Staff Congress
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July 6, 2009




Jeff Adkins


Shannon Colvin


Joe Hunsucker


Jill McBride


Amy Moore*


Dallas Sammons


Darlene Allen


Rhonda Crisp


Phillip James


Paige McDaniel


Lonnie Morris


Todd Thacker


Ed Beam


Craig Dennis


Kevin Koett


Rebecca McGinnis


April Nutter


Barbara Willoughby


Lauren Buck


Shannon Harr


Margaret LaFontaine


Tina McWain


Joel Pace




Lisa Caskey*


Rosemary Hinton*


Rhonda Mackin


Brooke Mills


William Salazar




*Denotes member was absent.




Phil Gniot, Director of Human Resources; Terry White, Staff Regent


Chair Pace called the meeting to order by welcoming the guest, Phil Gniot.  The meeting was suspended so Staff Congress elections could be held, which were conducted by K. Koett, Chair of the Credentials & Elections Committee. 


Nominations for Chair:  T. Thacker nominated J. Pace for a second term, seconded by C. Dennis.  J. Pace accepted the nomination.  No further nominations were made.  Motion to close nominations was made by T. Thacker, seconded by W. Salazar.  A. Nutter moved that J. Pace be elected by acclamation, seconded by J. Adkins.  Motion carried.


Nominations for Vice-Chair:  T. Thacker nominated R. McGinnis for a second term, seconded by J. Adkins.  R. McGinnis accepted the nomination.  Motion to close nominations was made by M. LaFontaine, seconded by T. Thacker.  T. Thacker moved that R. McGinnis be elected to a second term by acclamation, seconded by J. Adkins.  Motion carried.


Nominations for Secretary:  J. Hunsucker nominated J. McBride, seconded by J. Adkins.  J. McBride accepted the nomination.  Discussion was held as to whether or not she could hold the position as nominees have to serve on Staff Congress for one full year before being eligible to hold office.  She had served on Staff Congress for six months in a temporary capacity because of a member leaving and then again, in a temporary capacity, for nine months.  This was deemed to fulfill the 12 month requirement of serving on Staff Congress.  Motion to close nominations was made by M. LaFontaine, seconded by S. Harr.  M. LaFontaine moved that J. McBride be elected by acclamation, seconded by J. Adkins.  Motion carried.


Chair Pace informed everyone that there is a vacancy in the position of Parliamentarian.  If anyone has an interest in this position, please let him know. 




To approve the minutes from the June 1, 2009 meeting.




Proposed:  T. Thacker


Seconded:  T. White


Called for Vote:


Vote was taken and motion passed with corrections noted by M. LaFontaine as follows:  On the last page under announcements, a correction should be noted in that “construction bids are being opened July 7th”.  She noted that construction will not begin until August or September. 


Chair's Report


Chair Pace recognized the new members:  Tina McWain, Brooke Mills, Paige McDaniel, Jill McBride, Ed Beam, Craig Dennis, and Barbara Willoughby.  He reviewed the duties of Staff Congress members for the benefit of the new members.  He reminded everyone that 5 absences in a 12 month period or 3 absences in consecutive months will constitute removal from Staff Congress membership.  Rosemary Hinton has resigned effective today.  She has taken a new position which changes her EOC category.  Any current vacancies will be reviewed.  Last month Staff Congress reviewed a resolution concerning the University Calendar, which would determine when three additional “holidays” would be taken.  He stated the Administration has determined that these days will go at the beginning of the Christmas holiday in December.  This will help maximize efficiency costs with heating and cooling.


Vice-Chair’s Report


R. McGinnis reported the Staff Congress website has been updated.  She asked everyone to check their information on the member’s list and let her know if any corrections need to be made.


Secretary's Report


R. Mackin reported the opening balance in Supplies is $2,941.00 for the new fiscal year. 


Committee Reports


Elections & Credentials

  No report.


Staff Issues


  No report.



Personnel Policies and Benefits


A.    No report.


Regent's Report:  T. White reported the Board of Regents adopted a resolution sustaining diversity at their last meeting.  They also adopted resolutions for commendations for Laura Pace and Michael Harmon, the outgoing Regents and had several other recommendations concerning Sabbaticals, Emeritus status, and promotions.  He stated the final report on Spring enrollment showed student numbers were down a little.  Changes were made in that free classes for high school juniors were eliminated and free classes for high school seniors were reduced to one class.  He reported that President Andrews’ contract was discussed and he refused his bonus for this year.  The next Board of Regents work session will be Thursday, October 27th at 9:00 am.  The next regular Board meeting will be held September 17th. 


Human Resources Report:  P. Gniot reported that most of our benefits begin January 1.  Group term life insurance usually begins July 1.  They are in the process of moving the group term life insurance start date so it will coincide with the other benefits.  He reported they looked at different rates of basic group term life insurance to increase the current coverage from $10,000 per employee to $50,000.  He stated that the Supplemental Group Life Insurance and the Dependent Group Term Life rates have changed.  The rates decreased for the same amount of coverage and were effective July 1.  There are two plans for the dependent coverage, with one being a lesser coverage plan, which will be discontinued at the end of the year.  The rates are also lower.   Information will be forthcoming soon to employees.  He also reported that MSU 199 will continue as in the previous semester.  It will begin at 9 or 9:10 this semester and the sessions will remain the same. 


Old Business:   None.


New Business:   Chair Pace stated that the new committee structure will now be put in place.  He stated there will be opportunities to work on the Elections & Credentials committee, the Personnel Policies and Benefits committee, and the Staff Issues committee.  Staff Congress members next broke up into the groups they wished to be a part of.  He requested the committee structures give reports at the next meeting, if possible.  After the committee structures met, the Staff Congress meeting continued.  Chair Pace reported that K. Koett will continue as Chair of the Elections & Credentials committee; A. Moore will continue as Chair of the Personnel Policies & Benefits committee, and S. Harr will serve as Chair of the Staff Issues committee.  Members will be placed in vacant positions on these committees.


Announcements:  The next Staff Congress meeting is August 3rd.  Freshmen Move-In is August 14th.  Classes begin August 17th.  The next work session for the Board of Regents is August 27th.  The university bowling lanes are recertified for one more year which allows MSU to offer sanctioned leagues.   The Move-In Days volunteer registration website will go live soon at which time a mass email will be sent out requesting help.  The University Games will be held this fall and information will be sent out as soon as it is available.  There will now be limited membership sales for community members for access to Laughlin Health Building.  The cost is $200 for an academic year.  Anyone who had an Alumni Membership issued in May of this year will have a free membership to Laughlin Health Building until May of next year.  Anyone who had an Alumni Membership that was issued in June of this year will be phased out due to the construction of the new recreation building.  T. Thacker stated that bids were opened up for Alumni Tower renovation and they were pleased with the results.  No further announcements were given.




To adjourn.




Proposed:  T. Thacker


Seconded:  J. Adkins


Called for Vote:





Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Mackin, Secretary