Staff Congress
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June 3, 2002


Sharon Beller

Larry Besant

T. Bumgardner

*Vincent Butler

Gene Caudill

Joy Cecil

Rhonda Crisp

Lana Fraley

*Patty Eldridge 

Michael Hopper

David Jessie

*Linda Kegley

Rhonda Mackin

Jackie McCleese

Zach McClurg

Pam Moore

Carole Morella

Lora Pace

Darlene Ramey

Belva Sammons

Dallas Sammons

Tim Smith

*Jeannine Stevens

Stephanie Stewart

*Willis Taylor

*Todd Thacker

Jonell Tobin

Madonna Weathers

*Rick Williams

*Denotes member was absent



Roger Barker, Human Resources Director

New Members:

Darlene Allen

Gaylena Cline

Tina McWain


Brad Bennington

Margaret LaFontaine

Rhonda Sloan


Chair Weathers called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm in the Riggle Room of ADUC.  A quorum was present.



To approve the May 6, 2002 minutes with the following corrections:  Rep. Bumgardner should be marked as being present.


Proposed: Rep. Hopper

Seconded:  Rep. Jessie

Called for vote:



Chair report:







Chair Weathers welcomed the newly elected Staff Congress members to the meeting.   Chair Weathers expressed her appreciation to the congress members for their conscientious work.  Chair Weather has resigned from the congress due to her appointment as Vice-President for Student Life.  She will remain an advocate for Staff Congress on the President's Cabinet.  Chair Weathers and the executive members of the Congress will be working on meeting places for next years Congress since ADUC will be closing and not available for meetings.


Vice Chair report:

No Report

Secretary report:

No Report


Committee Reports


Credentials and Elections:










Committee Chair Rep. Hopper reported that Rep. Thacker had resigned from the Congress effective 5/3/02.  Due to Rep. Thacker's resignation, the Credentials and Elections Committee recommends that Rep. Snedegar be moved to a 2 year term and Barbara Ward who received the next highest number of votes in the May election be appointed to a one year term.  Chair Hopper distributed a Staff Congress Voting Pattern chart to congress members.  The chart reflected a 48.83% increase in the number of votes cast in the 2001 election.  Because of an increase from 661 eligible voters in 2001 to 719 eligible voters in 2002, there was only a 10% increase in voting for the May election.  Chair Hopper felt the increase in voter participation was due to the new online election process that was in place for the May election.

Standing Appointments Sub-Committee:

No report.  Committee Chair Rep. Stewart expressed her appreciation to Congress Chair Weathers for her assistance in keeping congress committee appointments current and accurate.

Fiscal Affairs:

Committee Chair B. Sammons reported that the Fiscal Affairs Committee had  met with Roger Barker on May 7th to begin working on the survey for upper level administrators.  The committee will meet again soon.

Personnel Policies and Benefits:

Due to the resignation of Rep. Thacker, Committee Vice-Chair Besant reported the committee had not met.

University Employees Benefits:

No report.  The committee still has not met.









Rep. Doug Snedegar be moved to the two year term vacancy created by the resignation of  Rep. Thacker, and Barbara Ward, the next highest vote getter in the May Staff Congress election be appointed to fill the vacancy created by the moving of  Rep. Snedegar to a two year term on the congress.


Proposed: Credentials and Elections Committee

Seconded:  Rep. Pace

Called for vote:









The Staff Congress make a maximum $500 contribution to the Bill Soslowitz scholarship fund in honor of his service to the university staff if able to do so with congress monies.


Proposed: Rep. Caudill

Seconded:  Rep. B. Sammons

Called for vote:



Regent report:







Staff Congress Regent Gene Caudill reported the next meeting of the Board of Regents will be held on Saturday May 31, 2002.  In the previous BOR meeting, the board approved the 2002-2003 University budget and Personnel Roster.  Pay raises for 2002-2003 were approved.  President Eaglin warned another budget cut could be possible contingent upon the state legislature's actions of the state's budget.  MSU has a budget and employees will receive pay checks in July even though the state legislature has not approved a budget for the 2002-2003 term.



Rep. Pace thanked Staff Congress Chair Weathers for her service to the Congress for the past two years.


Rep. B. Sammons expressed appreciation to Rep. Jessie for serving as Vice-Chair of the congress this past year and to Rep. D. Sammons for having served as secretary to the congress and maintaining the Staff Congress web site for the past two years.


Election of new officers will be held at the July meeting.  Rep. D. Sammons announced that she is not eligible to run for the secretary position again due to the two consecutive term limitation as stated in the congress By-Laws.


Chair Weathers will bring an opening of school schedule to the next staff congress meeting.


The first SOAR of this year is scheduled for June 7 & 8.


The two roads between Breckinridge Hall and Baird Music Building are being combined into one road.


The boulevard project will start in September and the current road will loop at the ATM machine building.


Vice-President Dailey will be invited to the Staff Congress to share the Campus Master Plan. 



To adjourn


Proposed: Jessie

Seconded:  Hopper

Called for vote:


Minutes submitted by:  Dallas F. Sammons, Secretary