Staff Congress
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Darlene Allen *Gaylena Cline David Jessie Jeffrey Liles Lora Pace Stephanie Stewart
Ed Beam Rhonda Crisp Linda Kegley Rhonda Mackin Belva Sammons *Willis Taylor
T. Bumgardner Rebecca Holbrook *Lake Kelly Terry Mays Dallas Sammons Cindy Thompson
Lisa Caskey Mike Hopper *Donna King Amy Moore Rhonda Sloan Jonell Tobin
Joy Cecil Kristie Jenkins M. LaFontaine Pam Moore Doug Snedegar *Rick Williams

*Denotes member was absent

Guests: Roger Barker-Director of Human Resources, Suzanne Hogge-Assistant Director of Compensation & Benefits Human Resources, Gene Caudill-Director of Physical Plant & Staff Regent, Mike Walters-Vice President for Administration & Fiscal Services, Academic Department Specialists: Regina Kissick, Rosemary Hinton, Jennifer Madden, Penny Grier, Rose Mary Johnson

Chair Pace called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.  A quorum was present.  Guests were welcomed.

Motion: To approve the August 4, 2003 minutes as submitted
  Proposed:  Rep. P. Moore Seconded:  Rep. Kegley
Called for Vote: Passed


Chair's Report Chair Pace reported that she talked at length with Francene Botts-Butler about the handicapped parking situation.  She is checking to make sure we are compliant with the number of van accessible spaces, but she thinks there is no problem.  The law reads the spaces have to be accessible to the buildings, not in a lot and there have to be a certain number of handicapped spaces in relation to the amount of regular parking spaces on campus.  Our concern is on record.  Gene Caudill said that one more van accessible space was added.

The meeting might be long today.  We will continue to conduct business as long as we have quorum.  Health Insurance is on the agenda and Roger Barker will do a presentation.  When we get into the discussion phase, please be recognized before you speak. 

Vice-Chair's Report Vice-Chair Stewart welcomed new Staff Congress members Terry Mays, Rebecca Holbrook, and Lake Kelly.  Rep. Mays was appointed to the Standing Appointments Committee.  Rep. Holbrook was appointed to the Fiscal Affairs Committee.  Rep. Kelly was appointed to the Credentials and Elections Committee.
Secretary's Report Secretary Crisp reported that for the month of August, $21.20 was spent to buy new member name plates.  The Supply Account balance is $3,419.80. 


Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections Rep. LaFontaine reported that new member Rebecca Holbrook will serve in the Technical/Paraprofessional Category, a continuation of Tina McWain's position until June 30, 2004.  She can choose to run for membership again at that time.  Representatives Kelly and Mays will both serve one-year terms until June 30, 2004.  This is according to the bylaws.  They are in the Service/Maintenance Category.  Their positions will be re-elected in May for two-year terms and they can also choose to run for membership again at that time.  
University Standing Appointments Vice-Chair Stewart reported she has new appointments for four university standing committees.  She will submit the names for approval in 'Old Business'.   There will be appointments to three other committees at a later date.
Fiscal Affairs No report.
Personnel Policies and Benefits Rep. Hopper reported that the committee met with Roger Barker on August 26 about health insurance for the coming year.  Roger will do a presentation today for Staff Congress concerning health insurance.

Old Business

Vice-Chair Stewart reported that the Standing Appointments Committee has recommendations to fill positions on four university standing committees.  They are as follows:

Mike Hendrix & Kristie Jenkins - Service Committee
Rose Mary Johnson & Mike Hogge - Wellness Committee
LaRaissa Davis - Student Life Committee
Taunya Jones, Susette Redwine, Susan Maxey, Lesley White - Student Media Nominations (The President will choose two.)

Motion: To approve the appointment of new committee members on University Standing Committees as submitted
  Proposed:  University Standing Appointments Committee Seconded:  None Needed
Called for Vote: Passed

Business was suspended so that Roger Barker could do a power point presentation about healthcare costs nationwide and at Morehead State University.  He discussed a new insurance option that will probably be offered this year called a consumer driven healthcare plan (CDHP).  It would be tied to a special reimbursement account called an HRA (Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement).  There is a 95% chance this plan will happen in some form.  This option would probably replace the current base plan.  After the presentation, there was a question and answer session.  There is no rate information available at this time.  The university is waiting on information from the actuary.  Chair Pace will call a special meeting to discuss insurance within the next two weeks.

New Business 

Rep. Pam Moore reported that she has been asked by a group of Academic Department Specialists (ADS) to bring a situation to the attention of Staff Congress.  The ADS's were supposed to receive an upgrade to non-exempt 6 from a 4 or 5 and receive a 7.5% pay increase.  They were informed within the past couple of weeks that due to budget cuts, they would not get the upgrade or the pay increase until funds were available.  They were told at one point to do a PAR reflecting the upgrade and 7.5% pay increase, then they were told not to do it because of budget issues.  The ADS's would like to know how this was allowed to happen and what was the timeline between starting the upgrade and the finish of it.   They were not classified until July 18 so their pay raise would not technically take effect until July of 2004, if money is available, and it would not be retroactive.  There seemed to be a problem with communication.  No one seemed to know if the upgrades were approved.  The ADS's are asking Staff Congress to back them and help initiate a class action grievance, to help with media coverage to bring this problem out in the open, and to help organize a meeting with President Eaglin, Provost Moore, the Deans, Department Chairs, and the Board of Regents all at the same time in the same place along with the Academic Department Specialists to discuss this issue.  Some ADS's were told by their chairs or deans that they would be willing to look for funding in other areas.  The ADS's would like to know if all upgrades are on hold and will their upgrades, along with the salary increase, be realized before any other single upgrades or salary increases.  


Roger Barker said the ADS's should have their meeting; he wouldn't have any problem meeting with them.  He was told that Dr. Moore had already met with them.  Roger said the basic situation is that this was never a reclassification.  They were not in the classification system to start with.  This was a request to move them back into the classification system and assign them a classification.  The chairs had to create a similar job description for every position.  This process included several steps and that is why it took so long.  The hard part of it was to determine what the proper classification was for them when they were put back into the system.  

Suzanne Hogge said that in 1996 they were removed from the classification system.  In 2003, Human Resources determined what classification was proper should they be put back into the classification system.  Chair Pace asked the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee to stay and meet with the ADS's present about this issue.  Rep. Pam Moore said there is a deadline to file a grievance; the deadline is five days from Friday.  Staff Congress can not file the grievance for the Academic Department Specialists.  They must file the grievance; Staff Congress can only support it.  Suzanne Hogge will also stay for the meeting to help with the timeline.

Regent's Report  

Staff Regent Caudill reported there was an Administrative Retreat.  The Board of Regent's met Thursday evening and again on Friday.  The vision for the university was discussed.  There will be a type written document that he will share later.


Rep. D. Sammons thanked the members of Staff Congress who helped freshmen move in.

Rep. LaFontaine announced that the University Games are continuing.  Staff may go to the Faculty/Staff Web site for a list of games still to come.  The Awards Luncheon will be Wednesday, September 24 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Our next meeting will be October 6 at 1 p.m. in 101 Lappin Hall.  There will also be a special meeting very soon regarding health insurance and the Academic Department Specialists issue.

Members of the Personnel Policies & Benefits Committee and any others interested need to stay for a meeting with the Academic Department Specialists.

Motion: To adjourn
  Proposed:  Rep. B. Sammons Seconded:  Rep. Kegley
Called for Vote: Passed

Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Crisp, Secretary