Staff Congress
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December 7, 2009


Jeff Adkins

Lisa Holland

Margaret LaFontaine

Tina McWain

Jessica Roe

Becki Alfrey

Shannon Harr

Rhonda Mackin*

Brooke Mills

William Salazar

Ed Beam

Jami Hornbuckle

Jill McBride

Amy Moore

Mark Stidam*

Rhonda Crisp

Joe Hunsucker

Paige McDaniel

Scott Niles

Todd Thacker

Craig Dennis

Phillip James

Rebecca McGinnis*

April Nutter*

Barbara Willoughby


Kevin Koett*

Scott McGlone*

Joel Pace


*Denotes member was absent.


Phil Gniot, Director of Human Resources

Dr. Royal Berglee, Faculty Senate Chair

Mike Walters, Vice President for Administration & Fiscal Affairs
Terry White, Staff Regent


Chair Pace called the meeting to order and also welcomed today’s guests.



To approve the minutes from the November 2, 2009 meeting.


Proposed:  T. Thacker

Seconded:  P. James

Called for Vote:

A vote was taken and motion passed with correction noted by B. Pelfrey to indicate that Open Enrollment continue through 11/20/09.      

Chair's Report

J. Pace expressed appreciation to P. Gniot for last month’s report on Insurance and Open Enrollment.  Pace indicated that this has been a busy time with much committee action.  The next SC meeting will be January 4, 2010 so there is an effort to complete committee work in time to report at this meeting.  T. Thacker will report on the Green Committee.  R. McGinnis is at a Datatal training in Oregon today.  SC Website is up to date and Scott Niles will be added shortly.   J. Pace stated that we will now move directly to committee reports. 

Vice-Chair’s Report

None as Vice-chair is absent.

Secretary's Report

J. McBride reported that the current supply budget was $2309.11. 

Committee Reports

Elections & Credentials

K. Koett is in Atlanta at a conference, but he did correspond with Chair Pace as to what this committee has been doing.  The committee is continuing to look at how SC representation is done and transitioning to a precinct model.  They will continue to work on this and bring more information in the spring.  A model change would not go into effect until spring 2011. Scott Niles is joining SC today as a new member. 


Staff Issues

S. Harr reported on the SNAP Staff Issues survey indicating that there were 235 responses.  He will show percentages today from the survey and other pertinent comments. 

Harr indicated that receiving a special one-time award or recognition or thank-you letter written by immediate supervisor seemed to be in the majority for work recognition.   He also indicated that most of what was learned from the survey results can be implemented rather quickly by this committee.

Over 50% of respondents that indicted a need for some sort of professional development in work area.  This is already being done as with the PD day this past October and this committee with work to continue additional PD opportunities this spring.

T. Thacker commented that having PD or additional peer support in one’s work area is key to achieving this objective.

S. Harr reported that the majority of respondents indicated that they would participate in PD if it involved career advancement. A certificate or something similar that would help with moving up a career ladder.  He went on to report that 44% of respondents indicated they would like to participated in activities that would encourage a team concept throughout the college include in-service training on a variety of subjects that bring faculty and staff together.  This is still in the realm of PD.

62% of respondents indicated that SC was meeting their expectations, which Harr felt was a good number. 

T. White suggested that the results of this survey be made available on the SC website.  J. Pace stated that it would be put on the SC homepage and send everyone an email with the link. 

Harr reported that there were several comments about the Spring Break issue. 

J. Pace mentioned that one thing that seemed to have come out of the survey results was the importance that employees place on a thank you, either hand written or some type of public recognition for a “job well done”,  from immediate supervisor. 

S. Harr stated that the Staff Issues committee met to review the results and will begin to formulate a plan to bring forward to SC.  The committee also indicated the importance of providing the results to the Cabinet for their review as well.

A recommendation has been made to create a monthly SC Newsletter to be sent to all MSU staff.

Also found within the results was a concern about new employees not being as fully informed when first hired, so the committee will look at possibly creating a staff mentoring program to assist new employees. 

There is the possibility of creating an orientation/refresher course for new and current employees that is separate from MSU 199.  J. Pace asked P. Gniot to comment on MSU 199 when he gives the HR report.



J. Pace suspended meeting after the Staff Issues report in order for Tony Johnson from Aramark to address SC on happenings with Dining Services.


T. Johnson reported on the Dining Survey results, which have not been completely tabulated.  He indicated that he wanted to report on what was happening with Dining Services.  On the 2nd floor of ADUC the construction was completed and has been well-received.  Over the summer, the next step will move to Alumni Tower.  As a result of the remodeling efforts in the residence hall the Convenience Store was moved to the 2nd floor, creating more space in the RFOC Buffet for additional seating opportunities.  Moving 600+ students through this area at meal-time is difficult and having additional seating opportunities will improve the wait time for students and create additional serving stations.  Wingspan was added last semester and these changes will band-aid Alumni Tower dining for the next 2-3 years. 


T. White asked about Starbucks in ADUC.  T. Johnson stated when Starbucks opens in spring 2010, and that there will be 10 seats in a kiosk-type setting. 


T. White also asked about the wait time at Wingspan.  T. Johnson stated that they have taken steps to address issues with Wingspan.  There has been a 4 week training for the employees and they are adding some lower-fat and healthier options as well. 


J. Pace asked about any increase in prices for the near future.  Were the survey results intended to justify increasing food prices?  T. Johnson stated that the survey results were not intended to raise prices and that their prices at all of their stations are tied to the national pricing.  They do keep up with the market and make efforts to be sure that they are not pricing themselves out of the market.  Their pricing is market-driven, not price-driven.  All the new food options in ADUC were survey-driven. 


J. Pace thanked T. Johnson for the presentation he did at the PD day on the Disney Concept.  Also, T. Johnson indicated that would like to report back to SC once the next round of survey results are obtained, which had over 1000 respondents. 


J. Pace  continued with the meeting and recognized A. Moore with the Policies and Benefits report.   



Personnel Policies and Benefits

A. Moore deferred to P. Gniot  but she also stated that the sick leave bank signup has been extended through January 2010.  The form to enroll is on the HR website as an official document.   J. Pace indicated that A. Moore had recently received 12-13 UARs that the committee will begin sorting through. 

T. Thacker stated that the Green Committee has met twice and that their second meeting was more forthcoming with ideas.  The next meeting will be December 17th and the members will try to come up with 3 categories to work on first.  They may break the committee into sub-committees if needed.  He also indicated that the Green Committee is made up of both faculty and staff and they are planning on adding student representation as well.  T. Thacker stated that the Green website had been updated with efforts that MSU has already made and asked that SC members send him any suggestions that they might have.

Regent's Report:
  T. White reported that the BOR met last week and dealt with several issues.  There were 507 winter graduates approved, there will be a new Educational Doctorate (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership beginning fall 2010.  Tenure was approved for a faculty member in the Space Science Center and Administrative Tenure for the new Director of the Center for Traditional Music. The BOR also accepted the audit report and the 1st quarter financial report. The fall enrollment number was 9046, up .4% from last fall.  P. Gniot presented health insurance report and the next work session will be February 18, 2010.  

A.  Moore asked what administrative tenure is.  Royal Berglee responded by stating that tenure is tenure is tenure…etc.  Tenured means that you have been approved by your peers to qualify to teach college- level classes. By using administrative tenure, the person is in an administrative position as opposed to a teaching position.  President Andrews has administrative tenure.  By being given tenure, it means you have tenure in an academic department and you are able to move back into that department as a faculty member, if you lose your administrative position for whatever reason.  Tenure is yours until you retire, resign, or are removed for a significant infraction.  BOR is the governing body that ultimately decides on tenure.  PAC 27 addresses faculty and administrative tenure. 

Human Resources Report:  P. Gniot addressed question on EyeMed benefits.  Currently in Morehead, Wal-Mart is the only participating outlet for EyeMed.  While neither eye doctor in Morehead participates there is significant participation outside of the Morehead area.  As for Open Enrollment this year, there has been a significant shift in the chosen plan, with an increase seen in the HDHP plan.  Overall, there was better participation in the process this year, with waiver of benefits staying about the same.  P. James asked how many of those who were enrolled in the HDHP plan were those who failed to select a plan.  P. Gniot stated that Dr. Andrews has asked HR to look at those who waived coverage to be sure that they are covered by some type of plan. Most waivers were those who have coverage via their spouse. 

Commenting on MSU 199, P. Gniot stated that feedback surveys are obtained to determine what worked and what didn’t.  They did cut the weeks involved from 16 to 10 and had requests to move the times to morning hours.     He went on to state that the feedback received will help to shape the next series of classes.  One upcoming item will be diversity issues.  P. Gniot stated that MSU 199 is not currently mandatory for new hires, but this is being looked at in the future.  M. LaFontaine asked why faculty are not included in the class and P. Gniot stated that they are looking at doing one for faculty in the future.

Old Business:   None.

New Business:   None

Announcements:  Chair Pace recognized C. Dennis to speak on Energy Star information.  C. Dennis reported on this Website indicating that it has good tax savings for this year and next year to increase energy efficiency.  New roof can be written off up to $1500 and up to 30% off cost of windows and doors.  Website is

Next meeting is January 4th – day we get back from the Holiday Break. 

Commencement Saturday December 12th

Winter break begins  12/21.

ESPNu game – Jan. 2nd home against Austin Peay – blackout game.  Wear MSU or black and get in for free.  $1.00 Hotdogs and drinks for $1.00 will also be offered. 

M. Walters commented that the administration is very interested in what the Green Committee is doing and appreciates their continued efforts to involve faculty, staff and students in going green. 

T. Thacker –they are putting out money for meters in resident halls which they hope to expand to academic buildings.  He stated that the University is investing in energy savings.

Dec. 14th – Energy recovery units will be placed on Alumni with helicopter.

M. LaFontaine stated that Kelly Kulick won a National Bowling tournament, the  Women’s Series Shark Championship on December 6, 2009 and won $10,000.  She also qualified for end of year championship.



To adjourn.


Proposed:  T. Thacker

Seconded:  R. Crisp

Called for Vote:

Passed.  Meeting adjourned at 2:05 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  Jill McBride, Secretary