Staff Congress
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October 2, 2000


*Jeff Barker

Sharon Beller

*Larry Besant

Thelma Bumgardner

Vincent Butler

Gene Caudill

Joy Cecil

Dan Connell

Lenore Dixon

Patty Eldridge

Rosemary Hinton

David Jessie

Linda Kegley

Margaret LaFontaine

Velda Mabry

Rhonda Mackin

Zach McClurg

Pam Moore

Carole Morella

Joel Pace

*Darlene Ramey

Belva Sammons

Dallas Sammons

Tim Smith

*Stephanie Stewart

Todd Thacker

Madonna Weathers

Michael Wetherholt

Kenneth White

Rick Williams

*Denotes member was absent

Guests: None

Chair Weathers called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. A quorum was present. Chair Weathers had been informed by the Office of Human Resources that no representative would be attending the Staff Congress meeting. The September minutes were distributed before the meeting and reviewed. Corrections were made as follows:

Representative Williams prefers to be listed as Rick rather than Ricky.

MOTION: September regular scheduled meeting minutes were approved as amended.

Proposed: Rep. Seconded: Rep. Caudill

Called for Vote: Passed

CHAIR'S REPORT - Chair Weathers reported on the calendar committee meeting. Classes for the Fall 2001 semester will begin on August 22. The report recommends a fall break for students and faculty. The completed final report can be viewed on Tom Crehan’s (Committee Chair) web page. The report has gone to Dr. Moore. In election years, the Fall Break will be in November and will be 2 days in length. In other years the Fall Break will occur in October. Vice-chair Moore expressed concern that staff do not receive a fall break. This issue will be addressed in new business. (Point of information: review of the draft calendar committee report indicates that the proposal for fall break is that a two day break occur on the Monday and Tuesday of the eighth or ninth week of the semester to fall in the week of Rowan County school’s’ fall break if possible, and should be scheduled to avoid MSU home football games. In presidential election years, the election day (Tuesday) only would be a holiday in addition to the fall break.)

Chair Weathers asked if anyone had questions or concerns regarding the on-campus visit of the Office of Civil Rights and the Council on Post Secondary Education Committee on Equal Opportunity please let her know before the meeting on Oct. 10. Due to the delay in receiving flu vaccine, the university health clinic will not begin administering the flu shots until November 15. A schedule will be available at the University Well Fest.



Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections Committee – No report.

Standing Appointments Sub-Committee – No report. SC Chair Weathers reported that Darlene Ramey had accepted her appointment to Staff Congress but could not attend today’s meeting due to prior commitments.

Fiscal Affairs Committee - No Report

Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee – No report. PPB Chair Pace did share information from the University Employees Benefits Committee the new CA/CHA health insurance plans. There will be a prescription card for those employees participating in the base plan and the PPO plan as a $50 deductible. After the deductible is meet, the employee will pay 20% on the base plan or 10% on the PPO plan. There will be a three-tired drug plan for those employees on the HMO plan. Generic drug prescriptions will be $5 per prescription, preferred brands $15, and non-preferred brands will be $21, Open enrollment for health insurance will begin Oct. 23. Employees should receive information regarding health insurance Oct. 13. CA will be on campus to assist with open enrollment, which is scheduled to being Oct. 23. HR will be in the different buildings to talk with employees regarding the new insurance. Rep. Caudill inquired about rates for the coming year. PPB Chair Pace said the HR would be asking the university to increase the university’s contribution to the health plan.

Rep. Morella wanted to know why the committee had chosen a single drug such as birth-control pills to be added to the list of drugs that would be covered by the drug plan. The following items were added to the policy: coverage for hospice, air ambulance, birth control pills, routine hearing exams, 24-hour Call-a-Nurse program, and medical education.

Chair Pace shared the anticipated rates with the congress. Rep. Morella shared with the congress that the number one drugs used by MSU employees were anti-depressants. Chair Pace felt the university would cover the base plan for each employee. OHR Director Roger Barker had told Chair Weathers that OHR would receive insurance information on the 14th of October and would reproduce it to have in the hands of the employees prior to October 23rd.

Ad-Hoc By-laws Committee Report - The purpose of this committee was to establish guidelines for receiving information in a timely manner from OHR and other offices that requires a response from the Staff Congress. The committee reviewed the procedures used by the Faculty Senate as a guideline in establishing the following recommended procedures. The committee recommends that any PAC'c PG's, etc. be given to the SC Chair who will send the information to the chair of the appropriate committee for review. The committee will then present the information and the committee's recommendation to the congress for a 1st reading. If the congress accepts the committee's recommendation and no further action is required, the congress will then vote on the recommendation. If further action is required, the information will go back to the committee for additional review to be presented to the congress for a second reading. Upon the 2nd reading, action will be taken by the congress. In addition, the Ad-Hock bylaws committee recommends that SC will meet on the first Monday of each month and committees will meet on the 3rd Monday of each month. Committees will not meet if there is no agenda. Rep. B. Sammons suggested that information, when appropriate, be presented in legislative format to the congress. Chair Weathers suggested that the committee present the information to the congress in a written format. It is felt the Staff Congress can accomplish more and save time if this procedure is followed.

Ad-Hoc Staff Regents Election Committee- No report

OLD BUSINESS - The Ad Hoc By-laws Committee will present the second reading of the proposed by-law changes to the congress at the November 6th meeting in written format as suggested by Chair Weathers.

Chair Weathers asked Standing Appointments Sub-Committee Chair Hinton to make appointments to the Job Reclassification Review Committee as required by the approval of PG-44 by the Board of Regents. The congress has not been asked to supply a list name for the committee, but Chair Weathers felt congress needed to be pro-active and proceed with making appointments. Appointments to made are as follows:

1 person from each of the EEOC categories

1 person at-large from the Non-exempt category

1 person at-large from the Exempt category

1 person at-large from the Non-exempt category to serve as an alternate

1 person at-large from the Exempt category to serve as an alternate

NEW BUSINESS - Rep. Connell shared with the congress activities of the university ad-hoc Civility committee. The committee will be conducting a campaign dealing with honesty, etc. at homecoming using the theme of "How Do I Measure Up". More information will follow in the spring semester near convocation.

Rep. Morella had received requests from constituents regarding the following issues.

  1. Probation period reduced for new employees to 3 months in order for new employees to observe vacation days and or alternate way for employees to accumulate vacation/sick days while on probation.
  2. That the Staff Congress would recommend some staff positions to be eligible for "consultant days" like the faculty. The Faculty has 4 consultant days per month.
  3. That annual evaluations for good, solid employees (have been employed for five to ten years) be an every other year activity. Supervisors will continue to work on development plans of what they want an employee to achieve.

SC Chair Weathers expressed concern regarding the evaluations due to the fact the merit pay is tied to evaluations. Items 1 and 3 were referred to the Fiscal Affairs Committee. Item #2 was referred to the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee.

The issue of Fall Break for staff was discussed. Chair Weathers asked for support in presenting this request to Dr. Moore. It was the consensus of the congress that if it is beneficial for faculty and students to have a fall break it should be the same for staff. It was a realistic expectation that essential staffing occur as it does during spring break and Christmas break.

MOTION: Chair Weathers will talk with the appropriate administrative offices to ask that staff are given the same consideration and time off for fall break as faculty. The understanding will be that essential staffing, as during spring break, would occur as appropriate to individual office/unit situations.

Proposed: Rep. Moore Seconded: Rep. Jessie

Call for Vote: Passed

MOTION: The Staff Congress supports the Office of Human Resources request to administration to increase the university's contributions to the insurance plans.

Proposed: Rep. Connell Seconded: Rep. B. Sammons

Call for Vote: Passed

REGENT'S REPORT – Board approved all polices presented at the meeting. MSU joined the Pioneer Football League. This will decrease travel cost for the football team. The president's contract was extended for one year. Enrollment is officially down from last year. Last year enrollment was 8070. This year’s enrollment is 7998. Regent Caudill complimented the Admissions office for attracting first time freshmen. Retention is a problem. All university personnel should try to help retain students.


Bowling club dinner on 10/3 from 4pm-7pm.

October is Mental Health & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Heart Walk -10/6

Preview Day - 10/6

Concert - 10/12

Homecoming Parade - 10/19

Homecoming - 10/21

The Annual Giving Campaign has started.

Meet Morehead State Nights for October are:

10th - Pikeville

12th - Prestonsburg

16th - N. Ky

24th - Hazard

26th - Paintsville

Spouse Abuse stand in on 10/4

MOTION: Adjournment

Proposed: Rep. Pace Seconded: Rep. Wetherholt

Called For Vote: Passed. Meeting adjourned at 2:31 p.m.

Minutes by: Dallas F. Sammons, Secretary