Staff Congress
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6 December 1999

**Scottie Barker, Sharon Beller, **Larry Besant, Thelma Bumgardner, Vincent Butler, Joy Cecil, Dan Connell, *Patty Eldridge, *Richard Green, Lois L. Hawkins, Stephanie Highley-Stewart, Rosemary Hinton, Betty Sue Hurley, David Jessie, *Della Johnson, Linda Kegley, Velda Mabry, *Rhonda Mackin, Bill Mains, Zach McClurg, Pam Moore, Carole Morella, Joel Pace, Belva Sammons, Dallas Sammons, Wilma Stegall, Larry Stephenson, **Jack Templeman, Todd Thacker, Madonna Weathers

*Prior Notification **No Notification

Guests:    Gene Caudill, Staff Regent

                  Roger Barker, Director, Office of Human Resources

                  Bonnie Eaglin

The meeting was called to order by Chair Thacker at 1:02 p.m. Minutes of the November 1 meeting were reviewed and correction noted--Page 2, Fiscal Affairs Committee Report change Coopa to CUPA.

MOTION:      November 1999 minutes were accepted with correction.

                        Proposed: Vice Chair Stephenson

                        Seconded: Rep. Weathers

Called For Vote: Passed


Richard Green has resigned from Staff Congress effective immediately. Rep. Green has retired from the University.


Vice President Dailey has sent a memo concerning the Bell Tower Plaza. The plan is to construct a new handicapped access entrance to the front of the Library, place additional vegetation on and around the Plaza area, in particular the west and south walls, no other construction or renovation will occur at this time.


REGENT’S REPORT – No report.


Standing Committee on Appointments – No report.

Credential and Elections Committee – No report but will be working on a replacement for Rep. Green.

Fiscal Affairs Committee – No report.

Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee – No report at this time but the committee has received the information on tuition waivers that was requested.

OLD BUSINESS  - No Old Business.

NEW BUSINESS – Mrs. Eaglin reports on a new initiative, "Civility 2000" she is starting on campus. This initiative would include students, staff, faculty and administration. The initiative is to promote civility and courtesy all over campus. (Courtesy among students to students; courtesy from students toward staff, and courtesy from students toward faculty.) A committee member suggested a suggestion box where individual could place ideas that might be helpful in promoting this initiative. This would take all people on campus to succeed.

One suggestion in committee was in the area of supervisory training to work with newly appointed supervisors on team building and how to manage conflict and show respect to employees and vice versa for employees to show respect for the supervisor. Team building is the key ingredient. Another suggestion is employee recognition through the Trail Blazer. This would aquatint people on campus with employees in all areas. Rep. Moore suggested a change to the phone message service and answering phone calls. Chair Thacker requested any other suggestions be given to Dan Connell or Wilma Stegall, these individuals are on Mrs. Eaglin’s committee. Staff interested in participating on this committee may contact Mrs. Eaglin.

Rep. Highley-Stewart asked if there was any way to combine health insurance, CHA and MSU’s, for state government and county school system employees for a discount in rates. Vice Chair Stephenson replied that this possibly would not happen, as MSU is self-insured. It may be more advantageous to go through the University’s health care plan and not use CHA for those employees with spouses working in state and county positions.


December 17, 1999 Men's Basketball – Wright State

December 17, 1999 Holiday Party must purchase tickets by December 10

December 18, 1999 Men's Basketball - Asbury

December 18, 1999 Graduation – 10:30 a.m.

December 19, 1999 Women's Basketball – Ashville

December 21, 1999 Women's Basketball - Marshall

January 3, 2000 Staff Congress Meeting


MOTION:            Adjournment

                              Proposed: Rep. Connell

                              Seconded: Vice Chair Stephenson

Called For Vote:  Passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.

Minutes by: Lois L. Hawkins, Secretary