Staff Congress
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JANUARY 6, 2003


Darlene Allen Lisa Caskey David Jessie Pam Moore Dallas Sammons Willis Taylor
Sharon Beller Joy Cecil Linda Kegley Carole Morella Rhonda Sloan *Jonell Tobin
Brad Bennington Gaylena Cline M. LaFontaine Lora Pace Tim Smith Barbara Ward
Larry Besant Rhonda Crisp Rhonda Mackin Darlene Ramey *Doug Snedegar Maurice White
T. Bumgardner Mike Hopper Tina McWain *Belva Sammons *Stephanie Stewart Rick Williams

*Denotes member was absent

Guests: None

Chair Pace called the meeting to order at 1:08 p.m.  A quorum was present. 

Motion: To approve the December 2, 2002 minutes as submitted
  Proposed:  Rep. Moore Seconded:  Rep. Kegley
Called for Vote: Passed


Chair's Report Roger Barker is sick today and could not attend the meeting, but he gave the following information to Chair Pace by phone:  (1)  Human Resources is going with our recommendations concerning the typing test.  They think they have found a new software that will allow corrections.  Hiring supervisors can ask for further testing if needed.  Human Resources will give instructions to Search Committee Chairs that what they do for one applicant, they must do for all; everything must be consistent.  Job Descriptions will need to be changed by Human Resources to reflect these changes.  Roger will give an update to Staff Congress at a later date.  (2)  Chair Pace asked Roger what policies reviewed by Staff Congress this past semester are now in effect.  They are as follows:  PG 9-Leave of Absence, PG 10-Military Leave, PG 48-Vacation Leave, PG 49-Sick Leave, PG 52-FMLA.  He thinks they have been updated on the Web.  (3)  PG 1 and 3 might be combined.  The Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee will be asked to review this.

Email was sent to Gene Caudill in reference to staff riding the bus from the 'E' Lot.  He said bus drivers have been instructed to give priority to students, but others can ride if there are available spaces.  Chair Pace will be meeting with Gene tomorrow.  Hopefully he will say that anyone waiting at the bus stop can ride.

Faculty Senate will be having a meeting to discuss parking issues on campus.  Chair Pace has been invited to attend and will report to Staff Congress at the February meeting or by email if warranted.  Email was sent to Joe Cline about students parking in Faculty/Staff spaces and not getting ticketed or towed.  No response has been received yet.  This issue might be addressed at the Faculty Senate meeting.

The Weather Plan and how it affects Physical Plant employees who come in to work early is being reviewed.  We are trying to clarify who makes the decision to close the university, what time the decision is made, and if it could be made earlier.  Five people make the decision for the public schools.  They start at 4 a.m. and make a decision rather quickly.

Vice-Chair's Report No report
Secretary's Report The month of December, $160.06 was spent out of the supply account.  Most of that was for the luncheon at West Liberty.  There is a remaining supply balance of $2,135.09.  We spent $94.08 out of the travel account for the greyhound bus to transport us to West Liberty.  There is a remaining travel account balance of  $430.92.


Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections Rep. LaFontaine distributed a timeline for the upcoming election in May.  The positions to be elected are listed.  Please check for any discrepancies.
Standing Appointments Subcommittee Rep. Stewart was absent.  Chair Pace reported that in 'Old Business' we will have the second and final reading of the amendment to the bylaws making the Standing Appointment Subcommittee a regular standing committee of Staff Congress.
Fiscal Affairs Rep. B. Sammons was absent.  No report
Personnel Policies and Benefits Rep. Besant  reported that the committee has not met since November, but they will be meeting this month.  They have a long list of items to be discussed including the possibility of a third deductible added to the health insurance as brought up by Rep. Moore at the December meeting.  At the November committee meeting, the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee considered and voted on whether to bring back to Staff Congress the question of asking Human Resources to make the probation of vacation accumulation retroactive.  The Committee unanimously voted not to bring it back to Congress for consideration.  

Rep. Besant was surprised that PG 1 and 3 might be combined since the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee had already reviewed them and Staff Congress voted to accept the changes presented to the committee by Human Resources.

The University Employee Benefits Committee has not met.

Chair Pace reported that Roger Barker does not have the insurance reports from open enrollment ready yet.

Rep. Besant reported that at our request the staff of Human Resources did a survey of regional and to some extent non-regional benchmark institutions to get information about accumulation of vacation days and significant others as a dependent category.  This information will be discussed at the next Personnel Policies & Benefits Committee meeting.


Old Business 

Motion: (Second & Final Reading) To establish the Standing Appointments Subcommittee as a stand alone committee of Staff Congress with the same considerations, rules and regulations as the other three committees now existing before Staff Congress
  Proposed:  Rep. LaFontaine Seconded:  Rep. Moore
Called for Vote: Passed

A copy of the new bylaws will be given to all members in February.

Rep. Moore said the possibility of Job Descriptions being put online had been discussed before, but nothing had ever come of it.  She felt that Job Descriptions should be online so that anyone interested in applying for a position could look up the description and see the job grade.  Rep. Besant said it was very important that the descriptions be online and the university has the capabilities of doing this.  The Library has a book of job descriptions, but it is not kept current.  He suggested that Staff Congress request that the online information include the annual list of job grades, which is a separate document.  Rep. Hopper noted that if anyone asks for a reclassification, the job description determines whether or not the position is upgraded.  It is a good idea to have the information online for supervisors to use when requesting an upgrade for a certain position.  Rep. Moore asked why the grade level couldn't just be added to the job description; it would be easier than having two separate documents online.  Rep. Morella said when Human Resources approves a job description, they write in a grade level and it has an official signature and date.  That is the version we would want online.  Chair Pace will follow-up on this issue.

Rep. Besant said the UAR's are now online.  They can be accessed through the Faculty/Staff pages.


New Business

Rep. Williams would like to see hourly staff paid weekly instead of bi-weekly.  Rep. Cline and Rep. McWain work in the payroll office and will check into this matter.  Vice-Chair Jessie asked if they could compare what savings on taxes there would be to employees.  More offices than just payroll would be affected by a change like this.  Chair Pace will send a memo regarding this matter.

Discussion - None

Regent Report - No report


Convocation is this Wednesday in Duncan Recital Hall at 10 a.m.  Lunch will follow in the Fulbright Auditorium.

Business Days are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in the Button Drill Room.  Registration is Thursday and Friday in the departments.  Changes to schedules can also be made online.

Classes start Monday, January 13.

Their will be a retirement reception for Porter Dailey on January 16 from 3-4:30 p.m. in the Breck Society Room.  There will be a new Staff Congress liaison when he retires.  We should know who it will be soon.  

Members of the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee should stay a few minutes after the meeting to schedule a committee meeting.

Motion: To adjourn
  Proposed:  Rep. Kegley Seconded:  Vice-Chair Jessie
Called for Vote: Passed

Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Crisp, Secretary