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4 October 1999

Scottie Barker**, Larry Besant, Thelma Bumgardner, Vincent Butler, Joy Cecil, Dan Connell, Patty Eldridge, Richard Green*, Lois L. Hawkins, Stephanie Highley-Stewart, Rosemary Hinton**, Betty Sue Hurley, David Jessie, Linda Kegley, Velda Mabry**, Rhonda Mackin*, Bill Mains*, Zach McClurg, Pam Moore, Carole Morella*, Joel Pace, Belva Sammons, Dallas Sammons, Wilma Stegall**, Larry Stephenson, Todd Thacker, Madonna Weathers*.

*Prior Notification **No Notification

Guests: Gene Caudill, Staff Regent

The meeting was called to order by Chair Thacker at 1:03 p.m. Minutes of the Sep 13 meeting were reviewed. Corrections were as follows: Page 3: Clarification on number of hours a dependent can use if both parents are full-time employees is 12 per semester not 6 as minutes reflect. Also on Page 4: Change Tuition Rate from 4% to 3%.

MOTION: September 1999 minutes were accepted as corrected.

Proposed: Rep. Highley-Stewart 

Seconded: Rep. D. Sammons

Called For Vote: Passed


Rep. D. Sammons is working on the Staff Congress Home Page. In searching the web for other state institutions with Staff Congress web pages, Rep. D. Sammons has found that Murray is the only one with a site. Murray’s web page has a brief history of when formed, what the congress is composed of, the purpose of the congress, when their meetings are, a listing of representatives with departments, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. What Rep D. Sammons would like to do is something similar to what Murray has and have all Staff Congress representatives in alphabetical order, with each committee having a link to an e-mail address. Also, would like to include photos of Staff Congress officers and members. The Staff Congress logo will also be included on this home page. Any suggestions on the home page should be submitted to Rep. D. Sammons.




The main item on the BOR agenda was the setting of tuition for the first time by the University. In-state tuition was increased by 3%. Also it was approved to allow in-state fees for out-of-state students who live in a two county radius of all states bordering Kentucky. This totals 100 counties. Students that are currently enrolled will not be allowed to participate in this tuition change. This program is for incoming full-time students.


Credential and Elections Committee – The committee has met and selected the following people to fill Staff Congress vacancies: Jack Templeman - Skilled Crafts, Sharon Beller - At-Large and Della Johnson - Technical/Paraprofessional.

Called For Vote: Passed.

Request these individuals be assigned to committees today due to home page development. The following assignments are: Jack Templeman - Standing Appointments, Sharon Beller - Credentials and Elections and Della Johnson - Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee.

There is one other position that must have a replacement. It is Jeff Smedley’s position in the At-Large category for a one-year term.

Fiscal Affairs Committee - The committee has met and divided tasks. One of the tasks the committee is working on is life insurance for retirees. MSU retirees are eligible for a $2,500 life insurance policy at a cost of $.38 per month. Will also check with the MSU Retiree Association on this. Committee will meet again on October 27th and will have more to report at the November 4th meeting.

Staff Regent Caudill requested that retirees be included in the group plan due to tremendous cost of individual plans.

Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee – No report.

Standing Committee on Appointments - No report.

OLD BUSINESS – No Old Business.

NEW BUSINESS – No New Business


October 12, 1999 Blessed Union of Souls Concert

October 15, 1999 Dr. Doran’s Birthday Celebration Luncheon

October 15-17, 1999 Homecoming Weekend

November 20, 1999 Football game at home with Southern Utah

November Flu vaccine – no charge to Faculty/Staff and Spouses

MOTION: Adjournment

Proposed: Rep. Jessie 

Seconded: Rep. Kegley

Called For Vote: Passed. Meeting adjourned at 1:27 p.m.

Minutes by: Lois L. Hawkins, Secretary