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OCTOBER 4, 2004


*Darlene Allen Rhonda Crisp David Jessie Rhonda Mackin Belva Sammons Willis Taylor
*Ed Beam Ray Crum *Linda Kegley Amy Moore Dallas Sammons Cindy Thompson
Lisa Caskey Kim Fultz *Donna King Pam Moore Rhonda Slone Jonell Tobin
Joy Cecil Phillip James M. LaFontaine April Nutter *Doug Snedegar *Terry White
*Gaylena Cline Kristie Jenkins *Jeffrey Liles Darlene Ramey Stephanie Stewart Elizabeth Williams

*Denotes member was absent

Guests: Lora Pace, Presidential Search Committee and Suzanne Hogge, Human Resources

Chair Jessie called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.  A quorum was present.  Guests were welcomed.

Motion: To approve the September 13, 2004 minutes with corrections.
  Proposed:  Rep. Stewart Seconded:  Rep. James
Called for Vote: Motion passed.

Presidential Search Committee:  Lora Pace reported that the search committee had met on Saturday, October 2 to review the list of semifinalists.  They will be meeting again this coming weekend, October 9, to do further reviewing of the semifinalists list.  After the October 9 meeting the search committee will narrow the list.  The final candidates will begin meeting with Board of Regents members around October 16.  Also on October 16 the search committee will decide who the finalists will be.  Interviews for the finalists with faculty and staff will be done October 25 thru November 1.  Mrs. Pace encourages all groups to attend these interviews in order for them to be able to give their opinions on each candidate.  The opinions of faculty and staff will be given to the Board of Regents for their review.  The search committee is hoping to make an offer by the second week in November.  The announcement of candidate hired will be sometime the week of Thanksgiving.  The search firm has spoken with each candidate about MSU's timeline of December.  Vice-Chair Tobin asked Mrs. Pace if the committee felt good about the search firm.  Mrs. Pace said yes and reported that the search firm has completed extensive background checks on each of the candidates.  She also stated that once the final list has been made MSU will be able to conduct their own background checks on each candidate.  Rep. LaFontaine stated that this search firm was the same search firm used in hiring Kentucky State's President.  Mrs. Pace stated that we have the same lady from the search firm that KSU had.

Chair's Report Chair Jessie reported that he had met with Vice-President Walters and Roger Barker about the ADS career ladder.  He informed congress that the issue regarding the ADS career ladder was finished.  The ADS' had received a letter from Provost Moore on September 23 stating such.  Chair Jessie also reported that he had spoken with Vice-President Weathers regarding flu shots on campus this year.
Vice-Chair's Report No Report.
Secretary's Report Secretary Caskey reported that for the month of September, $62.06 was spent on refreshments for monthly meeting.  The Supply Account balance is $2,714.14. 

Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections No report. 
University Standing Appointments No report.
Fiscal Affairs Rep. P. Moore reported that Faculty Senate had been in touch with Chair Jessie regarding evaluating of top administrators for the incoming President to review.  The purpose of this would be to give the new President and idea of how faculty and staff feel about top administrators.  Fiscal Affairs Committee has not met about this yet but hope to by the end of the month.
Personnel Policies and Benefits Rep. A. Moore reported that they had met several times and have two recommendations that will need to be discussed and voted on in New Business.

Old Business

Rep. Stewart stated that a year or so ago it was discussed that a budget committee would be established that would have Staff Congress and Faculty Senate members.  Rep. Stewart stated that she feels there is a need to investigate this possibility with Faculty Senate.  She reported that she has had both faculty and staff members come to her with complaints regarding budget items.  Rep. A. Moore stated that the last time this was discussed Staff Congress was waiting for Vice-President Patrick to get back to with them.  Chair Jessie asked the Fiscal Affairs Committee to check on this. 

New Business 

Rep. A. Moore discussed the proposed changes brought to Personnel Benefits & Policies Committee from Human Resources regarding supplemental life insurance.  Human Resources has asked Staff Congress for recommendations regarding how MSU charges university employees for supplemental life insurance.  Rep. A. Moore reported that Human Resources has proposed charging university employees based on a banded rate based on age.   Rep. Stewart asked if rates were currently across the board.  Rep. A. Moore replied yes that the younger employees were supporting the older employees.  Rep. P. Moore stated that it seems anymore everything is being based on age.  The older you are the more it's held against the employee.  She also stated that if this is applied to life insurance will soon fall over into our health insurance.  Rep. Nutter stated that we may be putting our older employees at an disadvantage for getting life insurance because many could not afford it from a private industry. 

Motion: To adopt recommendation from Human Resources of changing supplemental life insurance rates to an age banded system.
  Proposed:  Personnel Policies & Benefits Committee Seconded:  None Needed
Called for Vote: Motion did not pass.

Rep. A. Moore stated that the Personnel Policies & Benefits Committee met and came up with a recommendations for changes in health insurance.  Rep. A. Moore stated that current plans can not be changed, however we have a window of opportunity to change little items within the plans, such as deductibles, co-pays, etc.  She also reported that the University Employee Benefits committee will meet on Wednesday, October 6 to prepare their recommendations to Human Resources.  Recommendations from Personnel Policies & Benefits Committee are as follows.

1.    Co-payments of service should be charged against deductible and/or maximum out of pocket

2.    University increased their contribution toward HRA accounts.

3.    University increases their percentage of contribution toward premium costs.

4.    Lower maximum out of pocket rate for health are and prescription drug plans.

5    CA does not have the right to deny payment for preauthorized services.

6.    Develop a wellness incentive that is tied to health care.

7.    Lab testing that is deemed preventive as opposed to diagnostic should be co-pay rates not co-insurance.

Non-Dollar Items:

1.    Offer better education of the insurance plans to assist campus employees

2.    Require CA to develop better methods of communicating with MSU employees

3.    Increase the auditing procedures regarding CA's performance.

Rep. D. Sammons asked what number six under the health care recommendation meant.  Rep. A. Moore explained that they were recommending a health incentive for employees that is not tied to the Wellness Center.  Rep. D. Sammons asked why the University doesn't come up with an idea that would help with health care cost.  Rep. LaFontaine stated that we already had an incentive with the Wellness Center.  Rep. P. Moore stated that the Wellness Center is always packed therefore making it hard for employees to use.  She also stated that if she would go on a diet and lose weight it shouldn't matter how its done or what facility she would use to aid her in losing the weight, they should reward her or any other employees for this.  Rep. D. Sammons stated that they can not make it a requirement for health insurance purposes.  Mrs. Pace stated that any incentive tied to the Wellness Center we would have to consider MSU's employees at off-campus facilities.  Rep. James stated that the point is to have an incentive that is not tied to the Wellness Center, what we are really getting to is a yearly check-up.

Motion: To adopt recommendations for changes to health insurance plans.
  Proposed:  Personnel Policies & Benefits Committee Seconded:  None Needed
Called for Vote: Motion passed.


Rep. Cecil reported that an employee had come to her with concerns about the nurse helpline that CA has for MSU employees to use.  The employee apparently called the helpline trying to decide if they needed to go to the ER and was basically told they were not trained to make those decisions.  Suzanne Hogge stated that the nurse help line is supposed to assist you in making that type of decision.  Rep. Cecil also asked if you are recommended by the helpline to go to the ER how can CA come back and say they will not pay.  Mrs. Hogge stated that if you are given an authorization number to visit the ER then CA will pay for the visit.  Rep. Caskey stated that that was not true for her supervisor.  Her supervisor's wife was told to go to the ER based on symptoms she was having and CA turned around and refused to pay for the visit because they said it was not an emergency.  Rep. Nutter also had an similar experience for herself when she became seriously ill on a weekend.  Rep. Nutter also stated that it took her three letters of appeal before CA would finally pay her ER bill.  Mrs. Hogge said that when things like this happens the employee needs to call CA to try to straighten the problem out.  If you get no satisfactory results then the employee needs to call either her or Angie Thompson for assistance.  Rep. Caskey reported that her supervisor had already spoken with Angie Thompson and she told them that CA had the right to refuse payment on a ER visit if they felt it was not an emergency, even if they give you an authorization number to go.  Mrs. Hogge stated this was incorrect.  Mrs. Hogge went on to say that calls to the nurse helpline are logged in and if the call has been taken properly it will be on their system and what they told you to do.  If the nurse helpline recommends you go to the ER then CA will cover the visit.  Rep. Cecil asked if we have numerous visits to the ER.  Mrs. Hogge said yes because we had no urgent treatment center in Morehead.  Lora Pace stated that we have a major problem with the system.  She reported that she has numerous problems with CA in getting reimbursed for child care.  She also stated that she does not see where anything is being done to resolve these problems.  Mrs. Hogge stated that the first three months of the year was hairy but after that things seemed to be going much more smoothly.  She estimates that only 3-5% of employees call her office with problems.  Lora Pace stated when she has a problem she calls CA directly not Human Resources, therefore, OHR may not aware of all of the problems.  Rep. A. Moore stated that she had a hard time believing that only 3-5 % of the employees are calling with problems, she's hearing too many problems on a daily basis..  Rep. D. Sammons stated that when we met with CA last Spring they gave us a time line for reimbursements and CA needs to be held accountable if they are unable to meet this timeline.  If they are going to serve MSU then they need to do so.  If not we need to find a new company who will.  Rep. A. Moore reported that only CHA and Anthem serve this part of the state.  Mrs. Hogge stated that on the bids for this year they only received three bids from CA, United and Bluegrass.  Out of those three companies only CHA can serve this part of the state.  Rep. Stewart stated that when she submits bills to her FSA she receives her check within seven days.  She asked why CA can not do this when paying from HRA accounts.  Mrs. Hogge stated that CA will work with us in trying to fulfill our request.  Rep. Cecil stated that if HR works with them on the nurse helpline maybe then the employees can get a yes or no on to whether a ER visit is necessary.  Mrs. Hogge stated that again only 3-5% of the employees complain to them about CA.  If HR does not get the complaints they can't make changes.  Mrs. Hogge went on to say  it had be discussed to do a survey on CA services.  Rep. A. Moore stated that it had been discussed to do a random survey.  Rep. D. Sammons stated that a random survey would more than likely not reach those who were having problems. 

Regent's Report  

No report.


Rep. James announced that Homecoming was October 21-23.  October 21 the homecoming parade will take place beginning at 6:30 p.m. on West Main Street.  Friday, October 22 there would be a welcome reception at the Ramada Inn for alumni.  On Saturday, October 23 MSU will face Jacksonville State at 1:00pm with tailgating beginning at 11:00 a.m.

Lora Pace announced that the week of October 25 the Presidential candidates will start arriving on campus for interviews.

Chair Jessie announced that the Campus Giving Campaign was still going on.

Motion: To adjourn
  Proposed:  Rep. Cecil Seconded:  Rep. Stewart
Called for Vote: Motion passed.

Minutes submitted by:  Lisa Caskey, Secretary