Staff Congress
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March 5, 2001


*Sharon Beller

Larry Besant

Thelma Bumgardner

Vincent Butler

Gene Caudill

Joy Cecil

Lenore Dixon

Patty Eldridge

Lana Fraley

Rosemary Hinton

David Jessie

Linda Kegley

Margaret LaFontaine

Velda Mabry

Rhonda Mackin

Zach McClurg

Pam Moore

Carole Morella

Joel Pace

Darlene Ramey

Belva Sammons

Dallas Sammons

Tim Smith

Stephanie Stewart

*Todd Thacker

Jonell Tobin

Madonna Weathers

Michael Hopper

Kenneth White

*Rick Williams

*Denotes member was absent


Guests:            Dr. Ronald Eaglin, President

                        Roger Barker, Director of Human Resources


Chair Weathers called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m.  A quorum was present.  The February minutes had been e-mailed to members with e-mail access and hard copies distributed to members without e-mail access.  Chair Weather requested that the Congress suspend regular order of business so Dr. Eaglin could address the congress.


MOTION:                       To suspend regular order of business for President Eaglin to address the Staff Congress.


                                    Proposed:  Rep. Moore           Seconded: Rep. Kegley

Called for Vote:           Passed


President Eaglin spoke to the Congress regarding several concerns and issues that had been discussed in previous meetings.  Dr. Eaglin stated that Morehead State University was the 4th largest producer of teachers among Kentucky universities.  MSU leads the state in working with the P-16 councils for a better education system.  We currently are searching for a Dean for the College of Education. The university's movement for advances in the sciences is reflected by the satellite tracking station being received from NASA.  MSU has received a $2 million grant to assist in receiving a satellite tracking station and needs another $2 million for the project.  The President feels the money will be obtained.  This will give MSU a world class research instrument that will strengthen educational programs, motivate research to bring higher paying jobs to the area, and will be a mission base program for NASA.  Dr. Eaglin indicated there are currently over 50 faculty vacancies.  We have to entice and keep both our faculty and staff.  We have to take a look at beginning salaries.  A non-exempt 7 classification category has been created as an effort to entice and keep staff.  A new position, Vice President for Development has been created.  This is a long-term critical position designed to draw funds from the private sector.  Retention rates and other criteria tied to goals will effect the amount of funding the university will receive from the state.  Dr. Eaglin would like to see a pool of at least 5% for staff salaries.  He is open to the Vice-Presidents trying to identify additional funds to increase that amount.  Dr. Eaglin referred specific questions about the evaluation process and directives to supervisors to lower scores to Roger Barker.  In response to the question “How can staff help retention?”  Dr. Eaglin replied that we should not use students to advance our personal agendas, be positive about MSU, be friendly and take time to for students.  We were encouraged to do something about situation that we observe that hurt students.  Bring these issues forward for a systematic look at the problem.


MOTION:                       To approve the February meeting minutes with the following corrections:

                                    Page 1, change Daily to Dailey in the Chair's report, change meet to met.

Page 2, change meet to met; change RE-EMPOLYING to RE-EMPLOYING, change Personel to Personnel, change EMPLYOEES' to EMPLOYEE'S, change RETIREEES to RETIREES, change PERFOMRANCE to PERFORMANCE.


                                    Proposed:  Rep. Moore           Seconded: Rep. Kegley

Called for vote:           Passed


CHAIR'S REPORT –  Chair Weathers had received a letter of resignation from Rep. Pace, effective at the end of his term.  Chair Weathers announced that Rep. Connell was being replaced due to accumulated absences.  It should be noted that Dr. Connell’s absences were due to job responsibilities.  Chair Weathers reported that an offer had been made to a candidate for the Assistant Vice-President for Planning and Budgets position.  The candidate turned down the position and the search has been suspended.  The university is looking at some other options at this time. Chair Weathers had asked Rep. White to replace Rep. Connell on the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee.





Committee Reports


Credentials and Elections Committee – Chair Hopper had consulted Rep. Hinton regarding staff members that have expressed and interest in Staff Congress.  As a result, Jonell Tobin is being recommended to replace Rep. Connell in the Executive/Managerial category on the congress.  Chair Hopper announced that nomination packets had been mailed out to all university staff members.  He had only received two nominations.  Rep. Caudill stated that some employees thought that the names attached to the vacant positions indicated that those people were running for the positions.  He suggested that another mailing be sent out after Spring Break clarifying the vacant positions.  The idea of placing two voting machines on campus for Staff Congress elections would require a precinct type system and the committee decided to wait until next year to pursue this option.  The option of voting on-line will not be available until next year.


Standing Appointments Sub-Committee –  No Report


Fiscal Affairs Committee –  Chair B. Sammons said the committee had not meet due to the vacancy of the Assistant Vice-President for Budgets and Planning position.


Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee –  Chair Pace presented the committee’s recommendation regarding a Tuition Waiver for dependents of retirees benefits.  The committee feels this would provide an additional benefit for MSU employees and would aid in reaching enrollment goals for the university.  This type of benefit is currently in place at several benchmark institutions. (SUNY Plattsburg, Southeast Missouri State).  New employees being hired at entry-level salaries would offset the cost associated with this benefit.  Currently there are only 10 employees with 27 plus years of service to MSU that have dependents that would qualify for the benefit.  This proposal is being recommended to the University Benefits Committee and Faculty Senate for further research and input.


Ad-Hoc Staff Regents Election Committee - Chair Moore will be sending e-mail to committee members to set a meeting date.


Regent’s Report –  Staff Regent Gene Caudill reported on the Board of Regents Meeting.  The Board of Regents approved all of the PAc's that were presented.  Nothing was mentioned regarding the budget in the Board meeting.  The new board chairman is Mr. Hinkle and the Vice-Chair is Ms. Mills.  The Board is not concerned with the concept of "Horizontal Leadership" and considers it to be President Eaglin's management style.


OLD BUSINESS –  HR Director Roger Barker reported that the hepatitis B vaccine is not covered by CHA insurance.  It is covered through the Risk Management Office for employees that need the vaccine.



Motion:                        To approve the recommendation from the Credentials and Elections Committee for Jonell Tobin to replace Rep. Connell.

                                    Proposed:        Credentials and Elections Committee Seconded:  Rep. Stewart

Called for Vote:           Passed


Motion:                        To approve the Tuition Waiver for dependents as presented by the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee Chair Pace to the Staff Congress.

                        Proposed:        PP & B Committee                   Seconded:  Rep. B.Sammons

Rep. Besant called for questions regarding the motion.  After discussion, Rep. Caudill recommended that retired employees have at least 20 years of service at MSU to be eligible for the tuition waiver benefit and that dependents be defined the same as in the current tuition waiver benefit policy for full-time employees.

Called for Vote:           Passed with added amendment




Chair Weathers shared a memo regarding the university's first "Earth Day Challenge" sponsored by the university Civility Committee and the Office of Physical Plant on Saturday, April 21, 2001.  Memorial trees ($200) and plaques ($150) may be purchased to honor members of the campus community.  Rep. Caudill shared the students in Wilson and Regents Halls will participate in landscaping activities around their respective buildings.  The Vice-Presidents will serve food and a picnic will be held beginning at 12 noon on the Laughlin Lawn.


MOTION:                       Adjournment

                                    Proposed:  Rep. Moore                       Seconded: Rep. Pace

Called For Vote:           Passed.  Meeting adjourned at 3:03 p.m.

Minutes by:                    Dallas F. Sammons, Secretary