Staff Congress
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JULY 12, 2004


Darlene Allen Rhonda Crisp David Jessie Rhonda Mackin Belva Sammons Willis Taylor
Ed Beam Ray Crum Linda Kegley Amy Moore Dallas Sammons Cindy Thompson
Lisa Caskey Kim Fultz Donna King Pam Moore Rhonda Sloan Jonell Tobin
Joy Cecil Phillip James Margaret LaFontaine *April Nutter Doug Snedegar Terry White
Gaylena Cline Kristie Jenkins Jeffrey Liles Darlene Ramey Stephanie Stewart *Elizabeth Williams

*Denotes member was absent

Guests: Gene Caudill-Director of Physical Plant & Staff Regent, Brad Bennington, Transfer Coordinator, Registrar's Office

Chair Pace called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m.  A quorum was present. 


Rep. LaFontaine conducted the election.  Representatives Cline and  Snedegar agreed to serve as tellers.

Rep. Jessie and  Rep. Liles were nominated for Staff Congress Chair.  Both accepted nomination. 

Motion: To close nominations.
  Proposed:  Rep. P. Moore Seconded:  Rep. James
Called for Vote: Passed

Rep. Jessie was elected Chair for the 2004/05 year.

Rep. Allen nominated Rep. Tobin for Vice-Chair and Rep. B. Sammons nominated Rep. D. Sammons for Vice-Chair.  Both accepted nomination.

Motion: To close nominations.
  Proposed:  Rep. B. Sammons Seconded:  Rep. Jenkins
Called for Vote: Passed

Rep. Tobin was elected Vice-Chair for 2004/05 year.

Rep. P. Moore nominated Rep. Jenkins for Secretary; Rep. B. Sammons nominated Rep.  Caskey  for Secretary.  Rep. Jenkins declined; Rep. Caskey accepted nomination.

Motion: To close nominations and elect Rep. Caskey by acclamation
  Proposed:  Rep. Tobin Seconded:  Rep. Allen
Called for Vote: Passed

Elected Chair Jessie conducted business from this point forward.

Motion: To approve the June 7, 2004 minutes as submitted
  Proposed:  Rep. P. Moore Seconded:  Rep. James
Called for Vote: Passed

Election of Officers for Committees

Chair Jessie asked that Committees briefly meet to elect new Chairs and Vice-Chairs for the 2004/05 year.

Credentials & Elections:              Rep. LaFontaine - Chair; Rep. Snedegar - Vice Chair

Standing Appointments:              Rep. Stewart - Chair; Rep. Liles - Vice Chair

Fiscal Affairs:                               Rep. P. Moore - Chair; Rep. Allen - Vice Chair

Personnel Policies & Benefits:    Rep. A. Moore - Chair; Rep. Beam - Vice Chair


Chair's Report Outgoing Chair Pace reported that Staff Congress has been given an office in Fields Hall.  Chair Jessie will let Congress know when the office will be ready for occupation.
Vice-Chair's Report No report.
Secretary's Report Members were asked to review an email/address list and verify their address.  Minutes and agendas will be sent to these addresses unless told otherwise.


Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections No report.
University Standing Appointments No report. 
Fiscal Affairs No report.
Personnel Policies and Benefits No report.

Old Business

Rep. Tobin asked if it would be possible to have Staff Congress meetings on another day besides the first Monday of the month due to holidays and class registration.  Outgoing Chair Pace said that for the coming year only Labor Day and the first day of Summer I conflicted with meeting dates.  

New Business

Rep. P. Moore had been approached by staff members regarding the number of service vehicle parking places located behind Ginger Hall.  Rep. Sloan stated she had been told that the extra spaces were due to IT moving from Fields Hall to Ginger Hall.  Rep. A. Moore said that the spots are needed by IT so they would have a place to park when completing work orders or moving equipment. Regent Caudill stated that Public Safety approved of the extra spaces for IT and all complaints should be directed to Chief Joe Cline.

Rep. Kegley asked if it would be possible for people with 15 years of service to receive a discount on their parking tags.  Right now people with 20 years get free ones.  Chair Jessie asked Rep. A. Moore to have the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee to peruse this.

Rep. LaFontaine reported that there will be University games again this year.  More information regarding University game at the August meeting.

Rep. Tobin asked if anyone had been having problems receiving reimbursement or other checks from the University.  A reimbursement check, in her name, had been delivered to a former employee who was kind enough to drive to West Liberty and give her the check.  She recommended that everyone check their personal information on the web site and AIMS system to make sure it is correct.


Rep. Kegley reported that several staff members on campus are complaining about Direct Deposit.  She asked if it would be possible to get a printout of sick/vacation leave to give employees.  Rep. Jenkins announced that each supervisors office already receives a monthly printout on employees sick/vacation time.  Employees need to go to the secretary that enters their time for an updated copy.

Outgoing Chair Pace stated that the decision to have everyone placed on direct deposit was made by the Cabinet.  She said that she had already discussed Staff Congress' displeasures about this with Cabinet members.

Rep. Stewart asked if anyone had to deal with the new workman's comp procedures.  She reported that it took seven hours to get a call back from them regarding which doctors in our area an injured employee should go to see.  Rep King said it also took her office several hours to receive a call back on who one of her employees should go to see after they had injured their thumb.  Outgoing Chair Pace said she has not spoken to any one about the new workman's comp procedures.  Chair Jessie stated that if it's a life threatening situation that an employee is to be taken to the nearest hospital, they do not have to call workman's comp first.  

Regent's Report

Regent Caudill announced that there would be a Board of Regents meeting tomorrow, July 13 to vote on workman's comp procedures.  He also announced that there would be a Presidential Search Committee meeting.


Outgoing Chair Pace - There will be a SOAR on Friday, July 16th.  There will be a mop-up SOAR (advising only) on Friday, July 30th.

Rep. D. Sammons - Residence Halls will open August 16th for returning students and August 18 for new freshmen.  She asked that anyone interested in helping students move in to e-mail her.  RA's will move in August 8th.

Chair Jessie - Presented out-going Chair Pace a plaque thanking her for her  support and leadership to Staff Congress during her two-year term.

Motion: To adjourn
  Proposed:  Rep. Kegley Seconded:  Rep. LaFontaine
Called for Vote: Passed

Minutes submitted by:  Lisa  Caskey, Secretary