Staff Congress
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DECEMBER 2, 2002


Darlene Allen Lisa Caskey David Jessie Pam Moore Dallas Sammons *Willis Taylor
Sharon Beller *Joy Cecil *Linda Kegley Carole Morella Rhonda Sloan Jonell Tobin
*Brad Bennington Gaylena Cline M. LaFontaine Lora Pace Tim Smith Barbara Ward
*Larry Besant Rhonda Crisp Rhonda Mackin Darlene Ramey Doug Snedegar Maurice White
T. Bumgardner Mike Hopper Tina McWain Belva Sammons Stephanie Stewart *Rick Williams

*Denotes member was absent

Guests: Roger Barker-Director of Human Resources, Madalene Butler-Bus Driver

Chair Pace called the meeting to order at 1:38 p.m.  A quorum was present. 

A very special thank you was given to Rep. Tobin and Rep. Smith for the preparation and hosting of the meeting.  

Motion: To approve the November 11, 2002 minutes as submitted
  Proposed:  Rep. Stewart Seconded:  Rep. LaFontaine
Called for Vote: Passed


Chair's Report We will try to keep the meeting going so we can be back in Morehead around 3 p.m.  The Executive Council will meet before the Christmas break.
Vice-Chair's Report The January 6 meeting will be in Breckinridge 302.
Secretary's Report The month of November, $60.67 was spent out of the supply account.  There is a remaining supply balance of $2,295.15.


Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections No report
Standing Appointments Subcommittee Rep. Stewart reported that the committee needs to reappoint someone to the Technology Resources Committee to replace Dallas Sammons.  She has been appointed to the Student Life Committee by Vice-President Weathers.  The committee hasn't heard back from the President's office about Bill Hudson's appointment to the Affirmative Action Committee.
Fiscal Affairs Rep. B. Sammons reported that the committee still needs to meet with Terry Irons' committee.
Personnel Policies and Benefits Rep. Besant was out sick.  Rep. Mackin reported that the committee met and voted on PG 1 and PG 3.  They voted to accept the policy changes as presented to them.  The two policies will be discussed and voted on in 'New Business'.  

Old Business - None

New Business

Motion: To establish the Standing Appointments Sub-committee as a stand alone committee of Staff Congress with the same considerations, rules and regulations as the other three committees now existing before Staff Congress
  Proposed:  Rep. Stewart Seconded:  Rep. Ramey
Question Called: Rep. LaFontaine
Called for Vote: Passed


Motion: To accept the changes to PG 1-'Regular and Nonregular University Employment' and PG 3-'Types of Appointments' as presented to the committee
  Proposed:  Personnel Policies & Benefits Committee Seconded:  None needed
Discussion: Roger Barker explained that PG 1 was changed to eliminate Standing II part-time positions; that category will no longer be used.  The changes clarify that current employees in that category are grandfathered in.  The rest of the changes are devoted to eliminating the Standing II category. 

PG 3 is being revised to eliminate some employment categories.  There will now be four employment categories:  Full-time Standing (old Standing I), Full-time Fixed (old Fixed-term I), Part-time, Temporary (full-time, but up to nine months).  The changes clarify what benefits go along with each category.  This does not affect current employees.

Question Called: Rep. Cline
Called for Vote: Passed


Rep. B. Sammons asked guest Madalene Butler who can ride the bus from the 'E' lot to the main campus.  She has had staff members tell her that the bus drivers refused to let them ride.  Ms. Butler said those buses are for commuters.  To her knowledge, anyone that must park at the 'E' lot is allowed to ride the commuter buses, including faculty/staff.  Students who live on-campus are discouraged from riding the bus from one class building to another.  Chair Pace will send a note from Staff Congress to Gene Caudill regarding staff being allowed to ride the bus if they have to park at the 'E' lot.

Roger Barker said the two PG policies discussed today will not go to the Board until March 11, 2003.  The policies discussed in September will go to the Board at the December 6 meeting.

Rep. Stewart reminded everyone that today is the final day for open enrollment.  Roger Barker will be supplying data to Staff Congress from the enrollment period.  Hopefully, we will have the information in January.

Rep. McWain asked about the possibility of students and faculty/staff having a fall break.  The students are burned out by mid-terms and it would be nice to have a long weekend around that time.  Chair Pace asked the Personnel Policies & Benefits Committee to look into this issue.

Rep. Moore asked if Human Resources had decided anything about the typing test issue.  Roger Barker said they are not going with SAM.  He will get back with us hopefully in January about this issue.  The policy needs to be updated to show that if departments do further testing it must be done equitably. 

Rep. Moore said there are three tiers in the health insurance, but there are only two deductibles: single and family.  She would like to see three deductibles: single, two-person, and family.  Chair Pace asked the Personnel Policies & Benefits Committee to look at this issue for next year.

Regent Report - No report


The next meeting will be January 6 in Breckinridge 302 at 1 p.m.

The tree lighting is December 3.  There will be activities in Button Auditorium for children of students and faculty/staff.

The University Chorus Christmas Concert is Tuesday, December 3 at 8 p.m.  Thursday, December 5 at 3 p.m. there is a Christmas Sing-Along in the Duncan Recital Hall.

Flu shots are still available.

There will be a short tour of the West Liberty Center following the meeting.

Motion: To adjourn
  Proposed:  Vice-Chair Jessie Seconded:  Rep. LaFontaine
Called for Vote: Passed

Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Crisp, Secretary