Staff Congress
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NOVEMBER 10, 2003


Darlene Allen *Gaylena Cline *David Jessie Jeffrey Liles Lora Pace Stephanie Stewart
Ed Beam *Rhonda Crisp Linda Kegley Rhonda Mackin Belva Sammons *Willis Taylor
*T. Bumgardner *R. Holbrook Lake Kelly *Terry Mays *Dallas Sammons Cindy Thompson
Lisa Caskey Mike Hopper Donna King Amy Moore Rhonda Sloan *Jonell Tobin
Joy Cecil Kristie Jenkins M. LaFontaine *Pam Moore Doug Snedegar *Rick Williams

*Denotes member was absent

Guests: None

Chair Pace called the meeting to order at 1:09 p.m.  A quorum was present.  New member Lake Kelly was welcomed.

Motion: To approve the October 6, 2003 minutes as submitted
  Proposed:  Rep. Caskey Seconded:  Rep. Thompson
Called for Vote: Passed


Chair's Report Chair Pace thanked members for all the comments submitted in reference to health insurance.  It might appear that Staff Congress didn't have much input, but some improvements were made to the plans because of requests/suggestions.  Open enrollment ends this Friday.
Vice-Chair's Report No report. 
Secretary's Report Secretary Crisp was absent.  Rep. Hopper gave the budget report for her.  He reported that for the month of October, $33.99 was spent for software.  The Supply Account balance is $3,358.91. 


Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections No report. 
University Standing Appointments Vice-Chair Stewart reported that Faculty Senate had cut some staff members from committees.  We will talk about this during 'discussion'.  Also, David Jessie and Sheri White were chosen by the President to serve on the Affirmative Action Committee.
Fiscal Affairs Rep. B. Sammons said her committee had requested information from Human Resources and they would be having a committee meeting this week.  No one emailed her with any insight on how the university can save money.  There will probably not be any budget information until February.
Personnel Policies and Benefits Rep. Hopper said a representative of AFLAC had contacted him about offering supplemental insurance plans to MSU employees.  They would be interested in offering a personal sickness supplemental plan since we are going through major health insurance changes.  AFLAC also offers other plans such as cancer, accidental, etc.  Would staff be interested in the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee pursuing information about these plans?  Chair Pace said we would talk about this during 'discussion'.

Old Business

Rep. B. Sammons asked if there was any new information about the ADS issue.  Chair Pace said information would be presented in 'discussion'.

New Business 

Rep. Stewart asked if we could investigate the possibility of having a permanent secretary for Staff Congress.  Chair Pace said we would talk about this issue during 'discussion'.


Rep. Mackin said the ADS's have received a reply back from Dr. Moore and Dr. Eaglin.  She read memos she received from them.  The memos basically said that if money became available the ADS's would be returned to the classification system.  There is a freeze on classifications at this time unless there will be a savings to the department.  If funds do become available, it will be retroactive.  President Eaglin said in his memo that since the ADS's were removed from the classification system, they are not subject to PG-44.  The positions will be not returned to the classification system until administration feels it is financially prudent to do so.  Rep. Mackin said they still do not know where they stand.  Since they are not in the classification system, if PG-44 does not apply to them, then does any policy apply to them?  Rep. Mackin said she might send a reply back to the President.

Vice-Chair Stewart said that Faculty Senate has been eliminating staff positions from University Standing Committees without the knowledge of that staff member.  Rep. LaFontaine was appointed to the athletic committee and when she had never heard about a meeting, she called to find out when the meeting was and was told she had been removed from the committee.  She was told there was downsizing and reorganization of the committee, but no other explanation was given.  She feels it is common courtesy to let a person know that they have been removed from a committee.  Chair Pace will investigate what's going on and report at the next meeting.

Vice-Chair Stewart would like to investigate the possibility of having a permanent secretary for Staff Congress.  It is hard to find someone to elect to the secretary position, because there is a lot involved in the position.  The web and the budget have been added to the duties.  We do have some funds available to use.  We couldn't afford to hire a full-time secretary, but might could afford to hire someone on a supplemental basis.  Secretary Crisps' term limit is up this year and she can't run again.  There might be a Staff Congress person willing to run, but if not then maybe we could hire a supplemental person and renew the position each year.  A lot of things such as the constitution might have to be changed should we decide to hire a supplemental person.  We need to find out if any members are interested in the secretary position for next year.

Rep. Hopper said several staff members had approached him about the possibility of getting supplemental health insurance.  They wanted the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee to look into it.  The university would not have to contribute anything other than manage the payroll side of it.  Rep. Hopper talked with an AFLAC representative about it and they do offer a personal sickness supplemental plan.  AFLAC would be willing to manage all paperwork.  The university would not have to do anything except the payroll deductions to cover the plan.  There might have to be a certain percentage of employees interested in the plan before the university would be willing to offer it.  Other insurance companies might offer supplemental plans also.  The committee will meet and look at the possibilities and report back to Staff Congress.

Rep. B. Sammons mentioned that ID numbers need to be removed from mailing labels for security reasons.  She has brought this up before but no action has been taken.  Chair Pace will talk to Human Resources and send something to Phillip in the alumni office about this problem.

Regent's Report  - No report.


Flu shots are still available at the clinic.

Health Insurance enrollment ends Friday, November 14.

Our next meeting will be December 1 in 101 Lappin Hall.  Hopefully we will be meeting in the Riggle Room next semester, but there has been no confirmation of that yet.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:48 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Crisp, Secretary