Staff Congress
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January 8, 2001


Sharon Beller

Larry Besant

Thelma Bumgardner

Vincent Butler

*Gene Caudill

Joy Cecil

*Dan Connell

Lenore Dixon

Patty Eldridge

Lana Fraley

Rosemary Hinton

Michael Hopper

David Jessie

Linda Kegley

Margaret LaFontaine

Velda Mabry

Rhonda Mackin

Zach McClurg

Pam Moore

Carole Morella

Joel Pace

Darlene Ramey

*Belva Sammons

Dallas Sammons

Tim Smith

Stephanie Stewart

Todd Thacker

Madonna Weathers

Kenneth White

Rick Williams

*Denotes member was absent

Guests: No guests

Chair Weathers called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. A quorum was present. The December minutes had been e-mailed to members with e-mail access and hard copies distributed to members without e-mail access.

MOTION: Approve the minutes of the December 4, 2000 meeting.

Proposed: Rep. Stewart Seconded: Rep. Besant

Called for Vote: Passed

CHAIR'S REPORT – Chair Weathers sent email to President Eaglin and Board of Regents member's supporting Staff Regent Caudill’s email regarding salary increases for faculty and staff for the upcoming year. Both emails were requesting that staff be treated equally to faculty in finding funds to support an equal percentage of salary increase for next year.

Chair Weathers had talked with Roger Barker concerning the closing of the university for inclement weather. The issue had not been resolved and the problem needs to be worked out among supervisors. After a discussion of this problem Chair Weathers asked that the Congress formulate a response to send to Roger Barker in old business.


SECRETARY'S REPORT – Sec. Sammons asked if anyone had problems receiving the December minutes via email. Minutes will now be sent by email to those staff members with access and made available in printed format to those who do not have access.

Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections Committee – The committee met on December 18, 2000. Co-Chair Hopper informed the congress that Sharon Beller had been the Chair of the committee after the resignation of Michael Wetherholt. Sharon deferred the Chair position to Mike Hopper and he had officially been selected as Chair of the Credentials and Elections Committee. The C & E Committee is recommending Lana Fraley to replace Jeff Barker in the Professional/Non-Faculty Category for the remainder of the year.

Standing Appointments Sub-Committee – Chair Hinton presented the following persons to serve on the Job.-Reclassification Review Committee:

Francene Botts-Butler

Darlene Allen

Kemberly Tackett

Debra Cline

Donald Stamper

Exec/Mngr. Category


 Sec./Clerical Category


 Skilled Crafts Category

Dorothy J. Ramey

Douglas Brown

Douglas Snedgar

Gene Caudill

Rhonda Mackin

Serv./Main. Category

At-Large Exempt

 At-Large Non-Exempt

 Alternate Exempt

 Alternate Non-Exempt

  Fiscal Affairs Committee - No report

Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee – In the absence of Chair Pace, Co-Chair Besant reported the committee had meet and set an agenda for the rest of the semester. Items on the agenda were employee recognition program, consulting days for staff, and looking at other state institutions and bench mark universities policies allowing retired staff to participated in the tuition remission programs.

Ad-Hoc Staff Regents Election Committee - No Report.

Regent’s Report – No Report.


MOTION: Credentials and Elections Committee recommendation of Lana Fraley to replace Rep. Jeff Barker in the Professional/Non-Faculty Category for the remainder of the year.

Proposed: C & E Committee Seconded: Rep. Stewart

Called for Vote: Passed

MOTION: To approve the Standing Appointments Sub-Committee recommendations of staff to serve on the Job Re-Classification Review Committee.

Proposed: Standing Appointments Sub-Committee Seconded: Rep. Stewart

Called for Vote: Defeated

Several questions were brought to the floor regarding the recommendations of the committee. Rep. White asked if employees on probation could serve on committees? One of the recommended staff persons is currently on probation as new employee. Nothing could be found in the by-laws regarding probation. Rep. Thacker expressed concern as to why no one previously serving on the committee was re-appointed to the committee. Rep. Morella indicated that a limited number of staff persons requested to serve on the Job Re-classification Review Committee. Rep. Thacker had expressed interest in serving on this committee on his survey. The Job Re-classification Review Committee came about as a result of the revision of PG-44. Chair Hinton indicated she would be willing to take the recommendations back to her committee for re-evaluation. Rep Besant offered a friendly amendment to the motion to replace Doug Brown with Dr. Mike Hopper. Sub-Committee Chair Hinton declined the amendment. A vote was taken on the appointments, which was defeated and sent back to the Standing Appointments Committee

Chair Weathers asked Reps. Jessie and Fraley to meet with her regarding the university weather policy. They will present a recommendation to Dr. Moore with a copy going to Human Resources. The closing of the university for inclement weather affects a significant number of employees in Physical Plant, the Library and other offices.

Rep. Moore requested additional information regarding how the "horizontal leadership" program was going to work due to the fact several employees had asked questions of her regarding the program.


Rep. Stewart wanted to know why Spring convocation was held in Duncan Recital Hall of Baird Music Building? This times she has attended convocation, the room has been so crowded people were sitting in the floor. Chair Weathers recalled convocation being moved to Baird because of the renovation of Button. Chair Weathers will inquire about the change.

Several Staff Congress members expressed a concern for staff members Steve and Rhonda Swim. Their daughter Lauren, was involved in a fatal car accident during the Christmas break.


Chair Weathers remind the congress that elections would be held May 16, 2001.

Rep. Hopper announced the following representatives' terms would expire on June 30, 2001:

Dallas Sammons - Professional Non-Faculty

Todd Thacker - Professional Non-Faculty

Rosemary Hinton - Secretarial/Clerical

Darlene Ramey - Service/Maintenance

Thelma Bumgardner - Service/Maintenance

Velda Mabry - Technical/Paraprofessional

Margaret LaFontaine - At Large

Belva Sammons - At Large

Kenneth White - At Large

Mike Hopper - At Large

Lana Fraley - Professional Non-Faculty

Rep. Jessie informed the congress that the hepatitis vaccines were covered by the health insurance for employees.

Chair Weathers announced that the university had a very successful flu vaccination campaign and the health clinic will have a place available for vaccinations at convocation.

MOTION: Adjournment

Proposed: Rep. Pace Seconded: Rep. Butler

Called For Vote: Passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:43 p.m.

Minutes by: Dallas F. Sammons, Secretary