Staff Congress
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October 5, 2009


Jeff Adkins

Craig Dennis

Kevin Koett

Paige McDaniel

Joel Pace


Becki Alfrey

Shannon Harr

Margaret LaFontaine

Rebecca McGinnis

Jessica Roe


Ed Beam

Jami Hornbuckle

Rhonda Mackin

Tina McWain

William Salazar


Lisa Caskey*

Joe Hunsucker*

Jill McBride

Brooke Mills

Mark Stidam*


Rhonda Crisp

Phillip James

Scott McGlone

Amy Moore

Todd Thacker





April Nutter

Barbara Willoughby


*Denotes member was absent.


Phil Gniot, Director of Human Resources

Dr. Royal Berglee, Faculty Senate Chair


Chair Pace called the meeting to order and also welcomed guests Royal Berglee and Phil Gniot.  Dr. Berglee stated that Faculty Senate has been very busy and members were currently tied to mid-terms, but he indicated that he was feeling good about the work they were doing. 


To approve the minutes from the September 14, 2009 meeting.


Proposed:  P. James

Seconded:  S. Harr

Called for Vote:

A vote was taken and motion passed with corrections noted by M. LaFontaine to correct spelling of her name in one occurrence.  A. Nutter asked to correct the spelling of Adron Doran in one occurrence.      

Chair's Report

Chair Pace reported that L. Buck had resigned as Parliamentarian and he asked that M. LaFontaine consider the position.  

Chair Pace stated that several members of Staff Congress participated in the session on reviewing the Strategic Plan and that the current plan, A.S.P.I.R.E., would be ending in 2010 and a new plan will run 2010-2014.  Chair Pace also indicated that there would be additional opportunities to be involved in this process and that SC members will be stakeholders in these decisions. 

Chair Pace reported that the SC Executive Committee was involved in the Presidential Review and that all MSU employees were invited to participate in the process by submitting a written statement to the consultant in charge of the review.  Employees who were interested in providing input should contact Carol Johnson for further information.  K. Koett stated that the letters needed to be received by the consultant on or before Wednesday, October 7th

Chair Pace reported on Professional Development Day, which is scheduled for October 8th.  He stated that all MSU employees would be receiving a flyer in campus mail and also an email reminder.  He encouraged SC members to come to the event as well as to encourage their constituents to attend.  Chair Pace stated that PD Day is a wonderful opportunity for SC to provide a service to benefit MSU staff.  Door prizes with be awarded at each session. 

Chair Pace stated that an assessment of the event will be conducted and shared with SC at the November meeting.   

Vice-Chair’s Report

R. McGinnis reported that she had updated the SC website and that she will be putting up the SNAP survey results soon. 


Secretary's Report

J. McBride reported that the current supply budget was $2472.51.  J. McBride stated that she and L. Buck met with the archives person from the Library to determine what needed to be kept from the 20 + years of documents currently stored in the SC office.  McBride and Buck have begun going through the materials stored there and are keeping what is required.  Every document from the past 5 years will be kept, by year, but only the minutes prior to 2004 will be kept.  There was a recommendation that these documents be stored electronically or online in order to support a go green initiative.      

Committee Reports

Elections & Credentials

K. Koett reported that his committee’s next task would involve the replacement of L. Buck.  He stated that SC member attendance will also be addressed and that they are still working to fill the vacant positions in the Technical/ Paraprofessional and Service/Maintenance categories. 


Staff Issues

S. Harr indicated that a SNAP survey will be going out in the next few weeks to gather information on what issues are causing staff concern.  Once issues are identified, the committee will meet to begin determining ways to address these issues.    


Personnel Policies and Benefits

A.    A. Moore reported that there is a need for SC representation on  a committee looking at smoking on campus and that representation will be coming from the Personnel, Policies and Benefits Committee.

Regent's Report:
  Chair Pace indicated that Terry White was at a training session, but that the Board of Regents had met last week and were involved in the strategic planning review session.  The BOR had also approved the personnel roster and extended President Andrews’ contract one more year, to 2013, at their last meeting. 

Human Resources Report:  P. Gniot reported that the Open Enrollment period will be November 2-20 and that he would have more information to share on this at the November 2nd meeting and that information will be going out to all MSU employees via campus mail very soon.  T. Thacker asked if there would be any workshops and P. Gniot stated that there are eight informational sessions scheduled. 

Old Business:   None.

New Business:   None.     

Announcements:  Chair Pace – Next Staff Congress meeting will be November 2 and P. Gniot will bring Open Enrollment information to next month’s meeting.

J. Pace - October 8 – Day of Professional Development

J. McBride - Adults Back to School on the Morehead campus  – October 8 from 4-7 .m.

P. James  - Homecoming begins with a Student Kick-off.  Parade – 6pm Thursday.  Friday – Memorial Brick ceremony at  10:30 am at bell Tower.  Friday evening – Welcome session and Hall of Fame Banquet.  Saturday there will be tailgating from 11-1.  University service awards will be a part of the Homecoming festivities.

A. Nutter - Open House is November 7, 2009.  Diversity Day is scheduled to occur immediately after the Open House.

R. Crisp - Career Fair is Tuesday, October 6.  A list of employer attendees is on their website.

R. Crisp also asked about what the facilitators for PD day are expected to do.  A. Moore stated that they should arrive 15-20 minutes before their session is scheduled to begin and they will introduce the presenter by reading a short bio, they will draw for the door prize at the end of the session, and ask the attendees to fill out an assessment form..

J. Pace mentioned that SC records of attendance will be kept in Human Resources.

J. Hornbuckle stated that the Disney Institute will be on campus on Nov. 4 & 5 with sessions available to MSU employees on customer service.  More info will be forthcoming as the event approaches. 

M. LaFontaine mentioned that there will be corn toss doubles tournament tomorrow and that the rest of the intramural schedule is on their webpage. 



To adjourn.


Proposed:  M. LaFontaine

Seconded:  E. Beam

Called for Vote:

Passed.  Meeting adjourned at 1:38 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  Jill McBride, Secretary