Staff Congress
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January 7, 2002


*Sharon Beller

Larry Besant

*T. Bumgardner

Vincent Butler

Gene Caudill

Joy Cecil

*Rhonda Crisp

Lana Fraley

*Patty Eldridge 

*Michael Hopper

*David Jessie

Linda Kegley

Rhonda Mackin

*Jackie McCleese

Zach McClurg

Pam Moore

Carole Morella

*Lonnie Morris

Lora Pace

Darlene Ramey

*Belva Sammons

Dallas Sammons

Tim Smith

*Jeannine Stevens

*Stephanie Stewart

Willis Taylor

Todd Thacker

Jonell Tobin

Madonna Weathers

Rick Williams

*Denotes member was absent



Guests:  Porter Dailey, Administrative & Physical Services

              Roger Barker, Human Resources Director

Satellite:  Rep. Tobin joined the meeting via the distance learning connection from the West Liberty Campus.


Chair Weathers called the meeting to order at 1:06 p.m.  A quorum was present.


Vice-Chair Weathers suspended the regular order of business to allow Vice President Dailey to discuss legislation on the agenda in the Kentucky General Assembly effecting health insurance coverage of university employees.  VP Dailey indicated there was rumor in Frankfort that the Kentucky legislature may try to make state universities join the state health insurance care pool for health insurance coverage.  Universities, cities, and counties would either have to bring active employees into the state pool or provide health insurance coverage for their retirees.  VP Dailey assured the congress that MSU would oppose this legislation.  Opposition to this legislation may cost MSU and their employees more in premiums, but we (the university) would have more control of our coverage plans.  If this legislation is passed MSU will request monies earmarked for health benefits that are paid to the state be returned to MSU for use in health care plans. MSU currently has 102 retirees that are not covered by Medicare/Medicaid.



MOTION:          To approve the December meeting minutes with the following correction: add the word 'report' in the first motion of the report.

                                    Proposed:  Rep. Besant        Seconded:    Kegley

Called for vote:           Passed



CHAIR'S REPORT – Chair Weather's read a letter from Board of Regents Chair Hinkle thanking the Staff Congress for their letter of a appreciation and support.  Chair Weather's also shared a letter to the administration regarding the Staff Congress recommendation of the distribution of salary increases for the 2002-2003 fiscal year.  The congress recommends any salary increase package of up to 3% be applied across the board to all employees and any funds above the 3% be equally distributed between faculty and staff pools and applied through existing merit systems or across the board.  



VICE-CHAIR'S REPORT - No report.  Vice-Chair Jessie was absent due to the birth of twin sons, David and Hunter Jessie.






Committee Reports



Credentials and Elections Committee – No report. 



Standing Appointments Sub-Committee – 



Fiscal Affairs Committee No Report.



Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee – Committee Chair Thacker reported that the tuition waiver benefit for retirees is still in the University Benefits Committee.  The PPB Committee will be meeting on the life insurance policy in the near future.  








Rep. P. Moore brought up the issue of the typing test that is administered for clerical pool applicants.  Some clerical staff feel that basic computer skills may be more beneficial than the ability to type 50 words per minute.  Human Resources Director, Roger Barker informed the congress that HR is looking at a new skills software program to address some of these issues.  Some members of the congress felt that typing speed was important and should be retained as a requirement.  The PPB committee will review the typing test requirements and report back to the congress.



MOTION:         Chair Weathers is to draft a letter to President Eaglin from the Staff Congress supporting the administration's position of the university remaining self insured in the the health insurance field.


                        Proposed:    Rep. B. Caudill        Seconded: Rep. Thacker


Regents Report  - No report




    The next meeting will be 02/0/02.


MOTION:                     Adjournment

                                   Proposed:  Rep. Thacker                        Seconded: Rep. B. Sammons

Called For Vote:             Passed.  Meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.


Minutes by:                     Dallas F. Sammons, Secretary