Staff Congress
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2 August 1999

Scottie Barker**, Larry Besant**, Thelma Bumgardner, Vincent Butler, Joy Cecil**, Dan Connell**, Richard Green**, Lois L. Hawkins, Stephanie Highley-Stewart, Rosemary Hinton**, Betty Sue Hurley, David Jessie**, Linda Kegley, Velda Mabry, Rhonda Mackin*, Bill Mains**, Zach McClurg, Pam Moore, Carole Morella, Joel Pace, Belva Sammons*, Dallas Sammons, Wilma Stegall**, Larry Stephenson, Patty Eldridge, Todd Thacker, and Madonna Weathers.

*Prior Notification **No Notification

Guests:  Gene Caudill, Staff Regent

                Roger Barker, Director, Office of Human Resources

The meeting was called to order by Chair Thacker at 1:05 p.m. Minutes of the July 6 meeting was reviewed and corrections acknowledged on page 3. Corrected as follows:

Need to look at Exempt salaries in comparison to Non-Exempt salaries. Replace strike out information with the word and.

MOTION:    July 1999 minutes were accepted as amended.

                      Proposed: Rep. Morella Seconded: Rep. Pace

Called For Vote: Passed


Jeff Smedley has resigned from Staff Congress due to a change in job classification. The position is Technical/Paraprofessional in the At-Large Category. It does not have to be filled by Technical/Paraprofessional but it can be, or a Secretarial/Clerical or a Service Maintenance or a Skilled Craft. We have several categories to choose from. The Elections and Credentials Committee has this assignment.

VICE CHAIR'S REPORT - Jeff Smedley=s new category is Professional/Non-Faculty, we can not use him in any other category at this time.





Credential and Elections Committee - Three vacancies need to be looked at. One vacancy is for Skilled Crafts, one for Technical/Paraprofessional, and one for the At-Large position discussed earlier. Any category can be considered for the At-Large positions except Executive/Managerial and Professional/Non-Faculty. Rep. Kegley suggested Sharon Beller to fill a position and also Lana Fraley. Lana Fraley did not qualify.

Fiscal Affairs Committee - No report

 Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee - No Report


A member of the staff has asked Rep. Moore where the topic of the retirees being able to keep their tuition waivers was? Rep. Hawkins stated that the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee is working on this now. As it currently stands, the State provides this benefit not the University. The State will not provide this benefit to persons not employed full time by the University but the University can provide this benefit at its own expense. The Committee is looking into what other Universities in Kentucky are providing their retirees in tuition assistance.

Chair Thacker stated the approximately three years ago this was brought up and the Administration was not willing to look at this issue but we can approach them again on this. Vice Chair Stephenson suggested that the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee work with Sue Luckey, who has been hired to work with retirees. This may be something we could use the retirees group on and meet with them periodically for input. Chair Thacker asked Roger Barker, Director, OHR, if we have any figures on the expenditures of the cost of tuition waivers now. Requested a copy be given to Rep. Hawkins for the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee review.

Chair Thacker also stated that part-time continuing employees could use the tuition waiver. Staff Regent Caudill replied that the part-time continuing employee has a commitment to continue working for MSU thus qualifying for the tuition waiver. The way he read it, it was aimed at the people on early retirement. UAR 326.02 or 376.02 not sure which.

Rep. Dallas Sammons called Cathy Cox about the website and she needs the Staff Congress Constitution and By Laws. Also, any suggestions on what we want to see on the web page please let her know.


Rep. Moore said a staff member had asked her to find out why professional staff does not have a number of consulting days they can use each month and faculty are allowed four days per month for outside consulting. Also curious as to why staff is not given the same perks as faculty. Vice Chair Stephenson said this had been discussed some years ago and had not gone anywhere. Basically because a staff member having a workday as a faculty has more of a random schedule. Although that doesn’t mean it will not come up again if you want to bring it up again. Rep. Moore requests that it is brought up again and VC Stephenson said one of the problems will be defining "Professional Staff@. We have a category Professional/Non-Faculty but would we also go with Executive/Managerial. This is one decision that must be made. The task is assigned to the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee.


Rep. Highley said desk calendars will be out the middle part of August and all meeting dates are on it.


Retreat is next Tuesday, July 10th and Wednesday, July 11th, at the Mountains Art Center in Prestonsburg.

Wednesday the 18th is campus wide Convocation and breakfast at the Library.

Picnic on 20th, Friday evening, at Crosswaithe Plaza, between Ginger and Rader Hall.

Business Days are the 18th, 19th, and 20th. Classes begin the 23rd.

Ice Cream Social on the 22nd in between Combs and Lappin.

Residence Halls open on the 16th. RA staff arrives on the 8th.

Football team will be here on the 11th.

Contractors are still working in Alumni Tower and Cartmell Hall at this time. It may require moving student for the first week or so until dorms are ready.

It looks like there may be a four-year college in Hazard, a joint effort by Hazard Community College, Eastern Kentucky University and MSU.

MOTION: Adjournment.

Proposed: Rep. McClurg

Seconded: Rep. Kegley

Called For Vote: Passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:05 p.m.

Minutes by: Lois L. Hawkins, Secretary