several EBC members that will be on the RFP review committee.

Election & Credentials

K. Koett wanted to remind everyone that we will need to vote on the representation model today in old business. Their committee has a proposal on elections for this year to be discussed in new business.  We had nine candidates.


Staff Issues

No report.


Green Committee

T. Thacker commended the events and PR subcommittees for their hard work on the Earth Day event.  They did a fantastic job.  The energy subcommittee met with the building supervisors over the past month to advise them we are going to more aggressive in conserving energy through electric as well as heating/cooling. 

J. Pace wanted to recognize the committee members as well as T. Thacker’s leadership.  They have done great things this past year.



Regent's Report:   T. White reported the BOR would have a work session on May 20 at 9 am and a meeting on June 10 at 9 am. 

Human Resources Report:  P. Gniot stated the Staff Appreciation picnic went well and the weather was great.  He wondered if anyone had any comments/suggestions about the event.  R. McGinnis suggested we consider a different date due to the setup conflict with Commencement. T. White was concerned that we had a band playing during the time when students were taking their final exams. K. Koett stated there is a University Policy against amplification of music during finals.

Tobacco Issues Workgroup:  C. Dennis reported the President had asked VP Walters and VP Weathers in the fall of last year to look at a tobacco free campus.  A workgroup was formed.  A survey was administered to all faculty, staff and students.  It appears that the campus will probably go tobacco free in 2011.  There will be a transitional period between now and 2011.  Several options will be provided for individuals to stop using tobacco products.  Harry Gunn has received numerous complaints about areas around Rader, ADUC/Enrollment Services and Combs/Lappin.  C. Dennis thinks that SC can offer suggestions during the transitional period.  T. Thacker asked if any member of the workgroup was a tobacco user.  C. Dennis responded he wasn’t sure, but thought that one student did smoke.  A. Nutter commented that since we are an institute of Higher Education, we should consider an awareness campaign.  A. Moore commented this is a bigger issue and we hope that people will conform.  C. Dennis stated it will hard to enforce, but hope that people will comply. M. LaFontaine wanted to know if there was any grant funding available to help with smoking cessation program.  C. Dennis wasn’t sure, but he would ask. 

Faculty Senate:  Dr. R. Berglee stated Faculty Senate concluded as of their meeting last Thursday.  There was a second reading of a resolution on Domestic Partner Benefits.  They did not decide on a definition that will be left to Human Resources and Legal Counsel.  They did approve the resolution.  They did approve their new constitution and forwarded it to the President’s Office.  Once the President’s Office has approved, it will be sent on to the Board of Regents. 

Dr. R. Berglee also stated FS was concerned about the number of adjunct faculty are currently teaching since the budget will no longer support them and general education reform.  Dr. Bev McCormick will be the new Faculty Senate Chair.

J. Pace stated there is a resolution from Faculty Senate in regard to University Standing Committees.  Currently, USC is housed under FS.  Some of the committees that do not have any representation will be either reduced, eliminated or will move under Research and Sponsored Programs.  The job reclassification review committee will be placed under VP Walters.  The Honors, International Education Advisory and Technology Resource committees were all absorbed. 

W. Salazar wanted to know where the Domestic Partner Benefits will go for review.  Dr. R. Berglee stated it will go to the administration through the Provost’s Office and then to the President’s Office.  It will not come back to the Faculty Senate.  M. LaFontaine asked what other institutions currently have this benefit.  Those institutions include:  UK, UL, WKU, NKU and Berea. 

President’s Cabinet:

J. Pace stated VP Walters is out of town.  Therefore, there will be no report. 

Old Business:  K. Koett brought a proposal coming from Credentials and Elections Committee to change the SC representation model.  The Committee is proposing to create a hybrid model with representation by EOC and also an area location.  This is the third reading. 

Discussion:  None. Call for end of discussion – T. Thacker, second – W. Salazar.


To approve the recommendation of a new representation model.

Called for Vote:




New Business:  K. Koett brought forth a proposal on behalf of Credentials & Elections Committee that we accept the nine candidates through a vote of affirmation not through an election since there are sixteen vacancies.  Those individuals who reapplied are as follows:  J. Hunsucker, S. Niles, J. Pace, K. Koett, W. Salazar, B. Alfrey, and R. Crisp.   P. James and S. McGlone did not reapply.  K. Griggs and M. Nutter were new candidates.   All candidates will meet with the committee to determine the term limits.  All vacant positions will be filled using SC protocol on elections.   This will leave two at-large, one executive managerial, two service/maintenance, one secretarial/clerical and one technical/paraprofessional. 

Discussion:  T. Thacker asked if this is possible due to the By-Laws.  M. LaFontaine researched it and there was nothing stating that we couldn’t do it.  K. Koett commented that as long as there are no conflicts with the number of positions available.  T. Thacker wanted to know how the term limit would be decided.  K. Koett reminded everyone of the situation last year between the two service/maintenance candidates where they decided amongst themselves on the term limits.  The committee is recommending the same this year with this group.  The positions to be filled will be on a one year limit. K. Koett stated that to run an election the cost is around $500.  W. Salazar wanted to know if we need to make a change to the By-Laws.  K. Koett stated they were changed two years ago.  C. Dennis and T. Thacker were concern we were not following the democratic process.  K. Koett and J. Pace explained there is no way a candidate nominated would not be elected.  S. Harr was concerned we did not receive more candidates. 

Call for questions - P. James, second – A. Nutter


To accept the election results by affirmation.

Called for Vote :

Passed.  Two opposed.






A. Moore brought forth a recommendation on behalf of Benefits and Compensation Committee in support of domestic partner benefits.  J. Pace stated that everyone would receive a copy of the recommendation.

Discussion:  K. Koett is concerned there is no cost benefit analysis to be completed since there is no policy that states only a certain percentage of faculty and staff can be married.  T. Thacker is concerned about the increase in costs.  P. Gniot has asked Humana to give a potential cost estimate.  C. Dennis wanted to know if offering this benefit would be a deal breaker or maker.  A. Nutter stated that we would probably only be adding a small number of people, this would be a benefit in serving more people and it’s the right thing to do.  W. Salazar reminded everyone that the Board of Regents approved a diversity resolution.

Call for questions – W. Salazar, second – A. Nutter


To approve to accept the Faculty Senate resolution support Domestic Partner Benefits.


Proposed:  T. Thacker

Seconded:  A. Nutter

 Vote by  Roll Call:

Passed with 14 ‘Yes’ to  4 ‘No’








A copy of the roll call vote will be attached to the minutes.

T. McWain would like for employees to be able to volunteer in a disaster situation and not have to use their vacation or sick time.  J. Pace stated that this Dr. J. Marshall had pursued this program and SC passed a resolution in support.  Dr. J. Marshall worked with the Administration and it was decided to not purse at this time.  K. Koett stated that VP Walters and VP Weathers are working on a proposal where employees could take one day to serve others during work time.  A. Moore stated that this topic was brought back to Employee Benefits two months ago. 


Ø  Next Meeting is June 7.

Ø  Plan on attending the Day of Professional Development on June 3.

Ø  Volunteer for PD Day  

Ø  Commencement was May 8.  K. Koett wanted to send appreciation to the Facilities staff for their incredible job for both ceremonies.  Dr. R. Berglee wanted to send appreciation on behalf of the Faculty.

Ø  Various construction projects across the campus.

Ø  Identity Theft Informational/Luncheon is June 9.


To adjourn.


Proposed:  W.  Salazar

Seconded:  P. James

Called for Vote:

Passed.  Meeting adjourned at 2:41  p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  Rebecca McGinnis, Vice Chair