Staff Congress
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JULY 1, 2002


Darlene Allen *Lisa Caskey *Mike Hopper *Tina McWain Belva Sammons Stephanie Stewart
Sharon Beller Joy Cecil David Jessie Pam Moore Dallas Sammons  Willis Taylor
Brad Bennington *Gaylena Cline Linda Kegley *Carole Morella Rhonda Sloan  Jonell Tobin
Larry Besant Rhonda Crisp M. LaFontaine Lora Pace Tim Smith  Barbara Ward
T. Bumgardner Lana Fraley Rhonda Mackin Darlene Ramey Doug Snedegar  Ricky Williams

*Denotes member was absent

Guests: Roger Barker, Director of Human Resources
  Madonna Weathers, Vice-President for Student Life

Vice-Chair David Jessie called the meeting to order at 1:08 p.m.  A quorum was present. 

Motion: To approve the June 3, 2002 minutes with the following correction:  change 'will be' to 'was' under the Regent Report.
  Proposed:  Rep. Stewart Seconded:  Rep. Beller
Called for Vote: Passed


Vice-Chair Jessie announced Belva Sammons had resigned her position as Parliamentarian so he appointed Pam Moore as temporary Parliamentarian to oversee election of Staff Congress Officers.  Representatives Bennington and Cecil served as tellers for the election.   

Rep. Pace  and Rep. B. Sammons nominated for Staff Congress Chair.  Both candidates accepted nominations.

Motion: To cease nominations for Staff Congress Chair
  Proposed:  Vice-Chair Jessie Seconded:  Rep. Kegley
Called for Vote: Passed

Paper ballots were distributed, collected, and counted by tellers and Parliamentarian. Representative Pace elected as Chair.

Rep. David Jessie nominated for Vice-Chair.  Nomination accepted.

Motion: To accept David Jessie as Vice-Chair by acclamation
  Proposed:  Rep. Tobin Seconded:  Rep. B. Sammons
Called for Vote: Passed

Rep. Rhonda Crisp nominated for Secretary.  Nomination accepted.

Motion: To accept Rhonda Crisp as Secretary by acclamation
  Proposed:  Rep. LaFontaine Seconded:  Rep. Cecil
Called for Vote: Passed

New Chair Lora Pace conducted the meeting from this point forward.

Chair's Report All employees should have received email from President Eaglin in reference to the 2002/2003 Fiscal Year Budget.  Some physical plant employees did not receive it, but copies will be printed to distribute to them.  Personnel rosters are available at the Library.  Supervisors should have received a spreadsheet showing salary increase for their employees.
Vice-Chair's Report

Rebecca McGinnis is trying to work out a new place for Staff Congress to meet since ADUC will be unavailable. 

Rep. Besant said there is space available at the Library if needed.  Location:  Open Reading Area on the 4th floor.  It is not private, but is quiet and would be large enough to accommodate Staff Congress.

Secretary's Report No Report

Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections No Report
Standing Appointments Subcommittee No Report
Fiscal Affairs No Report
Personnel Policies and Benefits Will be having a meeting soon to discuss PG 9, 10, 48, 49, and 52.
University Employees Benefits Committee No Report


Old Business


New Business

Will wait until next month's meeting to appoint new members to sub-committees when more members are in attendance.  Chair Pace gave committee chairs the opportunity to explain what each committee handles so new members could be thinking about which committee they would like to serve on.  Outgoing Secretary D. Sammons will update Staff Congress Member List so we will know who is still on committees. 

Chair Pace will name Parliamentarian by next meeting and will inform members of location for that meeting.

The President's office wants a Staff Congress member to sit on a committee in reference to the Family Picnic that happens before school starts each year.  Rep. LaFontaine volunteered to attend.

Questions for Roger Barker, Director of Human Resources:

1.  Will employees get employment letters?  They are printed.  HR is waiting for approval from administration to send.

2.  When does the Fiscal Year start for use of 12 days of Family Sick Leave?  Is it January 1 or July 1?  July 1 - June 30 is the fiscal year for Family Sick Leave and FMLA.

3.  If an employee makes less per hour than the compensation scale shows, how does the supervisor handle it?  Put in a PAR to meet the new minimum.

Regent Report

No Report


Rep. Moore thanked Rep. Bennington and Rep. Cecil for helping with the election and congratulated new officers.

Madonna Weathers gave out information to members about the start of school events for the fall semester.

Rep. Besant expressed thanks to Madonna Weathers for excellent past leadership of Staff Congress.

The University Games will take place again this year.  It will be the sixth year for the games.

Next meeting will be August 5th.  

Motion: To adjourn
  Proposed:  Rep. Moore Seconded:  Rep. Kegley
Called for Vote: Passed

Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Crisp, Secretary