Staff Congress
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April 5, 2010


Jeff Adkins

Shannon Harr*

Margaret LaFontaine

Tina McWain

Jessica Roe*

Becki Alfrey

Jami Hornbuckle

Rhonda Mackin

Brooke Mills

William Salazar

Ed Beam

Joe Hunsucker

Jill McBride*

Amy Moore

Mark Stidam*

Rhonda Crisp

Phillip James

Paige McDaniel

Scott Niles

Todd Thacker

Craig Dennis

Kevin Koett

Rebecca McGinnis

April Nutter

Barbara Willoughby



Scott McGlone*

Joel Pace


*Denotes member was absent.


Phil Gniot, Director of Human Resources

Mike Walters, Vice President for Administration & Fiscal Affairs



To approve the minutes from the March 1, 2010 meeting.


Proposed:  T. Thacker

Seconded:  P. James

Called for Vote:

Motion passed.

Chair's Report

J. Pace stated that it has been an interesting month.  We have many things approaching such as elections and Professional Development Day scheduled for May 13.  He will be calling for volunteers.  PD Day is a joint venture between Staff Congress and Human Resources.  HR will be doing the assessments.  Information Technology will be assisting as well since the focus in on technology.  Please share the date with your constituents.

Vice-Chair’s Report

R. McGinnis has updated the website with current minutes and agendas.  

Secretary's Report

R. McGinnis reported J. McBride e-mailed her that the current supply budget was $2,056.11, with an additional $500 to be transferred to the Green Committee. 

 Committee Reports

Personnel Policies and Benefits

No Report. 

Election & Credentials

K. Koett wanted to remind everyone that we will have elections this month.  Information will be sent out tomorrow soliciting nominations.  Nominations will be due April 16.   The ballot will be posted on April 19 with elections on April 27 and 28. 

The following individuals will need to run again for Staff Congress:   K. Koett, J. Hornbuckle, P. James, W. Salazar, B. Alfrey, R. Crisp, S. McGlone, J. Hunsucker, S. Niles, A. Nutter, J. Pace, J. Roe.  There is one secretarial, two service/maintenance and one tech/paraprofessional positions that need to be filled.  There are sixteen positions up for election.


Staff Issues

S. Harr reported that the Staff Issues Committee is working with Human Resources on the new Staff Performance Evaluations. They met on March 15 and will meet again on April 19 to review an on-line evaluation software.

S. Harr also reported that the President’s Leadership team sent an email to Staff Congress, Faculty Senate and other leadership groups to review and comment on the ASPIRE document.  The SI Committee has done that and S. Harr will respond by Friday. 


Regent's Report:   No Report.

Human Resources Report:  P. Gniot stated he had met with the Staff Issues Committee about the staff performance evaluation system.  They gave him insight and guidelines.  They have scheduled on-line appraisals webinar for April 15.  There has been another benefit added through Allstate. 

A. Moore wanted to know if HR would be sending a confirmation to employees who are enrolled in the Sick Leave Bank.   P. Gniot stated they have sent one message, but would send another mass message to everyone.

Green Committee:  T. Thacker stated that Dr. Ann Rathburn, Tina McWain and he met with President Andrews to discuss doing some things and asked for a budget. A. Nutter stated that April 22 is Earth Day.  This will be the first visible thing for the Green Committee.  Together with the Environment Science Club, they have planned several different events.  There will be information booths setup in front of ADUC from 10 am to 2 pm.  A movie titled “Black Diamond” will be shown in the Riggle Room and a panel discussion will follow.  The day will conclude with a lawn concert at Laughlin. 

T. Thacker stated that all meters have been placed on the residence halls.  C. Dennis wanted to know how the meters would be read.  T. Thacker explained the meters would be not compared building to building, but year to year usage.  Each building will be completing against itself.  T. Thacker also stated that the Energy Committee would be meeting with all building supervisors later this month to assess the operational hours of the building in order to save energy.

J. Pace commented that B. Alfrey has been collecting minutes for the Green Committee.  T. Thacker stated that B. Alfrey is also collecting minutes for the Staff Issues Committee as well.  J. Pace would appreciate everyone’s support for the Earth Day events. K. Koett stated that he spoke to SGA President Kyle Yarawsky about supporting this committee with funding and getting more student involvement.

President’s Cabinet:  M. Walters reported that this has been a very unusual budget year and the budget is the focus.  He doesn’t foresee the General Assembly passing a budget bill by April 15.  The Governor will probably call a special session to adopt a budget.  The other option would be a budget is not adopted by July 1 and state agencies would shut down.  M. Walters also stated Dr. Andrews will be conducting two budget forums on April 6 at 3 pm and April 7 at 8 am.  He would encourage everyone to attend one of the sessions. 

M. Walters also reported that the “Are We Making Progress” Administration survey will start  in two weeks.  

R. Crisp wanted to know about the increases in KTRS/KERS.  M. Walters reported that the increase in KTRS is .25% and for KERS is 6.16%.  The increase is due to health care coverage.   Employers will match the increase.

C.Dennis wanted to know how the national health care bill will impact employees/MSU. M. Walters stated that we are gathering information and have webinars planned.

Old Business:  K. Koett brought a proposal coming from Credentials and Elections Committee to change the SC representation model.  The Committee is proposing to create a hybrid model with representation by EOC and also an area location.  This is the second reading.  The proposed model will be distributed to each member.

Discussion:  T. Thacker was concerned about employees in certain areas not getting enough support.  J. Pace stated that we currently have EEO categories that are not filled.  K. Koett stated this model will force people to look at who will represent SC the best.  M. LaFontaine stated that we are the only state school that elects members by EEO categories. 

J. Pace stated he has received a number of questions/complaints from various staff members who felt they were unaware of  changes in policies.  He also stated that we don’t always share information with constituents.  A. Nutter commented on how you define constituents and with the new model it will give you more opportunity to share with others in your building.  Call for end of discussion – A. Nutter, second – W. Salazar. 

New Business:  


To no longer print agenda and minutes for each meeting.


Proposed:  T. Thacker

Seconded:  K. Koett

Called for Vote:

Passed.  Meeting adjourned at 2:07  p.m.









Ø  Next Meeting is May 3.

Ø  Plan on attending the Budget Forums.

Ø  Volunteer for PD Day  

Ø  Earth Day is April 22.

Ø  University Gala is April 24.

Ø  Student Scholarship banquet is April 21.

Ø  Golf scramble is April 23.


To adjourn.


Proposed:  K. Koett

Seconded:  M. LaFontaine

Called for Vote:

Passed.  Meeting adjourned at 2:07  p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  Rebecca McGinnis, Vice Chair