Staff Congress
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June 1, 2009


Jeff Adkins

Rhonda Crisp

Kevin Koett

Lonnie Morris*

Todd Thacker


Darlene Allen*

Shannon Harr

Margaret LaFontaine*

April Nutter

Barbara Willoughby


Lauren Buck

Rosemary Hinton

Rhonda Mackin

Joel Pace

Terry White


Lisa Caskey

Joe Hunsucker

Rebecca McGinnis

William Salazar



Shannon Colvin

Phillip James

Amy Moore

Dallas Sammons



*Denotes member was absent.


Lora Pace, Staff Regent & Director of First Year Programs & Retention; Phil Gniot, Director of Human Resources; and Craig Dennis, Brooke Mills, Paige McDaniel, and Ed Beam, newly elected Staff Congress members for the 2009/2010 academic year.

Chair Pace called the meeting to order by introducing the guests.  The May 4th minutes were reviewed. 


To approve the minutes from the May 4, 2009 meeting.


Proposed:  T. Thacker

Seconded:  S. Colvin

Called for Vote:

Vote was taken and motion passed.

Chair's Report

Chair Pace thanked everyone for the great turnout at the luncheon.  He thanked the outgoing members for their service to Staff Congress:  Shannon Colvin, Dallas Sammons, Darlene Allen, and Lonnie Morris.  Elections will be held at next month’s meeting for the positions of Secretary, Vice-Chair, and Chair.  A Parliamentarian will be selected at that time.  He asked S. Colvin to give a brief summary of the Parliamentarian duties, which she did.  If anyone is interested in this position, information will be available after today’s meeting.  New committee structures will also be put in place at the next meeting.  There will be a committee for benefits and compensation, a committee charged with staff issues, and a committee looking at elections and credentials.  There may be subcommittees operating under these three main committees.

Vice-Chair’s Report

R. McGinnis reported the Staff Congress website had been updated.

Secretary's Report

R. Mackin reported the current balance in Supplies was $1,882.05.  There will be a tentative ending budget balance of $697.89 after which the following is paid:  $51.00 for new nameplates, $555.89 for today’s luncheon, and $577.27 due to the cost of the two recently held elections. 


Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections

K. Koett reported his committee will look at filling the current vacancies in July.


Fiscal Affairs

  No report.


Personnel Policies and Benefits

A.    A. Moore stated her committee did not meet.  She did report that the Employee Benefits Committee met on Friday.  They have talked about the need to better educate employees about our benefits.  In September, the Office of Human Resources will be starting a “Lunch & Learn”.  This is where, once a month, different things will be sponsored and a light lunch will be served.  People can attend sessions to learn about different benefit topics.  This will be tied in with the Wellness Program.

Regent's Report:  L. Pace reported that May 21st was to be a work session but was a Special Session instead.  They decided to go ahead and vote on the tuition increase and then go into executive session to talk about President’s evaluation.  She reported there will be a 4% tuition increase.  During the June 11th meeting, they will talk about personnel issues.  The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Space Science Center will be held June 11th at which the governor will attend.  She reported she is in the process of transitioning over the Staff Regent duties to T. White, newly elected Staff Regent.  Chair Pace thanked her for her representation in the past and welcomed T. White to the new position. 

Human Resources Report:  J. Pace asked P. Gniot about the process of the university calendar.  P. Gniot reported there is a suggestion to the President’s Cabinet that we look at establishing three personal days.  If anyone has a suggestion as to what these three days should be, let him know and he will take it to the President’s Cabinet.  If the Cabinet goes with the personal day recommendation, the individual would pick the days.  If the university selects the days either through the Cabinet’s choice or through Staff Congress, they would be staff holidays, not faculty holidays.  T. White asked if it was official that Spring Break will no longer be held for staff and P. Gniot said that was correct, this was decided in a Cabinet meeting a couple of months ago.  Faculty and students will not have to be on campus during that time but staff will.  J. Pace asked about a four day work week.  P. Gniot stated guidelines are established on flexible work arrangements.  Discussion was held on the best way to inform others of flexible scheduling of offices.  His recommendation is to have three personal days.  He stated that the 4th of July holiday will be taken on July 3rd.  T. Thacker made a motion to move back into New Business, seconded by L. Caskey.  Vote taken, motion passed. 

Old Business:   None.

New Business:   J. Pace reported he has been looking for the new university calendar on the MSU webpage to see what dates are on there.  A. Nutter reported beginning July 1st, the new academic calendar will be on the Web.  It can be found at  R. Hinton asked P. Gniot if any type of survey was done from last year’s Spring Break to see how busy offices were.   He replied that he did not know of any formal survey but had heard a few comments that the amount of students who were on campus sounded fairly negligible.  R. McGinnis replied that she worked the entire week and had only one student come to her desk to ask for a tour.  She took them to Admissions where the student was told that they could not be taken on a tour of campus but was given a campus map.  The student was from Indiana.  T. Thacker made a motion to support a resolution that Staff Congress recommends using three personal days rather than three assigned days, seconded by J. Adkins.  S. Colvin called for question.  R. McGinnis made a motion to move back into Announcements, seconded by S. Colvin.  Vote taken and motion carried. 

Announcements:  The next meeting is July 6th.  The Board of Regents meeting will be held on June 11th.  The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Space Science Center will also be held on this day.  T. Thacker reported the city will be starting a new sewer project that will encompass part of the university street behind Howell-McDowell, close to the Student Baptist Center and then will continue on down the street.  There will be some disruption on that street for about a week.  L. Pace stated the next SOAR is June 12th.  She stated so far the number of registrations is up.  The next SOAR program is June 25th.  R. McGinnis reported that summer camps and programs will begin this Sunday, June 6th.  A listing of these will be on the Conference Services website.  T. White reported the turf will be replaced on the football field this summer.  Alumni Tower bids end June 23rd and work will begin shortly after.   The new Recreation Center construction will begin July 7th.  P. James announced that Saturday is the Clack Mountain Festival.  A. Nutter reported there will be music Friday night and the Folk Art Festival will be held Saturday.  P. James stated June 19th and 20th is the Celebration of Student Athletics.  The dinner and auction will be held at ADUC on the 19th.  The Steve Hamilton Celebrity Golf Tournament will be held on the 20th.  S. Colvin handed out election procedures for the July elections.  She went over the handout.  A. Moore asked when the new committee structures will take effect.  S. Colvin stated someone needs to send out a group email with a description of the committees.  University standing committee appointments are due Aug. 15th.  Committee structures begin next month with the election result positions to begin at the August meeting. 


To adjourn.


Proposed: S. Colvin

Seconded:  W. Salazar

Called for Vote:



Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Mackin, Secretary







Resolution supporting 3 personal days

Joel Pace

June 2


Election debriefing and/or recommendations

Elections & Credentials Committee

June 09