Staff Congress
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NOVEMBER 11, 2002


Darlene Allen Lisa Caskey *David Jessie *Pam Moore Dallas Sammons Willis Taylor
Sharon Beller Joy Cecil Linda Kegley *Carole Morella Rhonda Sloan Jonell Tobin
Brad Bennington Gaylena Cline M. LaFontaine Lora Pace Tim Smith Barbara Ward
Larry Besant Rhonda Crisp Rhonda Mackin Darlene Ramey Doug Snedegar Maurice White
T. Bumgardner Mike Hopper Tina McWain Belva Sammons Stephanie Stewart *Rick Williams

*Denotes member was absent

Guests: Roger Barker-Director of Human Resources, Gene Caudill-Staff Regent & Director of Physical Plant

Chair Pace called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m.  A quorum was present. 

Guests were welcomed.

Motion: To approve the October 7, 2002 minutes as submitted
  Proposed:  Rep. Cecil Seconded:  Rep. Tobin
Called for Vote: Passed


Motion: To approve the October 28, 2002 (Special Health Insurance Meeting) minutes as submitted
  Proposed:  Rep. LaFontaine Seconded:  Rep. Stewart
Called for Vote: Passed


Chair's Report We are in the active open enrollment period for Health Insurance.  We would like to have numbers from Human Resources after open enrollment about how many people opted out of health insurance or changed their coverage.  The Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee will look at the information and start early in the Spring looking at health insurance issues for next year.  

Later in the meeting, we will discuss having our December meeting at the West Liberty Center. 

We need volunteers for the Salary Adjustment Committee.  Roger Barker said there will be a plan developed by budget time next year.  The Salary Adjustment Committee deals with benchmark salaries.

Vice-Chair's Report Vice-Chair Jessie was not at the meeting so Chair Pace gave the report.  The December meeting will be in Breckinridge 302.
Secretary's Report We spent $640.99 out of the supply account for the month of October.  We had to buy a new recorder to record the minutes since we can no longer use the microphone system in the Riggle Room.  The new recorder performed very well at the Special Health Insurance Meeting, but everyone needs to speak out to make sure everything is clear on the tape.


Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections Rep. LaFontaine reported that the Credentials and Elections Committee met Friday, November 1.  They replaced retired member Lana Fraley with Maurice White.  He accepted the appointment and is in attendance today.
Standing Appointments Subcommittee Rep. Stewart reported that she had heard back from the President's office and there have been several appointments to committees; they are as follows:

*Student Media Committee - Don Bowman and Mary Jerde *Technology Resources Committee - Kathy Mattingly and Dallas Sammons *Service Committee - Michael Hail, David Wright, and Jackie McCleese *Student Life Committee - Bill McCord *Affirmative Action Committee - Rhonda Mackin and tentatively Bill Hudson (We have not heard back from the President's office regarding Bill Hudson.)

Fiscal Affairs Rep. B. Sammons reported that the Fiscal Affairs Committee was scheduled to meet with the Faculty Senate Committee chaired by Terry Irons about beginning the review of the upper level administrators evaluations, but to her knowledge none of her committee could be there.

Roger Barker reported that he is creating a paper trail for the committee beginning with the first Board of Regents action and the iterations it has gone through since then.  Their intent is to develop a new set of questions and change the base of it basically.  The next meeting of the committee will be next Thursday.

Personnel Policies and Benefits Rep. Besant reported that before the special called Health Insurance Meeting of Staff Congress, the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee met to discuss health insurance.  The Chair of Staff Congress as well as other Staff Congress members of the University Employee Benefits Committee attended the meeting.  The committee had a full representation of that group and the committee itself.  The committee came up with a recommendation as shown in the minutes of the Special Meeting of Staff Congress.  After discussion from the floor of Staff Congress, the recommendation was defeated and a substitute recommendation developed.  

The committee will be having another meeting hopefully this week to discuss two pending personnel policy changes to PG 1 and PG 3.  

Rep. Besant asked Roger Barker if there were minutes of the University Employee Benefits Committee meetings.  Mr. Barker said they do keep minutes.

Old Business 

Rep. Crisp reported that she and Rep. Moore attended the typing test (SAM) simulation.  According to information received at the meeting the SAM testing would cost approximately $2000 per year.  With all the budget concerns at the university, they didn't feel the university should spend $2000 for secretarial candidates to take the typing test.  She and Rep. Moore received five emails from other secretaries on campus that attended the meeting and they took their suggestions into consideration when coming up with a recommendation to Staff Congress.  

Motion: To not go with SAM testing due to budget concerns (it would cost the university approximately $2000 per year), but to stay with Paradigm Timed Writings with the following changes:
  • No pass/fail - Human Resources could report to the hiring department the number of words typed and if the candidate could set-up a basic letter/memo.  The hiring department would decide if the typing rate was sufficient for the position.  (Let the hiring department decide qualifications for their position, not Human Resources.)
  • Departments would have the option of doing further testing during the interview if they need specialized skills.  Human Resources would not be responsible for further testing.
  • Allow corrections.  (The typing test program does not allow corrections at this time.  Hiring departments should not care how many errors there are with WORD software.  The important thing is catching errors and correcting them.)
  • Departments should use the probationary period as intended and release employees that do not perform at the level they indicated they could during the interview.
  Proposed:  Rep. Crisp & Rep. Moore Seconded:  Rep. Stewart
  • If you move to decentralize decision-making will the university be opened up to problems? Will the university be liable for complaints of discrimination?  
  • The test would not be decentralized.  Human Resources would still administer the test.
  • If there is other testing in the departments, it needs to be controlled to prevent bias or discrimination.  All candidates should be tested exactly the same.
  • Human Resources should not be responsible for coming up with specialized testing.
  • The typing test would be another piece of data used in the hiring process.  There would be no passing or failing.  It would be a report to the department.
  • Human Resources would pass the information along to the hiring department and let them decide if it is good enough.
  • Job Descriptions would have to be changed.
Question Called: Proposed:  Rep. Stewart Seconded:  Rep. LaFontaine
Called for Vote: Passed

New Business

In reference to PG 48, Rep. Mackin has had calls from secretaries asking why they can't accumulate vacation time from day one of hire after their probationary period has been completed.  Rep. B. Sammons reminded us that this issue has not been passed by the Board of Regents yet.  It has went through Staff Congress, but has not went to the Board.


Chair Pace said she has had a lot of calls and emails in reference to the PG 48 issue.  There are a group of people on campus that feel if this policy goes into effect, it needs to be retroactive.  Rep. Caskey called Human Resources and they said that in 1990 vacation days were accrued during the probationary period, but it was cut out.  

Issues raised:

  • How far back is retroactive?
  • The people that stay at 30 days of vacation have nowhere to add on days.
  • 539 employees would be affected.  This amounts to over 3000 days.
  • This is money to the university and would amount to about $300,000.

The issue was sent back to the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee for further review. 

Chair Pace brought up last month's offer from Rep. Tobin to have a Staff Congress meeting at the West Liberty Center.  If everyone is interested, we might have the December meeting there.  Congress will provide transportation and lunch if we get to go.  We would need to leave between 12:15 and 12:30  p.m.  Everyone should check with their supervisor and let Chair Pace know by Wednesday, November 20, if they cannot attend.  If it cannot be worked out, we will meet on December 2 in Breckinridge 302 as originally planned.  

Chair Pace reported that the Standing Appointments Sub-Committee is not an actual Standing Committee of Staff Congress at this time.  It is not in the bylaws.  She would like to do some housecleaning and make an amendment to the bylaws to make it a regular committee.  The first reading will be at the December meeting.

Regent Report

Staff Regent Caudill reported there will be a Board workshop this Friday.  The reorganization of Administration and Fiscal Affairs is on the agenda due to the pending retirement of Porter Dailey.  The regular Board meeting is on December 13.


Rep. Besant asked the members of the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee to remain behind for a few minutes to schedule a meeting.

November 20 is the deadline to let Chair Pace know if you cannot go to West Liberty for the December meeting.

The Pioneer Football League championship game will be at Morehead State University.

Motion: To adjourn
  Proposed:  Rep. Stewart Seconded:  Rep. Caskey
Called for Vote: Passed

Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Crisp, Secretary