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13 September 1999

Scottie Barker, Larry Besant, Thelma Bumgardner, Vincent Butler, Joy Cecil*, Dan Connell**, Patty Eldridge, Richard Green, Lois L. Hawkins, Stephanie Highley-Stewart, Rosemary Hinton, Betty Sue Hurley, David Jessie, Linda Kegley, Velda Mabry, Rhonda Mackin*, Bill Mains*, Zach McClurg, Pam Moore*, Carole Morella**, Joel Pace, Belva Sammons, Dallas Sammons*, Wilma Stegall**, Larry Stephenson, Todd Thacker, Madonna Weathers.

*Prior Notification    **No Notification

Guests: Gene Caudill, Staff Regent

The meeting was called to order by Chair Thacker at 1:02 p.m. Minutes of the August 2 meeting was reviewed.

MOTION: August 1999 minutes were accepted as written.

Proposed: VC Stephenson

Seconded: Rep. Jessie

Called For Vote: Passed


The inquiry about using tuition waivers at the Technical College had been approved. The inquiry did not go to the legislature floor, the CPE ruled that the Technical College would accept tuition waivers. You have to be careful of the courses taken due to the Technical College offering evening classes that are not accredited and do not qualify.

Deferred Payment Line when using tuition waiver issue has not been decided yet. The information has been give to VP Dailey but he has not responded at this time.

There was also an issue concerning an internet fee of $90. VP Dailey said this fee was applied to the MBA Internet Courses.


To add to Chair Thacker's statement on the deferred payment at registration, there is a committee on campus that is talking about doing away with arena registration entirely by Spring 2001. In that committee I have brought that up because we have talked about deferred payments, if you go to the complete online registration how do you do these things that are requiring to be done in the arena now. They have given me many reasons as to why things happened in the cases for this year, none of which I have agreed totally with. Basically, you must have the waiver approved by Financial Aid and you must have the class scheduled/signed up for in the pre-registration so that by the time the billing statement goes out that those both have been done and then you won’t have to go through deferred payment. They also think that could be done the next week instead of having everybody standing in line at registration. I don’t think that is going to happen a whole lot in the future. There are going to be some deferred charges that can be done outside of waiting in a line. I do think one of the thing was they tried to get those people in the front of the line which wasn’t what we wanted either. Students were already in line and did not need faculty and staff being put in front of them for something that should have been handled, in the cases I am aware of, a month or so in advanced.

Staff Regent Caudill asked what the enrollment figure was. VC Stephenson answered, "We are 31 down from 8,000 on Friday." Chair Thacker said he had talked with VP Mincy and VP Mincy stated something like 200 down from last year. They projected 100 more than they had so that would make it 300 down from previous year. Rep. B. Sammons said they were told at a staff meeting it was 150 to 250 down.

There has been some question from students as to why they do not have paid markers and some students have paid markers who are not here. They are trying to clean up the class rolls. VP Stephenson questioned why the ones that are not here have a paid marker.



The only interesting thing is the salary listing that shows the salaries paid to individual during the year. This listing groups the supplemental, summer school and everything else in a total amount. Staff Regent Caudill has the list available if anyone wishes to look at it. Rep. Besant stated the list is also available at the Circulation Desk in Camden Carroll Library.


Credential and Elections Committee – Will be meeting with Thelma Bumgardner, Betty Sue Hurley, Bill Mains, and Linda Kegley immediately after this meeting to work on filling vacancies. Rep. Kegley stated she had talked with Sharon Beller and Sharon was willing to serve on Staff Congress.

Fiscal Affairs Committee - The committee is working on Staff Vacancy Credit and the utilization of that credit and the Exempt and Non-Exempt Salary Comparison. The Committee discussed how to proceed on these issues and also look at the salary policy plan to see how it is being used and if it is being used properly. Will give a report next month.

Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee – What the committee has found on the tuition waivers is that MSU in compliance with state law. To qualify to use the tuition waiver you must be a full-time employee. The only university in Kentucky that has a written retiree tuition waiver policy is the University of Louisville. This tuition waiver is funded by U of L and follows the state regulation that defines the definition of a dependent child and spouse. The retiree’s family members can take classes through the use of the tuition waiver system even after the retiree has died. The committee has been asked about how many hours can be used per semester with the tuition waiver. It is state and University regulation that an employee cannot take more than 6 hours per term. The employee can take three hours and a dependent child or spouse can take three hours but if the employee takes six hours no one else can use the waiver during that term.

Committee Chair Hawkins received a request to look into the 30 day free parking that faculty receives when hired as a new employee and why staff doesn’t receive this benefit. Rep. Green stated that both faculty and staff did receive this and Human Resources should be notified if they were unaware of the policy.

E-mail was sent to the Committee with request to research the possibility of a payroll deduction to have a "Care to Share" fund that would send cards, flowers, etc. to the family and employees who were sick or in the case of death. Rep. B. Sammons stated that that would be a monumental task that would require a full-time employee to administer and that the MSU Foundation sent flowers upon the death of an employee or retiree deeming it unnecessary. Rep. Highley-Stewart felt this would be unrealistic and very expensive. Members of Staff Congress agreed.

Another issue the Committee was asked to look into was consulting days. Since the Committee did not have a meeting on Thursday to review the UAR any reporting on this will come at a future date.

Rep. Butler asked about the use of a tuition waiver for a child if both husband and wife were University employees. Would the child be able to receive 12 hours? Rep. Hinton stated that a child could not receive 12 hours. Linda and Eddie Bowling’s daughter, Jennifer, could not receive 12 hours. The Bowlings were full-time employees of MSU at the time. The University only allows a total of 6 hours per semester per dependant child or spouse.

OLD BUSINESS – No Old Business.

Rep. Barker informed Staff Congress that Mark Barnett, a former employee of MSU, is not expected to live but a few hours. He has been fighting cancer for approximately two years.

NEW BUSINESS - Staff Regent Caudill brought up the topic of life insurance for retirees. This is one of the more important benefit requests. Retirees need to be placed on the University’s group policy. It would change the price of the group plan for everyone but it would be worth it for the retirees. When they leave the University they have the option of buying life insurance without a physical at the going market rate which is extremely high. This is term insurance but you can also buy whole life at a tremendous rate. What the University has now is term insurance only. We need to offer a policy that would go to the age of 65 to 70, fairly low cost life insurance for a certain period of time, with limited dollar coverage. Chair Thacker assigned this to Fiscal Affairs Committee to research cost.

Rep. B. Sammons reported on going to the Performance Evaluation Workshop. Roger Barker and Suzanna Hogge were the presenters. There was a lot of discussion and questions raised that they were going to go back and look at the results and one of the things they would like to see staff that are not in supervisory positions to attend these workshops. They feel the staff is not aware of what their options are during evaluation and this would be a good training opportunity. There will be another workshop in October and November. Rep. Highley-Stewart asked if there was a mechanism for staff to evaluate their supervisor. Staff Regent Caudill stated that seminars and workshops cross Physical Plant’s lunch hours. Committees also schedule meetings during this time. Physical Plant’s people will not give up their lunch hour. Starting times could possibly be at 8 a.m. to correct this problem.

Rep. Besant stated that the evaluation sent out in the spring did not affect his Performance Evaluation in January. When his VP receives this evaluation summary he calls Rep. Besant in and goes over it with him whatever time of the year it is. Rep. B. Sammons requested Staff Congress ask Roger Barker about this. What is the purpose of this evaluation?

Further information put out included the tuition rate set by Board of Regents. There will be a 4% increase. MSU is now setting its own tuition rate.


September 17,1999 Board of Regent Meeting

September 24-25, 1999 Family Weekend

October 4, 1999 Next Staff Congress Meeting

October 12, 1999 Concert Scheduled – Blessed Union of Soul at AAC

October 15, 1999 Dr. Doran Luncheon – Homecoming Weekend

November 20, 1999 Football game at home with Southern Utah

MOTION: Adjournment

Proposed: Rep. Green 

Seconded: VC Stephenson

Called For Vote: Passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:07 p.m.

Minutes by: Lois L. Hawkins, Secretary