Staff Congress
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December 4, 2000


*Jeff Barker

Sharon Beller

Larry Besant

Thelma Bumgardner

*Vincent Butler

Gene Caudill

Joy Cecil

*Dan Connell

*Lenore Dixon

*Patty Eldridge

Rosemary Hinton

David Jessie

*Linda Kegley

Margaret LaFontaine

Velda Mabry

Rhonda Mackin

*Zach McClurg

*Pam Moore

*Carole Morella

Joel Pace

Darlene Ramey

Belva Sammons

Dallas Sammons

Tim Smith

Stephanie Stewart

Todd Thacker

Madonna Weathers

Michael Hopper

Kenneth White

*Rick Williams

*Denotes member was absent

Guests: Roger Barker

Chair Weathers called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. A quorum was present. The November minutes had been distributed.

MOTION: To approve the minutes of the November 6,2000 meeting.

Proposed: Rep. Stewart Seconded: Rep. LaFontaine

Called for Vote: Passed

CHAIR'S REPORT – Chair Weathers had met with Roger Barker regarding some of the questions congress members had presented at the November meeting regarding the conversion of vacation days to sick days. Because of Mr. Barker’s commitment to another meeting, Chair Weathers had him report to the congress first.

Roger Barker’s Report – There had been some rumors regarding sabbaticals for faculty. KTRS has determined that the time a faculty person spends on a sabbatical leave is not covered time under KTRS. The university cannot contribute to the employee’s retirement during this time. The MSU policy states that the time is covered. Dr. Eaglin will submit a memo to the cabinet members to change this policy to be in compliance with KTRS policy. Faculty members will be allowed to purchase this time after returning from their sabbatical. The same will be true for PAC-28. Mr. Barker will email the revised PAC’s to Rep. Pace, who is Chair of the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee.

Regarding the State of Kentucky allowing employees to convert vacation days to sick days in order not lose the time, Mr. Barker needed more information. Rep. Stewart had left the information she had in her office. This information will be distributed with the next minutes. Mr. Barker stated that currently MSU employees on the KERS retirement plan may convert unlimited number of sick days to count toward the 27 years needed for retirement time. MSU employees on the KTRS retirement plan can only attribute 6 months of accrued sick days to retirement. Rep. Caudill reminded the congress that the 6 months of time can only be applied after the 27 years have been reached. Any requested changes will have to be approved thru the appropriate channels.

Regarding the issue of degrees being required for exempt physical plant employees in a trade, they will be handled on a case-by-case basis. There is no federal requirement for the positions.


SECRETARY'S REPORT – Secretary Sammons asked representatives if they would be interested in receiving the monthly Staff Congress Minuets via an e-mail attachment. Those congress members wanting to receive minutes in this manner are to send e-mail to Sec. Sammons.

Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections Committee – Co-Chair Hopper informed the congress there was a vacancy in the Professional/Non-faculty category. Jeff Barker is being replaced due to having missed three consecutive meetings. If anyone knew of someone in the PNF category interested in serving on the congress, please let Co-Chair Hopper know. Those persons in the PFN category who had run for SC but had not been elected to the congress have now all been appointed to SC to fill vacancies. Human Resources is sending Co-Chair Hopper a list of all employees and their classification. Co-Chair Hopper requested an updated list of committee membership. Sec. Sammons stated that the updated list if available on the Staff Congress web site.

Standing Appointments Sub-Committee – Chair Hinton reported that quite a few appointment surveys had been returned. However, only one survey had been received from the Skilled Crafts and Service Maintenance category. Chair Hinton indicated the appointments to the Job Classifications and Appeals Committee need to made as soon as possible.

Fiscal Affairs Committee - No report

Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee – No report.

Ad-Hoc By-laws Committee Report - Chair B. Sammons distributed copies of the recommended changes to the Staff Congress by-laws regarding how issues are presented to the congress for review. (see attachment 1) The changes were unanimously approved by the congress with the following changes:

  1. Article IV, section 1 - change the word "official" to "officially".
  2. Article IV, section 4, letter B - capitalize the words committee and congress.
  3. Article V, section 4 - realign and change 1, 2, & 3, to A, B, & C.
  4. Article V, section 5 – change "date" to "place" in second sentence. Add: "When the university is officially closed on this date, the meeting will be rescheduled at the recommendation of the committee chair."

Ad-Hoc Staff Regents Election Committee- Chair P. Moore has received information from the Student Government Association and the committee will be meeting next week.

Regent’s Report – Staff Congress Regent Gene Caudill reported from the Board of Regents workshop that President Eaglin was asking the Budget Office to find a 5% pay raise for every employee on campus. President Eaglin also asked Vice-President Michael Moore, to find an additional 5% in Academic Affairs for the faculty. This would amount to a 10% raise for faculty and only a 5% raise for staff. Rep. Caudill has sent email to President Eaglin with copies to Board of Regents members, and Staff Congress Chair Weathers supporting Dr. Eaglin’s stance of looking for additional money to enhance salaries and has asked that staff be given the same opportunity and that each staff department be allowed to look at their budgets to come up with additional funding for salary enhancement. It is being recommended that tuition and fees are increased 8½ % to increases revenues. Residence hall fees will also increase. The university is under guidelines from the Council on Higher Education to increase enrollment. The Board of Regents will meet on Saturday, December 9, at 9 am. Chair Weathers will support Rep. Caudill’s recommendation with follow-up email to the appropriate persons. Rep. B. Sammons asked if the money would be pool dollars. Rep. Caudill said, "Yes". Rep. White asked Rep. Caudill if there was any mention of reorganization and would it affect the budget. Rep. Caudill said he had heard informally that "the rumors of reorganization were dead at this time". We do have a new style of management. It is called "horizontal leadership". When the President appoints a VP to chair a committee, the VP will have full authority to make decisions across different offices. Major issues will be assigned to a task force with one of the VP's having total control in all areas. This will increase communications across campus.

Motion: Chair Weathers will follow up Rep. Caudill’s email with a letter of support.

Proposed: Rep. Stewart Seconded: B. Sammons

Called for Vote: Passed


NEW BUSINESS - Rep. Jessie expressed concern about the official university closing policy. The 6 am notification time is late to notify employees that have to report for work at 6 am or 7 am. Most Physical Plant employees will already be on their way to work by the time official notification is released. Consideration needs to be given to employees reporting at 6 am or 7 am. Chair Weathers will ask HR for clarification.


Chair Weathers reported that flu vaccines are going well. Clinics are being scheduled before the end of the semester. Faculty, staff, and students may also receive the vaccination at the Caudill Health Clinic.

Board of Regents Meeting – Saturday, December 9, 2000

President's Christmas Dinner - Friday, December 8, 2000

MOTION: Adjournment

Proposed: Rep. Jessie Seconded: Rep. Kegley

Called For Vote: Passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.

Minutes by: Dallas F. Sammons, Secretary