Staff Congress
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May 4, 2009


Jeff Adkins

Rhonda Crisp*

Kevin Koett

Lonnie Morris*

Todd Thacker*


Darlene Allen*

Shannon Harr

Margaret LaFontaine

April Nutter

Terry White


Lauren Buck

Rosemary Hinton

Rhonda Mackin

Joel Pace

Barbara Willoughby  

Lisa Caskey*

Joe Hunsucker

Rebecca McGinnis

William Salazar



Shannon Colvin

Phillip James

Amy Moore

Dallas Sammons



*Denotes member was absent.


Lora Pace, Staff Regent & Director of First Year Programs & Retention.

Chair Pace called the meeting to order by introducing the guest, Lora Pace.  The April 6th minutes were reviewed.   A correction was noted in that the names of Margaret LaFontaine and Rhonda Mackin were listed twice under “Members”. 


To approve the minutes from the April 6, 2009 meeting.


Proposed:  S. Colvin

Seconded:  J. Adkins

Called for Vote:

Vote was taken and motion passed with corrections.

Chair's Report

J. Pace thanked the members of the Credentials & Elections Committee for all their hard work.

Vice-Chair’s Report

R. McGinnis reported the Staff Congress website had been updated.

Secretary's Report

R. Mackin reported the current balance in Supplies was $1,882.05.

Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections

K. Koett thanked all the members of his committee for their hard work.  He asked for volunteers to assist at the voting booths on Wednesday.  Please see him if you can help.


Fiscal Affairs

  No report.


Personnel Policies and Benefits

A. Moore brought the health insurance premium comparisons for everyone to review if they wanted.

Regent's Report:   L. Pace reported there will be a special called meeting on Thursday, May 21st to work on the President’s contract and evaluation.  The next quarterly meeting for the Board of Regents is Thursday, June 11th.  The operating budget will be reviewed as well as the proposed tuition increase.   A subcommittee is still working on salary information.  The Space Science Center ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 11th at 1:00.  Steve Inskeep, news anchor on Morning Edition, will be the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate degree. 

Human Resources Report:   No report as P. Gniot was not present.

Old Business:  S. Colvin stated this is the last reading on Committee restructuring prior to voting.  She read over Option 3 again.  Discussion was held.  P. James asked if, by voting for Option 3, the subcommittees were flexible to change due to need or would we have to go through a Bylaw revision?  S. Colvin replied we would have to go through a Bylaw revision.  W. Salazar asked how the subcommittees would be reassigned.  J. Pace replied the subcommittees would stay relatively the same.  The Fiscal Affairs Committee would be eliminated due to the Staff Issues Committee being formed.  Discussion was held.  A. Nutter made a friendly amendment to change EEO Verification to Representation.  P. James called for question.  S. Colvin restated that the motion is to accept Option 3 with a friendly amendment to change EEO Verification to Representation.  Vote was taken and motion passed.  Chair Pace thanked Reps. Colvin and Hinton for all their hard work on this. 

New Business:   K. Koett congratulated the winners of the recent Staff Congress election.  There will be a run-off election between Lora Pace and Terry White on May 6th for the Regent’s position.  The winners were announced as follows:  At-Large – Rebecca McGinnis, Rhonda Mackin, Lauren Buck, and Jill McBride to 3 year terms and Tina McWain to a 2 year term; Professional/Non-Faculty – Amy Moore, Craig Dennis, and Paige McDaniel to 3 year terms; Secretarial/Clerical – Lisa Caskey to a 3 year term and Barbara Willoughby to a 2 year term; Skilled Crafts - Jeff Adkins and Ed Beam will be in a run-off election on Wednesday as well to determine who will be elected to a 3 year term and a 2 year term; and Technical/Paraprofessional – Brooke Mills to a 3 year term.  We will still look for Executive/Managerial and Service/Maintenance positions and also one Technical/Paraprofessional position as we go into the new year.  Please remind everyone about the run-off election on Wednesday to determine the staff regent.  Voting machines will be set up on the 1st floor of ADUC.  Elections will be held from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm.  Off-campus personnel can vote electronically.  Absentee voting will also be allowed today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday).  Thank-you notes will be sent to those who are not part of Staff Congress.  Chair Pace thanked all those who worked the first election.  He stated there were 19 vacancies along with the staff regent position.  In the run-off election there will only be one staff regent position and one position running so there will be a lot more volunteers available to assist with the election. 

Announcements:  The next Staff Congress meeting is June 1st.  This will be a luncheon meeting to which new members will be invited.  S. Colvin (Parliamentarian) stated she would not be in attendance to run the elections for Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary in July.  The Chair of the Credentials & Elections Committee will run the elections in July.  Commencement is May 9th.  T. White announced that Wilson Hall and Regents Hall will be demolished this summer.  Renovation of Alumni Tower will begin in July.  Construction of the Student Recreation Center will begin soon after. 


To adjourn.


Proposed:  S. Colvin

Seconded:  K. Koett

Called for Vote:



Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Mackin, Secretary